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Trojan Horse – Did Merkel Allow 5,000 War Criminals Migrate into Germany?

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Trojan Horse – Did Merkel Allow 5,000 War Criminals Migrate into Germany?

Trojan Horse – Did Merkel Allow 5,000 War Criminals Migrate into Germany?
March 19
18:39 2019

A damaging new report in a German newspaper claims that since 20014, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government has allowed thousands of war criminal migrants to slip into the country.

The German news outlet Bild stated that this new report asserts that from 2014 to 2019, Merkel’s globalist government didn’t just allow 5,000 migrants who were subject to investigation for violations of international law, but failed to investigate all but a few of them.

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The report revealed that the Federal Office of Migration and Refugees (BAMF) warned Merkel’s government of roughly 5,000 migrants who they thought had taken part in “crimes under international law.”

According to data from the German Interior Ministry that was requested by the classically liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP), in spite of the considerable number of reports, just 129 of the migrants were truly investigated by the German government.

Linda Teuteberg, an FDP politician, commented appalling data, stating, “War criminals must not get protection in Germany. I have doubts as to whether the Federal Government has always pursued this with the necessary seriousness in recent years.”

Bild declares that many of the cases relate to the period in and around the height of the refugee crisis in 2015. When questioned about it, the

Interior Ministry claimed that the “large number of referrals prevented immediate investigation of each case” but contended that the cases were not overlooked, but were awaiting additional investigation and potential prosecution.

Since the height of the influx of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa in 2015, many populist politicians and citizens have raised concerns over the very real possibility of terrorists and criminals exploiting the crisis as a convenient way to enter into Europe.

A number of reports have asserted that terrorist groups like the Islamic States have deliberately used the migrant crisis to sneak in their fighters. These aren’t just claims either. Several arrests of Islamic State fighters have occurred in Germany as well as in other countries, as reported by Spiegel TV.

So when Viktor Orbán of Hungary and Matteo Salvini of Italy both say that the influx of millions of Middle Eastern and North African migrants into Europe is a dangerous trojan horse that poses an existential threat to Europeans, they aren’t just blowing hot air. There is indeed a very real possibility of this being the case.

War criminals have been found among the migrants. Several have even prosecuted in different European countries.

Since 2014, the Swedish government has observed a torrent of reports of war criminals. In 2014 the Swedish Migration Board declared to have received 14 reports of war criminals who were living within their borders. In 2017 that number rose to 79.

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  1. Jibby
    Jibby March 19, 18:57

    Well, South America got all the German war criminals so I guess it’s payback time.

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  2. 1crzyguy
    1crzyguy March 20, 19:05

    Aren’t these the same folks that would be all over US service members falsely accused of war crimes should they ever travel to Europe?

    Reply to this comment
  3. Nancy
    Nancy March 20, 23:22

    You can’t fix stupid!

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