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Racism is a two-way street in Georgia

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Racism is a two-way street in Georgia

Racism is a two-way street in Georgia
April 01
16:22 2019

In order to head off the typical left-wing reaction that will arrive in the wake of this commentary – that any criticism of a minority is white racism — I think it is necessary for readers to understand that I have spent a lifetime in active support of equality for ALL people.  I have worked in the inner cities in opposition to racism in education, housing, employment, policing, public safety, public services and anywhere else it is found.  I despise racism of EVERY kind.

This means that I also call out minority racism.  Yes, the so-called “people of color” – blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans – can also be racist or manifest racist beliefs in certain instances.  Saying so is what will have the folks on the political-correct left calling me a racists.  The kindest of them will say that I am a racist but do not realize the fact.  Yep!  They know better even though they do not know me and have not walked in my shoes.

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You see, the radical liberal-set believes that it is not even possible for a member of a minority group to be racists.  They say as much.  That is because the world of the left is a place where fanciful beliefs and political advantage trump reality and common sense.  That is why progressivism is more of a political religion than a social science.

According to the theory, minority folks cannot be racist because of what they call white privilege. Blacks are the victims of racism, therefore no one in the black community can be racist   It is the unique sin of white folks.  That is why they myopically see acts of racism only as the actions of whites against blacks.

Of course, to a rational person, with a mind that can grasp logic, racism is simply the hatred of a class of people because of their ethnicity.  If a Chinese person hates Japanese as a people, that person is a racist.  If a Hispanic person hates blacks that is racism.  And if a black hates white people in general, that is also racism – not matter how many flawed self-serving theories are advanced.

What triggered this commentary was an incident in Georgia.  As a child, I had traveled in a few southern states – although not Georgie – and saw the signs that read,  “WHITES ONLY” or more directly “NO COLORED ALLOWED.”  I recall seeing public restrooms, drinking fountains and park benches labeled for whites or colored.

Thanks to the Internet I recently saw a sign that reminded me of those days of yore. The Bolton Street Baptist Church of Savannah, Georgia was the site of a political meeting regarding their upcoming mayoral election.  There were two signs on the door.  One read: “NO Audio or video recordings.”  So much for transparency.

The second sign read: “NO Media (TV, radio, etc.).  And then there was that last line: “Black Press Only!” – with that exclamation mark for emphasis.  These were not some scribbled signs – the work of some malcontent racist.  They were printed.  They were the official statement of the organizers of the meeting – presumably the Trigon Group.

The meeting was to hear from Van Johnson, one of several black candidates opposing the incumbent white mayor of Savannah.  When told by a white reporter that he was denied entrance to the meeting, Johnson apologized but said the sponsors had a right to determine who to allow into the meeting – an argument that ironically was used by white racists in the days of southern segregation.

Johnson gave an incredibly stupid solution.  Perhaps he was just not thinking fast enough.  He promised to hold a meeting for white reporters only – as if the best solution to black racism is white racism.

Yes, I called it black racism.  That sign is racist to the core.  No amount of left-wing political fantasizing or theory-posturing can change that basic fact. This kind of racist backwash against diversity and integration – two things most Americans value – is not a one-off.  We need to recall the trend on college campuses to create black-only events and assemblies.  Blacks have been guilty of hate-crime attacks on whites – although that garners less attention from the liberal media.

For some reason, our friends on the left fail to see the irony and inconsistency in all of this.  They are color blind to black racism.  If they really want that dialogue on race that they so often say is needed – and I am a bit dubious because they seem to avoid it as much as possible — black racism needs to be part of the conversation.  Having had many conversations on black racism with black people, I can attest to the fact that it is not as scary a subject as the left seems to think.  In fact, there are a lot of black folks who will confirm the reality of black racism within their community.

While I do not believe racism is a dominant trait among the American people in general, it is still necessary to call it out when and where it rears its ugly head – as it did in Savannah, Georgia.

So, there ‘tis.

Post Script:  If this were a video commentary, I would have to have Ray Charles singing “Georgia” as a closer.

About Author

Larry Horist

Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and politics. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, as well as the White House. He has testified as an expert witness before legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress, and lectured at major colleges and universities. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.

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  1. Dr. John
    Dr. John April 02, 18:45

    As usual, the author presents a reasonable, logical viewpoint that represents the view of many. His comment that the vast majority of Americans, black and white detest racism is much more representative of the nation’s attitudes than what the media would have you believe.

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  2. Brendan Sexton
    Brendan Sexton April 02, 18:56

    This is an easy one. Excluding reporters–or anyone because they are white (or pink or purple) is OF COURSE racist. and yes, I am a lefty. I think you are simply incorrect that liberals think any criticism of minority folks must be racist. We don’t, or at least I sure don’t–it just doesn’t seem as urgent to defend the majority (us white guys) from offense as it does to defend or even champion the cause of those who have historically been stuck with the short end of the stick.Nonetheless, that doesn’t excuse idiocy like we see there in Georgia.

    [By the way, the ‘no racism among black people’ concept you are trying to quote and refute is misunderstood by you–it is not a claim that black people cannot be racially prejudiced (of course they can be and often are–we all are). The concept, which I don’t subscribe to, is that prejudice is not really ‘racism’ unless it is enforceable—people without power, without control over the banks that give (or not) mortgages, over the police who do or do not fire at unarmed civilians, over teachers who do or do not promote school children–these minority communities do NOT have the power to put their prejudices into practice. therefore, this concept teaches, black people can certainly be bigoted, but cannot practice racism in the sense that the term implies. that is the idea, anyway, even if you don’t agree with it. (as i said, I do not), but at least quote it right.]

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    • thinkr2
      thinkr2 April 02, 19:17

      Well, it appears that when a black DA drops charges against a black felon, there is an exercise of power.

      And it is a fact that most police are less likely to pull the trigger on a black man because they know they will be accused of ‘racism.’

      College admissions are an exercise of power, and ‘colored’ people (excluding Asians) are treated preferentially.

      The argument that power is exercised strictly in favor of whites is a lie.

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      • Julz
        Julz April 04, 01:26

        You are absolutely correct in your reply!

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      • Sayitloud!
        Sayitloud! April 10, 16:44

        In order to be a racist, one needs to own or be in charge of something. We often confuse “racism” with “prejudice” The actual truth about it all is; White people are the catalyst. No Whites, no racism. ijs…

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      • Sayitloud!
        Sayitloud! April 10, 16:52

        You’re so right thinkr2! All Whites need to do is lie about their child being a good sport player, cheat on the SAT exam, pay a proctor to change their grade, pay big bucks to get their child into a university. Stop the bullshit about the police afraid of killing a Black person. Total BS! It’s a cultural conditioning that will Never go away: RACISM! Whites will ALWAYS thinkr2 believe that they are superior to any others who don’t look like them. It’s systemic my dear and it isn’t going anywhere!

        Reply to this comment
        • thinkr2
          thinkr2 August 07, 16:19

          You don’t know anyone who has spent significant time in either Japan or Bolivia, do you?
          There are plenty of examples of racism among other races.

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    • Aristophanes
      Aristophanes April 02, 20:27

      Do you see any “white only” television stations (BET is the obvious black station)? Do you see any “white” colleges? Do you see any “White” awards?

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    • Jim
      Jim April 03, 00:14

      Racism is racism, bigotry is bigotry, prejudice is prejudice, and stupidity is stupidity. To say it is not because it is not “enforceable”, is ridiculous, and a way to excuse or defend ignorance. We are talking about beliefs, character, values…you don’t enforce these. Get real people, until we do we will will always have racism. And yes, we will ALWAYS have racism going both ways.

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  3. Ginger
    Ginger April 02, 19:04

    I’m a non-white female, and I completely agree with you Larry. Racism should not be tolerated, regardless of where it is coming from. The left have just gone back to their roots of racism, segregation, and Jim Crow laws. They have tried to cover it up over the years to get blacks on board with the program, and convince them that segregation and racism are actually good for them. They pay racist black fools to push the narrative. Unfortunately, there are some low information folks out there who fall for it. This is why more conservatives need to keep reminding people about what MLK and others were fighting for. The Republican Party is the party of President Lincoln who fought for the emancipation of slaves against the Democrats who wanted to keep slavery. That says all we need to know. The Democrats have not changed much. MLK was a Republican who believed, like Lincoln, that everyone should be treated equally under the law, and we need to be looking at the character of the person, not the color of their skin.

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    • Jerry
      Jerry April 02, 20:29

      Is there a difference between racism and the rant of you and the author concerning the left? Is not both cases one person or a group showing arrogance over another?

      Reply to this comment
      • Don
        Don April 03, 10:32

        There is indeed. I’d have to think you haven’t the history to know the difference from this comment. It was President It was a Democrat prez named Johnson who said he have those “niggers” voting Democrat for the rest of their lives when he thought he was off mike and they still blindly vote Democrat. Ginger spoke nothing but truth.

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  4. Marty
    Marty April 02, 19:04

    We’re on opposite sides of the political divide – I’m as liberal as it gets. But we agree on this point. I offer you one of my favorite comments on hte subject: All lives matter. I say that in reply to the repetition of “BlackLives Matter”

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  5. Norman Lawrence
    Norman Lawrence April 02, 19:06

    As a child of a military family growing up and moving every 18 months or so from Maine to Florida and places in between I too remember those awful signs. My mother was from Georgia, my dad from Rhode Island. I witnessed firsthand some of the racism within my mother’s family. Weird that one of my best friends while growing up after settling down in Rhode Island was “black”. In 2005 I and my wife moved to PA and have felt the undercurrent of racism that still exists today in York, PA.

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  6. Kbhret
    Kbhret April 02, 20:46

    Ask any white mainstream media nitwit….
    Only white people can be racist!!!

    Reply to this comment
    UNCLE VLADDI April 03, 00:08

    None of those groups is an actual global minority oppressed by numerically superior whites. Blacks are 15% of the global tally, whites are 7%. Latinos, (white Spanish Arabs mixed with the displaced backwoods hillbilly Asians known as “Natives”) are another 7%… and the remaining 70% is divided among Asians and Dravidians (Hindus). So the left seeks to dilute the global minority in its own lands by importing the global majorities, while pretending to do the exact opposite. And the while trope of white racism and white privilege implies the proponents of such a theory actually believe the whites are mentally superior, and so were able to oppress and enslave their mentally inferior People Of Color pets. Conclusion: leftists and Democrats haven’t changed a whit since they started the KKK.

    Reply to this comment
  8. Shoshi
    Shoshi April 03, 01:35

    Thank you for covering this story. I found the sign abhorrent. We, as Americans, have worked very hard against segregation only to have it rear its ugly head again on the other side of the coin.

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  9. withLuv2020
    withLuv2020 April 04, 02:08

    American history is a testament to unchanged white privilege and racism. What can’t you understand? Any argument that it’s 50/50 and/or negligible compared to non-white bias is ridiculous and nonsensical. Common sense would tell you any conquering invader would suffer embarrassment, extreme resentment and hatred toward those who would contradiction the their view of blind manifest destiny.

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  10. Jack
    Jack April 04, 02:08

    You “call it black racism”. Racism has no color. Racism is racism.

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  11. Sayitloud!
    Sayitloud! April 10, 16:40

    In order to be a racist, one needs to own or be in charge of something. We often confuse “racism” with “prejudice” The actual truth about it all is; White people are the catalyst. No Whites, no racism. ijs…

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    • thinkr2
      thinkr2 August 07, 16:15

      You have apparently never been out of the US.
      Bolivians are racist to the point of classifying people by SHADE of color.
      Japanese are racist toward ANYONE besides Japanese, but they are very discreet about it.
      These are just two examples. There are more.

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  12. thinkr2
    thinkr2 August 07, 18:02

    A white standing on a street corner shooting at random blacks as they drive by?

    Read this and see.


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  13. Franklin54
    Franklin54 August 07, 20:50

    if you want to point it out where anyone can understand it, you rent a hall for a speech and put White press Only” on the door and hear the racists come out from under their hiding spots

    also, even when they cant point out anything obviously racist in your article they will fall back to you spoke in “dog-whistle” racist ideas.

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