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Rachel Maddow’s Ratings in the Toilet Since Release of Mueller Report

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Rachel Maddow’s Ratings in the Toilet Since Release of Mueller Report

Rachel Maddow’s Ratings in the Toilet Since Release of Mueller Report
March 29
18:40 2019

The end of the Mueller investigation continues to bring excellent news for conservatives. Since the release of the Mueller Report which exonerated President Trump, left-wing propagandist Racheal Maddow’s TV ratings have plummeted. According to Breitbart, the popular MSNBC host lost a resounding 20 percent of her audience after the release of the Mueller Report proved she shamelessly deceived her audience for more than two years.

As the news of the report spread, and how it declared “no collusion” and “no obstruction” more than 20% of Maddow’s audience simply disappeared. One can only assume they ran off to their safe spaces to cry, and could not even bear to watch the truth about the report come from the lips of their liberal Goddess. For two years a cloud of illegitimacy hung over the Trump presidency and for two years the establishment media, most especially MSNBC and CNN, maniacally fire-hosed the American people with fake news to smear the president as a Russian puppet.

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But of all those guilty of spreading this false hysteria, no one came close to Rachel Maddow. Night after night, Maddow kept her cult of followers on the hook by weaving from seemingly thin air, a conspiracy tale about Trump being a “Manchurian Candidate” owned by Vladimir Putin. And with this tale came the promise that Trump’s removal from office was always right around the corner and that Robert Mueller would be the deliverer — an avenging angel who would end the “national nightmare” of the Trump presidency with a blazing sword.

Well, that sword seems to have flamed-out, along with Maddow’s ratings! A Hustler and a ConJohn Nolte, who covers media for Breitbart, was pleased to write about Maddow’s downfall, not because she is a left-wing commentator, on an left-wing network, but because she is as he describes it, a con-artist and a hustler.”In my decade or so of media coverage,” Nolte writes, “MSNBC has rarely pinged my radar. Who cares about an openly left-wing outlet being openly left-wing? If CNN would stop its laughable pose as objective, that fake news network would probably never hear from me again.

This thing with Maddow, though, is bigger because she’s a snake oil saleswoman, a bunco artist, a grifter selling vials of hope filled with lies. For years, and only as a means to stay in the rating fight with Sean Hannity, Maddow deliberately played millions and millions of people for suckers, for rubes… She hustled them, lied to them, deceived and hoaxed them in the most cynical way imaginable.”But, did a good chunk of Maddow’s audience leave her because they realized she had been handing them a steaming bowl of horse poop for two, years, or was it because they couldn’t handle the truth?

It’s probably more the latter than the former. As the Daily Beast put it, reporting on Maddow’s tanking ratings, “It’s also possible that the Mueller disappointment drove [her] loyal viewers away in much the same way that people avoid looking at their 401(k)s when the stock market is down.”

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  1. cj
    cj March 31, 18:57

    Maddow should go run a forklift at Home Depot and give up “news.”

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  2. Kirk the Kalm
    Kirk the Kalm March 31, 18:59

    What have I missed? Is Rachael Maddow a person of importance that I’ve missed? HA! Is MSNBC an acronym for some lowly United Nations sub-commnittee?

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  3. Jimbo
    Jimbo March 31, 19:43

    Madcow should follow the ratings right down the toilet,her reporting stinks more than a pig sty.She is the lead Disgrace to a disgraceful supposed network!! Look up FUGLY in the dictionary,and you’ll find her!!

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  4. booker
    booker March 31, 20:27

    I read Barr’s words as saying the president was NOT exonerated on the obstruction charge. Why would he say that? Was it a mistake?

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  5. Carol sirkness
    Carol sirkness March 31, 23:44

    I call B.S.

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  6. Gmom
    Gmom April 01, 02:13

    Would rather and will watch Rachel Maddow over any of the “reporters” on Fox stations.

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    • beentheredonethat
      beentheredonethat April 01, 03:05

      Gmom of course you would…so sad.

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    • Hacksaw
      Hacksaw April 01, 11:17

      I Ky because you are a worthless obamadik sucking Gruber who couldn’t poor water from a boot even if the instructions were written on the heel you waste of oxygen.

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    • Don
      Don April 01, 19:48


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    • Juds
      Juds April 02, 06:04

      Why? What do you “learn”

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    • Jeff
      Jeff April 05, 20:40

      Well, that makes you a left-wing idiot who is stupid enough to be lied to constantly and come back wanting more. How does it feel to go to bed that retarded at night?

      Reply to this comment
    • GOP Molly
      GOP Molly April 10, 01:51

      Gmom: You really should watch Fox News if you want to learn the Truth, especially if you can stand to learn about the Corrupt Dems in Government.

      Reply to this comment
    • CAJN434
      CAJN434 April 11, 01:56

      Like most other democrats, you can’t fix stupid. Try OAN if you have Direct TV Channel 347. Don’t just keep being fed trash talk from the MSM. Get educated or quit voting!

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  7. Graz
    Graz April 01, 09:13

    Some people love BS and cannot think for themselves so they need people like Maddow to interpret /spin the truth.

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  8. defender
    defender April 01, 10:16


    Reply to this comment
  9. bob
    bob April 01, 12:24

    she is only outdone by adam shiff, at least he was in a position to know! i always believed adam had inside sources in the muller org and knew more than we or others did! now they seem to be after barr, heonly wrote a summary, a summary that if biased for trump, it will soon be exposed! but barr was asisted by rosenstein and mueller, so if were biased it wasith help!

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  10. MAGA
    MAGA April 01, 14:12


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  11. Don
    Don April 01, 19:47

    Where they and she belongs. Zero credibility.

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  12. Matt
    Matt April 02, 00:53

    She is a joke, so is MSNBC@CNN, Laughable. News they are not, propaganda is what they sale, they couldn’t spell TRUTH if they were given the t, r, t and h.

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  13. Ken
    Ken April 09, 16:40

    She should follow her mentor, Keith Olbermann, into well deserved obscurity.

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