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Ilhan Omar Does It Again

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Ilhan Omar Does It Again

Ilhan Omar Does It Again
March 13
09:30 2019

You would think that freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar would sheath her tongue after getting a huge pass from her fellow Democrats for her anti-Semitic trope. But nooooo!
(Incidentally, I can only image Omar’s reaction to my using “freshman” and “fellow Democrats,” but I have so far avoided being sent off to political correctness indoctrination camp.)
Omar expressed her appreciation to Speaker Nancy Pelosi – and all those other Democrats who humiliated themselves by passing a generic resolution against all the ugly isms that form the foundation of the Party’s identity politics – by attacking the leader emeritus of the Democratic Party, Barack Obama.
Former President Obama is arguably the most popular Democrat in America these days. Party members speak of him with the same admiration and reverence they hold for President Franklin Roosevelt – even more so.
Not long after the last vote was cast on the resolution that was intended to assure Jews that they were still loved by Democrat leaders not holding Omar accountable, the new congresswoman from Minnesota attacked Obama.
In an interview with Politico, Omar dumped on Obama with the same acrimony that Democrats usually reserve for President Trump. In fact, Omar claimed that Obama was not much better than Trump by saying that “we cannot only be upset with Trump.” Most Democrats would respond with Obama’s 2008 campaign slogan, “Yes, we can.” Is Omar unaware that the entire #NeverTrump Resistance Movement is predicated that there is nothing good to be said about Trump and nothing bad about Obama?
Omar declared that “We don’t want anybody to get away with murder because they are polished. We want to recognize the actual policies that are behind the pretty face and the smile.” Well, at least she conceded that Obama is handsome and has a great smile.
She argued that Obama’s promise of “hope and change” is an illusion – and suggested that the former President was as guilty of “caging kids” as Trump. She criticized his drone warfare in the Middle East. Perhaps that is what she meant by “getting away with murder.”
Omar is not apologetic. She said that she is willing to be a “Republican punching bag” if it will advance her agenda – presumably breaking America’s alliance to Israel and pushing back against Jews in general. After this bit of partisan apostasy, Omar may discover that she is making herself a Democrat punching bag.
Of course, she claimed that she was not reported accurately. But in an audio tweet, she reaffirmed her attack on her own party, saying “For many of us, we think of ourselves as Democrats, but many of the ways that our Democratic leaders have conducted themselves within the system is not one that we’re all proud of.” She did not mention Pelosi just as the resolution did not mention Omar – but there is no doubt the target of Omar’s remarks.
In what seemed to be intended to be a walk-back interview with CNN, Omar did not walk anything back. She said:
“I will talk about the family separation or caging of kids and people will point out that this was Trump, I mean, this was Obama. And I will say something about the droning of countries around the world and people will say, that was Obama. And all of that is very true.”
It seems that Omar is in a contest with Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Rashida Tlaib to see who can create the most controversy and headaches for the Democratic Party. Much too early to pick a winner in that competition, but Omar is showing real potential.
So, there ‘tis.

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About Author

Larry Horist

Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and politics. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, as well as the White House. He has testified as an expert witness before legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress, and lectured at major colleges and universities. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.

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  1. Awesome
    Awesome March 13, 18:29

    You really think you are a clever, articulate writer but your bland pros are weak and show your inferior intellect poor grasp of humor.

    Reply to this comment
  2. Brendanyc
    Brendanyc March 13, 18:38

    Don’t you think it admirable when a public figure is willing to criticize a member of her own party on grounds consistent with her criticisms of others? I do.

    Reply to this comment
  3. HateMeforTelling the Truth
    HateMeforTelling the Truth March 13, 18:49

    It appears that being Anti-American has become popular with Democrats. Talk about biting the hands that feed them. Imagine if they ever get their way..What will they do once the welfare stops?

    Reply to this comment
  4. Roy
    Roy March 13, 19:01

    She needs to keep up this vicious rhetoric against EVERYBODY!! Only then will the idiots in MN who voted for her will understand their own STUPIDITY!!

    Reply to this comment
  5. Rob
    Rob March 13, 19:21

    See what happens when you can’t say NO. In their quest to please everyone the Democratic Party ends up pleasing no one. The Morale of this story is
    “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything, and they have. 😳

    Reply to this comment
  6. Rob
    Rob March 13, 19:23

    See what happens when you can’t say NO. In their quest to please everyone the Democratic Party ends up pleasing no one. 😳

    Reply to this comment
  7. Doug C.
    Doug C. March 13, 19:29

    In the event that Larry Horist scans these comment boards, a suggestion for him:

    Your columns are unnecessarily difficult to read because of lack of extra spacing between paragraphs.

    They’re only slightly better than run-on texts with no paragraphing at all.

    Some readers will have no problems with that presentation, but others will, and the fix is as simple as introducing a simple command at the outset of the commentary.

    Reply to this comment
  8. Oskey's Ant
    Oskey's Ant March 13, 19:54

    Here, here!
    Let the Demon-Crats turn on each other, ultimately allowing the scales to fall down from the eyes of those who vote for them.

    Reply to this comment
  9. airborne doug
    airborne doug March 13, 20:03

    I dont think the people of Mn. get it as the ” nut job ” Al Frankin was from Mn. shame on them or maybe the next law will no pork allowed .

    Reply to this comment
  10. 개미
    개미 March 13, 20:18

    That Omar can without reservation point to faults in the opposing political party as well as in her own, AND chide the Jewish State, makes her my political hero!

    Reply to this comment
      MACLANE March 13, 21:52

      How dare you speak truth?

      Reply to this comment
    • Drew
      Drew March 13, 22:50

      Are you really such a moronic ” Dick’s Head “? It’s putrid slime like you & Omar that make this world a more dangerous place to live in, than our planet deserves. Go climb back up your own feces filled stinking arse . . . & stay there enjoying your own rot.

      Reply to this comment
      • Ira
        Ira March 18, 19:21

        Well, it’s clear who’s the low life at this party. If that’s how you discuss political differences maybe you should crawl back under whatever slimey rock you crawled out from. Better yet – go join the GOP. They seem to appreciate creepy crawlers like you.

        Reply to this comment
    • old blue 63
      old blue 63 March 13, 22:50

      I agree that her clarity about policy is an asset. However, there are some important differences between Obama policy and Trump policy that she is not paying enough attention to. By the way, Larry Horst’s article and the way he presents her is slanted and unfair.

      Reply to this comment
    • Julz
      Julz March 14, 00:54

      She makes no sense whatsoever.
      But, hey !!
      You are absolutely entitled to pick up your “heroes”..
      Makes your own lack of sense more pronounced too.

      Reply to this comment
      • 개미
        개미 March 15, 13:28

        Drew & Julz: It’s understandable that you’d be so terrified of her. She’s everything that you’re not: strong, brave, capable, and honest.

        Reply to this comment
        • Jhn
          Jhn March 17, 19:04

          Honest? Do yourself a favor and actually do a study of her, even a short study will convince anyone with an IQ of more than single digit that she is a dedicated Islamist who has one objective, to destroy our way of life and force Sharia down our throats. I for one do not want any part of any religion that worships a pedophile. She is VERY dangerous to our country and way of life.

          Reply to this comment
          • Joe
            Joe May 10, 18:49

            Here’s to hoping that she dies a prolonged agonizing death and her family has to listen to her cries of agony, yet unable to alleviate her suffering. Have a nice day!

            Joseph Edelen

        • Millk02
          Millk02 March 17, 22:13

          She’s an ass and needs to go back to the s**thole she came from.

          Reply to this comment
        • thinkr2
          thinkr2 March 18, 16:19

          Her ultimate honesty will be demonstrated when she makes you kneel and declare submission to Allah or lose your head.

          Ultimately, it’s not just Jews she’s after.

          Reply to this comment
    • Philip Kershner
      Philip Kershner March 15, 20:24

      So you’re okay with anti-Semitism? Interesting.

      Reply to this comment
  11. bilgeez
    bilgeez March 13, 20:29

    Wow! I’m amazed a lefty who actually insults “The Chosen One’! I’m sure she would like to dig up Ayatollah Khomeini and make him the new dictator of Amrika.

    Reply to this comment
  12. Wendy
    Wendy March 13, 20:35

    She must not be planning to stay very long!

    Reply to this comment
    • TurtleShroom
      TurtleShroom March 13, 20:55

      NEVER intervene when your opponent is shooting themselves in the foot.

      The weird thing about Omar is that she only observes hijab every now and then. Normally, she just wears this hideous shower cap instead. Also, people seem to forget that she’s in bed with CAIR, which is a front group of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

      Reply to this comment
    • Julz
      Julz March 14, 00:48

      And hopefully she will succeed!

      Reply to this comment
  13. al
    al March 13, 21:39


    I recall when in college in the mid-sixties we often debated a theory called The Fall of Western civilization.
    Briefly, it was thought that affluent western societies would reach a point where their death rates exceeded births…more labor would be needed to keep up their economic growth so controlled work permits, visas and controlled immigration would be allowed…by controlled it would mean the newbies would have time to assimilate to the host nations culture, laws, language and even relgion.
    At the exact same time, in the third world nations, the birth rate would far exceed the death rate. This would lead to huge shortages of the basics needed for people to survive, increases in unemployment, leading to chaos and perhaps revolution. Also, we would see programs of genocide and ethnic cleansing on the increase …all of these factors would send millions of refugees fleeing …
    … where?
    …to the affluent western nations who would take them, en masse.
    These refugees would be relocated into small areas but in large groups. Those groups would never assimilate into their hosts system of laws, culture or language. They would keep their own culture, laws, customs and languages.
    …soon, these groups would get jobs and educations which would lead to many getting into politics…after another short period of time, we’d see that these one time refugees would rise up the political system ladder and eventually would be able to pass legislation that favored their little islands of culture scattered throughout the host nation…
    …after even more time their population would have grown even faster than that of the indigent folks of the host nation. They would gain more power, more money and more votes.
    The native-born folks of the host nation would become the minority ( NOT the ruling minority)…suddenly, the now large and powerful refugee groups will have taken over the host nation without firing a shot, and would have converted it to a mirror image of what their home nation was, or something very similar to it…
    Not only is this theory logical and thus possible but it is actually happening as I write…our nations birth rate is lower than the death rate and, thanks to the democrats and including present large numbers of illegal immigrants living here and adding in the recent past slugs of refugees they’ve allowed , we see that the takeover I’ve written about has not only begun but is ramping up quickly.
    …look at England if you dont believe this to be possible…roaming gangs of Islamists ranging around London and assaulting women…large groups of Islamic protestors openly carrying signs vowing to overthrow the present government of England and replace it with a Sharia Law based society ..Not possible..? Then you have not STUDIED six thousand years of recorded human history…

    Know what is ironic? many people on the left craving the votes of these refugees and illegals are too freaking blind to realize that the nation they claim to love may soon no longer exist in any way shape or form…all because of them and their thirst for power and wealth… all done without firing one single bullet…!!!
    B.A.V.A (be afraid, very afraid)
    It is what happens when the inmates control the asylum
    “Lock the doors and beat the drums for something wicked this way comes.”

    Reply to this comment
  14. dave
    dave March 14, 08:32

    the best gift to republicans are these types of democrats.

    Reply to this comment
  15. Me
    Me March 17, 15:19

    So let’s trade barbs on her antisemitism. Is this what we can expect from Muslims in this country?

    Reply to this comment
  16. retrained
    retrained March 18, 15:57

    I just couldn’t depart үour site befоre suցgesting that I extremely
    loved the standard information a peгson supply for your guеsts?
    Is gonna be again ceɑselessly to check ᥙp on new posts

    Reply to this comment

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