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Biden is suddenly a dirty old man

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Biden is suddenly a dirty old man

Biden is suddenly a dirty old man
April 04
10:30 2019

If what former Vice President Joe Biden did was so bad, why is everyone – well almost everyone — laughing. I am not talking about all that stern analysis you see on the news. No. No. No. I am referring to the reaction of the people on the receiving end of those broadcasts – those folks talking about it (and laughing) at the dinner tables, at work or in the bars.

Biden is a touchy-feely guy. The public has known that for years. For most of Biden’s life, his up-close style was not a problem – never seen as anything but friendly. But with the rise of the left-wing never-touch-me feminist movement that recently culminated in the #MeToo Movement, such innocent and benign displays of human connection have become verboten.

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There is an irony that the #MeToo Movement has snared Biden in a web of accusation that is far too expansive. Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski tried to separate Biden from #MeToo on the basis that he was not accused of sexual harassment or assault, just inappropriate behavior – essentially violating the ladies “space.” Sorry, Mika, you pumped up that Movement to ridiculous levels, and now you are stuck with it biting your pal Biden in the posterior.

Make no mistake. I am not being dismissive of truly abhorrent behavior and real sexual assault. I just think making a major issue of a father-like kiss is … well … nuts.

When I first saw accuser, Lucy Flores, describe her long ago encounter with Biden, it evoked one of those “you gotta be kidding” chuckles. “He sniffed my unwashed hair.” “He planted a kiss on the top of my head.” It sounded like the opening sentence in the sex chapter of a tawdry novel. The only thing it lacked was the more salacious follow-up. That was it? A bit of hair sniffing – with perhaps some embarrassment for showing up at such an event with an unwashed coiffure. And a kiss on the crown.

Where was the butt-pat? The genital-rub? The thigh-slide? Or any of those behaviors that are truly inappropriate and obnoxious – and even criminal. Did Biden whisper some suggestive invitation to check out the back of the vice presidential limousine?

In her own testimony, Flores said she did not react at the time – and all the photos show an exuberant and smiling Flores. Where was the “Hey! What the hell you think you’re doing?” And even if her story is true, what’s the big deal? If it was not offensive enough at the time to confide in friends, call the police or slap his face, it hardly gains gravitas with the passage of time.

We know that Biden likes to get close and personal. He lays his hands-on ladies’, men’s and even kid’s. In many ways, it is a gesture of comfort and support – at least it was until the uptight feminists on the radical left started expanding the definition of “inappropriate behavior.”

According to modern #MeToo thinking, we are to believe Flores. But should we not consider at least the possibility that she is making up the story? It happened a long time ago at a very public event in which all eyes and cameras would be on Biden as the box office celebrity of the day – and yet no other person has come forward to confirm Flores’ account. No cameras recorded the incident.

There are two things that invite skepticism of Flores’ story. Flores is a Bernie Sanders supporter, and Biden is the only guy who tops the old socialist in the polls – and by a pretty good margin. Was she really that offended at the time? Did she really feel abused? Assaulted? Or … is this just a political story timed to throw a monkey wrench into the Biden political machinery? There have been claims that Bernie Sanders’ team has ginned up these stories against Biden. He denies the claim. But, we do not have to wonder or speculate. Flores admitted that it was Biden’s plan to run for President that led her to come forward.

Perhaps Biden was just following in the footsteps of George H.W. Bush, who also served as Vice President and moved on to the presidency. It was only recently that we learned that the former President was a serial butt-patter. That revelation created more laughter than condemnation even in the press – especially with First Lady Barbara Bush rolling her eyes in a “that’s my George” fashion. Not sure why hair sniffing and a kiss on the head is taken to be more serious than a genuine roam on the rump, but politics is not a game of logic.

As could be predicted, there are now other accusers. A Connecticut woman, Amy Lappos, claims that Biden held her head and … (don’t laugh) … rubbed noses. (Okay, you laughed.) Now let us be clear. Nose rubbing is not what you usually see or experience at social gatherings this side of the Arctic Circle. In fact, Biden may be the first Vice President in American history to have rubbed noses with a political associate.

And there are more women coming forward. Maybe there will be a woman who got a chest bump from the Veep. There is a lot of that going around. Does a cheek-to-cheek connection count? (Referring to the facial variety, of course.) Maybe he grabbed some woman’s waist without permission during the Bunny Hop at a wedding. Then there is the possibility of winking without permission.

Both Flores and Lappos said that they did not view Biden’s actions as sexual – just inappropriate. So, what is the big deal?

It seems the issue is not about what Biden did but how the ladies felt about what he did. In this new #MeToo age, intent is inconsequential. It is all about how an individual woman might have felt. But what if the woman is hypersensitive or has ulterior motives – such as damaging a political campaign. I recall hearing a feminist say that she considered be whistled at by construction workers as “tantamount to rape.” That is just utter nonsense, but maybe she felt that way. Do we act on her feeling and arrest the construction workers for sexual assault?

Apart from what an individual woman – or man for that matter — may feel in a specific situation, we still have to have some socially and legally accepted standards of behavior. If one woman feels that hand on the shoulder is an “invasion of her privacy,” “a violation of her personal space” or the cause of “discomfort,” we do not have to invalidate social norms and common interaction to make the other person a social pariah – or those innocent actions driven from society.

I feel sorry for those women who feel invaded by Biden’s actions. I pity them. If they are telling the truth — and do not have other reasons to create such public issues – I see a weak insecure woman who lives in a sad world of self-victimization. The vast majority of women are not that. They are strong and able to blow off behavior that they think is a bit inappropriate. Over the years, Biden as touched thousands of women and men. It has only been with the rise of strident feminism that his actions have been deemed “inappropriate” or even “creepy.”

Unfortunately, Biden gave a very week response. He said women should be heard and he understands if Flores felt uncomfortable. He has suggested that he will change his behavior. Personally, I think he should have said firmly, “I have never acted inappropriately with a woman. I have met over my career with tens of thousands of people and do not recall that specific meeting in any detail. I have no idea why Ms. Flores would have come forward at this time with this interpretation of our meeting, but I can assure the American public that I have never act in a way that I – and most Americans – would consider abusive.”

I am not a fan of Joe Biden – politically. But, the fact that his touchy-feely actions have been elevated to a national scandal is sufficient to disqualify him from the presidency is not only wrong, it is dangerous.

So, there ‘tis.

About Author

Larry Horist

Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and politics. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, as well as the White House. He has testified as an expert witness before legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress, and lectured at major colleges and universities. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.

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  1. Don
    Don April 05, 11:14

    Pure BS.

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  2. Lori
    Lori April 05, 18:32

    I think what everyone who is dismissing his creepy behavior is that there are numerous accounts caught on film, many of with children. Also, let’s not forget what the Democrats did to Brett kavenough, and there was absolutely nothing to substantiate that claim. She couldn’t even name a time and place. If he truly doesn’t know that manhandling and touching a senator’s daughter on camera is inappropriate behavior, then how can he be trusted as president. It’s absolutely disgusting how the left excuses behavior that they accuse and crusify Republicans for only months before. And with much if the media in their pocket and on their payroll they just get away with it….ie Fairfax, notham, hiliary, the list is endless

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  3. white Knight
    white Knight April 05, 19:11

    The only reason they are attacking Joe Biden is because he would walk away with the Democratic nomination. The left wants the presidency so bad, they will do anything to get it. Just be very careful of who the select, a wolf in sheep clthing is very dangerous.

    Reply to this comment
  4. meltzerboy
    meltzerboy April 05, 19:19

    For the first time, I must say, I agree with you completely. The #MeToo movement society in which we now live is responsible for this kind of preposterous accusation. It is progressivism run amok.

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  5. thinkr2
    thinkr2 April 05, 19:50

    It’s going to get to the point that men will be foolish to take a woman’s arm to keep her from falling down. I guess they are destined to get a few bruises. Maybe they won’t get offered a hand to help them up, either.

    The feminazis are doing their best to destroy kindness and consideration on the part of men towards women.

    Reply to this comment
  6. Jersey Prophet
    Jersey Prophet April 05, 19:58

    The “METOO” movement hoisted its petard to doom the campaign of conservatives, be they for Congress or SCOTUS.
    Do NOT absolve these activists of the responsibility of accounting for the damage they have done to conservatives JUST BECAUSE A LIBERAL HAS BEEN ENSNARED!!!

    That is what you’re doing, Mr. Horist! If every woman “is to be believed,” then it is NOT your judgment whether they did or didn’t feel violated. THAT’S the premise of “METOO,” for God’s sake!! It’s the woman, stupid.

    So let them be hoisted on the petard of their OWN MAKING…or do you wish to defend this crap by defending its latest victim caught in the web of the movement’s own making – a movement even Biden defends??

    Reply to this comment
    • Ffl48
      Ffl48 April 05, 23:54

      Well stated!

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    • jer
      jer April 06, 11:29

      I’d really like to agree, but, I have a hard time with it because of who it is. When he willing to throw someone under the bus because they’re from our side for similar or even lesser “offenses” he shouldn’t get to claim “Aw, gee, I was just bein’ friendly”

      Reply to this comment
    • Sharon
      Sharon April 07, 16:46

      The movement is out of control!

      Reply to this comment
  7. Frank
    Frank April 05, 20:05

    Biden is the last thing we need right now. He should go home, relax, be “friendly” with his wife, and let the big kids fix the country he and O’B nearly destroyed. Enough!

    Reply to this comment
  8. Lou J
    Lou J April 05, 20:23

    SUDDENLY???? I believe that he is, has always been, and will always be a dirty old man! NOT POTUS material, ever!!!!

    Reply to this comment
  9. Wendy
    Wendy April 05, 20:32

    The way things are going in the “metoo” movement, men won’t be able to look at any woman for fear of being jailed. This is so out of hand.

    Reply to this comment
  10. Guest2
    Guest2 April 05, 20:45

    Well, the women who started all this BS #me too movement are to blame – it just back-fired. How about ‘respecting another person’s space?’ That would be all inclusive… Now you have Mika and Alyssa Milano trying to defend poor Mr. Biden – call that hypocrital?? YES!!!

    Reply to this comment
  11. Light ig
    Light ig April 05, 21:21

    Biden has all the markers and traits of a pedophile. What about all the children in dozens of pictures that are squirming and pulling away from him?
    Keep your hands off Creepy, Pedo, Joe.

    Reply to this comment
  12. The Colonel
    The Colonel April 05, 23:20

    Alyssa once tried to put her hand in my pants!

    Reply to this comment
    • Shoshi
      Shoshi April 07, 16:45

      These so called women are going out of their way to victimize others because they feel victimized. Why does victimization give you power in this day and time?It is hypocritical and backwards behavior. Invading someone’s space is not tantamount to rape. Unfortunately young women nowadays will never have relationships with any sort of intimacy, including and excluding sexual intimacy, because they don’t know what appropriate behavior is. They are under the impression that if they don’t like benign behavior it is inappropriate or criminal. They have been given too much power and it’s the wrong kind of power. Good people are going to suffer irreparabe damage.

      Reply to this comment
  13. Mossad Colonel
    Mossad Colonel April 05, 23:34

    I know JoeBiden. He has the worst halitosis of any living person and that includes RBG! (She’s is living?)

    Reply to this comment
  14. kbhret
    kbhret April 06, 15:13

    I no longer hold doors open for women.
    I will shake a man’s hand, but I will not touch a woman. And on those rare occasions when a woman extends her hand out to shake I now say, “Sorry, I have a cold.”
    Even at social gatherings, I’m seeing less interaction, less conversation between men and women.
    Women always get what they want!!!!!!

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  15. baggriff
    baggriff April 06, 16:05

    Larry the wicked web we weave!

    Here is one for you!

    A man at Northrop/Grumman was having lunch in the cafeteria. When he got back to work after lunch he was called into hes manager’s office and was told that he was being written up for steering at a woman in the cafeteria. In his defense he said no I was not and where was this woman sitting. He was told where she was sitting, and then he took out his Glass EYE and gave it his Boss!

    He still had to write a letter of apology to her and still received letter of reprimand!

    Reply to this comment
  16. Marine06
    Marine06 April 06, 19:31

    I am appalled at the number of grammatical issues in this article. Is anyone there proofreading, or does Dimwit Politics include dimwit grammar? Out of fairness, many online news services are not well versed in sentence structure or established, acceptable rules of grammar.
    Oh, by the way, I was a female Marine in the early 80s and if someone touched me, uninvited, I punched them. Problem solved.

    Reply to this comment

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