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Epic Failure for Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal

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Epic Failure for Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal

Epic Failure for Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal
March 27
18:29 2019

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s pet project, the so-called “Green New Deal” was resoundingly rejected by the Senate in what could only be called an epic fail for the freshman congresswoman.

In what continues to be a very good week for the Right, on Tuesday not a single senator voted to begin debate on the non-binding resolution, with 42 Democrats and even Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., simply voting “present.”

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57 lawmakers voted against breaking the filibuster. Democratic Sens. Doug Jones of Alabama, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona joined 53 Republicans in voting “no.” Sen. Angus King, I-Maine, who caucuses with the Democrats, also voted “no.”

In total that means the vote was 57-0, the nonbinding measure falling painfully short of the necessary 60-vote threshold needed to advance to debate on the Senate floor.

Since its inception, Republicans have resoundingly lambasted the Green New Deal for its socialist implications and hefty price tag. Sen. Charles E Grassley, R-Iowa, has likened the proposal to a “utopian manifesto,” while Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., called it a “socialist fantasy.”
But the unanimous rejection of the proposal by practically the entire Senate proves that even members of Ocasio-Cortez’s own party agree that the poorly thought-out legislation would be disastrous for America. Among some of the more ridiculous aspects of the proposal, Ocasio-Cortez called for the entire elimination of the aviation industry and instead replace every airplane on the planet with high-speed trains!

The vote had been teed up by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., in a bid to make Democratic senators — including several 2020 presidential candidates — go on the record about the measure.

Democrats, led by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, called McConnell’s move a “sham vote” that aimed to draw attention away from a real debate on the consequences of climate change. In addition to Sanders, Sens. Kamala Harris of California, Cory Booker of New Jersey, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Kirsten Gillibrand of New York — all candidates for the Democratic nomination who have endorsed the Green New Deal — voted “present” Tuesday.

Ocasio-Cortez Forced to Defend Her Position

Ocasio-Cortez said that while the proposal may have gone down, Americans would eventually need to pay to address climate change one way or another. She unleashed an unabashed defense of her Green New Deal during a House committee meeting on the same day the proposal went down in flames in the Senate.

“We’re going to pay for this whether we pass a Green New Deal or not. We need to decide whether we’re going to pay to react or we’re going to pay to be proactive,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “I’m very sad to say that the government knew that climate change was real starting as far back as 1989. I’m going to turn 30 this year, and for the entire 30 years of my lifetime, we did not make substantial investments to prepare our entire country for what we knew was coming.”

Ocasio-Cortez’s remarks came during a committee hearing where several Republicans used their floor time to attack the Democrats’ environmental strategy. Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.) accused the party of touting policies that would solely help “rich liberals,” but alienate poorer Americans.

“I think it’s rich that we talk about how we care about the poor, but all the while we’ll sign on to bills that will dramatically raise the cost for a family to get into a home,” Duffy said while speaking about a measure related to homelessness. He later called the Green New Deal “absolutely outrageous.”

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  1. old blue
    old blue March 28, 18:58

    Could conservatives enter into discussion about how we can work together to deal with the terrible consequences of climate change, rather than just trying to ridicule the people who are courageous enough to bring it up. Ocasio-Cortez and Sen Ed Markey introduced this resolution as a basis for discussion — please respond to it as such. No discussion is not a response that will help us in the long run

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    • beentheredonethat
      beentheredonethat March 28, 20:41

      old blue I’ve been away for awhile is this climate change you so fear the same as the global warming thing we were supposed to have perished from a few years back.

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    • Pete
      Pete March 28, 20:46

      In 1948 a New York headline read: “Mile high glacier to cover New England in ten years, polar bears will roam the Hudson!!”
      Alarmists wanted to dust the north pole with coal dust to warm things up!! Ike was elected and chased the socialist rats under the woodwork!!

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    • olc
      olc March 29, 08:31

      A proposal as absurd as the GND deserves ridicule. The social agendas in it are economically infeasible. And the environment needs some serious study to separate what’s caused by man and what is simply the earth’s natural change. Time to stop using climate change as a political cudgel and find out what’s really going on and what can realistically be done about it.

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    • Hacksaw1055@yahoo.com
      Hacksaw1055@yahoo.com March 29, 13:20

      Fortunately, most Americans are intelligent enough to recognize this scam for what it is: a total hoax to exert more control over the masses. Anyone with a brain knows that climate has been changing on this rock since day one of its existence. Man’s presence on the rock is minuscule compared to the the total time that the planet has existed. To infer that man is the sole cause of climate change and to insist that man can reverse a naturally occring process is absurd. The primary source of climate change is the sun. Increased Solar activity results in more heat absorbed by the planet. Less activity produces less heat.

      Blaming carbon based “greenhouse” gasses for the retention of heat and attempting to control carbon based gasses is akin to hearding cats. The planet has, is and for the rest of its existence will naturally produce carbon based gases. ALL life on this planet is carbon based. Rid the planet of carbon and there will be no life.

      And to those of you who would immediately assume that this is just an uneducated ill informed rant from some science hating republican, know this: I’m not a republican, I’m a former US Navy Nuclear engineer and my undergraduate degree is in mathematics.

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    • J.
      J. March 30, 23:34

      old blue – in my opinion you should research who you are believing – they are dangerously wrong!

      Do all of us a huge favor – look for
      knowledgeable experts before you do serious damage. Their are plenty of experts to choose from.

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    • Doug C.
      Doug C. April 02, 17:56

      How is it that every single leftnik in the country if not the world — including Occasionally Coherent — wastes energy massively in their private conduct but demand that the common folk sacrifice beyond description.
      OC flies, lives in luxury, travels in luxury, rides in limos and on and on. Sheryl Crow insisted that common folk should be limited to one toilet paper square per bathroom session, but she flies in private jets and parties VERY hearty with the concomitent waste of energy. It doesn’t stop. I never see leftniks at the local rcycling station, and I’ve never run into a leftnik with a composter. They just waste material and energy.
      I absolutely guarantee that this Goebbelsian doesn’t either.

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  2. G-DAWG
    G-DAWG March 28, 20:32

    Climate change is NOT REAL. Most scientists agree this is a natural occurring situation which will eventually, by itself, stop and go in the opposite direction. Science can show that this has been the case since the world came into exisience. Do the research for and against rather then choosing what will best advance your political agenda. If it were true then a better plan should be proposed. Why submitted a plan that is totally unachievable.

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  3. Shoshi
    Shoshi March 29, 02:03

    Climate change is a hoax! The Earth will evolve. That’s what it does. Humans and animals will evolve with it. Why isn’t anyone attacking China and India? If they don’t change nothing any other country does will matter anyway. We have the cleanest air and water on the planet.

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  4. J.
    J. March 30, 23:42

    olc and Shoshi – THANK YOU for using your good brains that God gave you…

    old blue – shame on you for believing lunatics!

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