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Gowdy: CIA may stop sharing classified info with Schiff

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Gowdy: CIA may stop sharing classified info with Schiff

Gowdy: CIA may stop sharing classified info with Schiff
April 03
19:39 2019

Allegations, rumors, and wrongdoing are finally pointing to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff as the man behind the mountain of leaks plaguing both the White House along with the Intelligence Community for nearly 2-years.

On Sunday former South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy predicted that the CIA along with other intelligence gathering departments might stop providing information to the extremely partisan anti-Trump politician, because he “leaks like a screen door on a submarine.”

Schiff as chairman of the highly sensitive intelligence committee has gone on record countless times alleging that he had “factual information” that the President of the United States had conspired with Russia, only to be proven wrong, time after time.

His reckless allegations unlike other partisan Democrats is particularly dangerous to the White House and more importantly to the security of the United States, regarding our allies and our long term strategic planning abroad.

If countries believe our President in some way has been compromised by a foreign power, our allies might no longer trust us, worst yet share vital strategic information, perhaps disrupting the delicate worldwide balance-of-power, all because of a self-aggrandizing anti-Trump leaking fool.

The former congressmen from the 4th congressional district and former Chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi was asked about the sudden firestorm that erupted during a session on Thursday when Republicans confronted Schiff directly during a scheduled meeting demanding that he step down as chairman of the House panel.

“Never seen that before,” said Gowdy, who served on the intelligence panel before leaving Congress in January. “We never voted to remove or ask a chairperson to step down.”

Gowdy continued, “Adam is a deeply partisan person. He did everything he could to make sure Hillary Clinton became president. And he’s done everything he could to keep a cloud over the Trump presidency.”

The former South Carolina politician suggested that Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker could (if she desired), potentially remove Schiff as chairman of the committee. However that scenario is highly unlikely. Which leaves the only other viable option, withhold intelligence information from Schiff.

Gowdy then outlined the probable framework for refusing Schiff. “The next thing that’s going to happen is the…different intelligence entities are going to say, ‘You know what, Chairman Schiff, if you don’t believe the information we provide to you, if you pre-judge the information, if you have the President of the United States not just indicted but in jail and you continue to leak like a screen door on a submarine, we’re going to quit giving you information.”

Adding, “That’s when Pelosi will replace Adam Schiff with someone like Connecticut Rep. Jim Himes, who is someone who is smarter and a lot more reasonable.”

The California congressmen from the 28th district, appeared day after day on CNN, MSNBC and on a number of other leftist media outlets continually bashing the President and insinuating he had “more than circumstantial evidence” of collusion.

On Monday the day after Gowdy’s prediction that the CIA and other intelligence gathering departments should deny Schiff access to classified information, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway weighted in on Fox News, with one simple solution regarding shifty Schiff, “Adam Schiff should resign.”

Adding, “He has no right as somebody who has been peddling a lie day after day after day unchallenged.” She continued, Democratic-led investigation in the House would “never have the credibility of the Mueller investigation.”

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  1. CrustyOldGeezer
    CrustyOldGeezer April 04, 19:11

    Since Adam Schiff has mentioned on numerous occasions he has, in his possession, ACTUAL PROOF OF RUSSIAN/TRUMP collusion.

    It’s PAST TIME for the ATTORNEY GENEAL to file CRIMINAL CHARGES against Schiff for “WITHHOLDING EVIDENCE” in an investigation that could have lead to Treason. (Their claims, NOT MINE)

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    • thinkr2
      thinkr2 April 04, 19:17

      Excellent point.

      I wonder though, if someone in the CIA would continue to provide him with information.

      The CIA has been corrupt since before it was called the CIA. Some of them wanted to leave downed US fliers behind enemy lines in Yugoslavia during WW2. Read “The Forgotten 500.”

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  2. Scout
    Scout April 04, 19:18

    Most logical Americans could have easily created a flow chart and come to the answer of Obama / Hillary plotted with their hand picked minions and DNC/Cartel money to ruin Pres.Trump. It was a total fabricated lie and federal prison awaits all the greedy ladder climbing traitors in the US Govt. that participated.

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  3. Tom
    Tom April 04, 19:27

    Nobody listens to Adam Schiff. Nobody watches CNN or MSNBC.

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  4. Dick
    Dick April 04, 19:51

    Schiff is a desgrace to himself and to this country. Don’t understand how his political base continues to support him when he is a proven prevaricator and blight on the US Congress!

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  5. Lou J
    Lou J April 04, 19:57

    GOOD, that man is a walking blabber mouth os secret materials and should have his security clearance revoked immediately! Resign NOW, pencil necker!!!

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  6. Billy Williams
    Billy Williams April 04, 20:04

    It is so simple. Just release the report .Maybe Schiff is right.

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  7. Billy Williams
    Billy Williams April 04, 20:08

    What is the difference in Schiff peddling a lie and Trump peddling a lie about Obama. Ain,t it funny ?

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  8. Don
    Don April 05, 11:19

    Shifty has no proof. He’s simply playing the Dem innuendo game of lies to further the agenda. As a government rep he needs to be held accountable for spreading his lies to the people and dealt with as harshly as his party is dealing with Trump.

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  9. Guest2
    Guest2 April 05, 15:11

    Time is NOW to call out this liar, expose him, and shut him up for good. Obviously he has nothing better to do, so why is he occupying space – get rid of him.

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  10. Older and Wiser
    Older and Wiser April 05, 17:27

    Look at his eyes. He seems quite desperate to me. I am ashamed to say I am in the 28th District and I would vote for a dog or a cat to rid us of this corrupt politician. Cut off his clearance this time. Don’t just threaten and not follow through, in usual Republican fashion.

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