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Border Crossing Children Never Had It So Good

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Border Crossing Children Never Had It So Good

Border Crossing Children Never Had It So Good
March 12
10:30 2019

One of the more preposterous political narratives is the Democrats’ contention that tens of thousands of immigrant children are suffering because of ill-treatment by our immigration policies generally and by the actions of our border agents specifically. Not only does the left describe the processing of these youngsters as Nazi-like – with confinement to “cages” and comparing the facilities to “dog kennels” but they claim that the trauma imposed on them during the immigration process will leave them with psychological and emotional scars and as dysfunctional human beings for the rest of their lives.
It is all shameless drivel. So, let’s look at reality and the facts.
First and foremost, we must recognize that in dealing with tens of thousands of youngsters every year, it has to be an institutional process. This means the facilities must efficiently handle large numbers of young people at one time. They must be confined in some manner. Do the Democrats think we can just let them run around willy-nilly or just release them into the general population? Actually, a lot of Democrats do seem to think that.
We have to keep in mind that these are not all little babies clinging to their sorrowful looking mothers. A large proportion of the “children” are teenagers who have crossed the border unaccompanied and even some as young as eight and ten years old. Some were literally dropped over the border by family members or paid carriers. Many of these kids are here without their parents.
Some of the older children are teenage criminals – involved in drug trafficking and other crimes. The Democrats are mentioning that because most illegal immigrants are not serious criminals, we should not vet anyone. Sorry folks, but tens of thousands of illegal border crossers ARE criminals, and we need to vet them and catch them.
The reason many of the small children who are separated from their parents is because the parents are taken into custody as criminals. Of course, those children will be separated from their parents just as American citizens who are criminals are separated from their children. What would Democrats propose – sending small children to jail with their mothers or simply never arresting criminals who are parents? As ridiculous as those options may seem, it does appear that Democrats yield to one of them for lack of other explanations for their mendacious criticism of the handling of underage migrants.
The left-wing propaganda press constantly shows images of children in a temporary fenced-in area. It is NOT a cage – nor is it a dog kennel. That colorful language is intentionally provocative and misleading. Those are TEMPORARY holding facilities from which the young people are initially processed – vetted – and moved on to other facilities, domestic child care institutions or private foster homes.
Contrary to the slanderous contentions of the left, these children are treated with loving care by law enforcement agents, medical personnel, religious and social welfare volunteers. They are re-assigned to facilities that are clean, comfortable and equipped with toys, games, and computers.
Can the process be stressful for younger children especially? Of course. But it is far more likely that being taking under the supervision of our immigration folks is a RELIEF from the greater stress of the long, arduous and dangerous journey they had endured for weeks and months – or from the horrific conditions they endured in their homeland. Isn’t that the reason more are fleeing Central America?
If there is long-term psychological damage in some cases – as a few pop psychologists claim in television interviews – it is more likely the result of the trip than the treatment at the border. It should be noted that all those psychologists and academics diagnosing these kids have never actually treated any of them. Their opinions in the press are more political than professional. In a couple of cases, children have died while in the hands of the US border authorities. While this is very sad, it is not remarkable when you consider the tens of thousands of children entering the United States every year – and many with established diseases and conditions prior to the arrival. Some die en route, but the media fails to note those cases for obvious reasons.
The Democrats’ implications that these young people are suffering unnecessarily because of the heartless indifference and cruelty of thousands of our federal employees – or that we are running anything comparable to Nazi concentration camps – is an outrageous, dishonest and utterly despicable political trope. For the most part, American personnel are doing the very best they can, given the magnitude of the problem – which is something Democrats and the left are unwilling to fix or even address.
It is fair to say that compared to the conditions in their homelands and the miseries of the trek through Mexico, the tens of thousands of children and young men and women who arrive at our border each year and are being cared for by the United States government have not had it so good in a long time.
So, there ‘tis.

About Author

Larry Horist

Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and politics. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, as well as the White House. He has testified as an expert witness before legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress, and lectured at major colleges and universities. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.

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  1. Doug C.
    Doug C. March 12, 18:46

    There’s an easy way to establish the insincerity of the Goebbelsian left with regard to their self-portrayal of gushing empathy for illegals.
    As them for links to any unfavorable remarks they ever made about the Castro brothers, Hugo Chavez or Maduro, who has become a full-blown dictator and mass murderer.
    None of them will be able to.
    I just ran across stats that illustrate how bad matters are in Venezuela under Maduro. A murder rate almost 20 times higher than the United States’ rate. And if you removed murders in the violent inner cities created and governed by the left (consider the thousands upon thousands of murdered children in Chicago alone) from the stats, Venezuela’s murder rate would be 100 times higher than America’s.
    Nothing damaging is done to emigrant children in the U.S. that isn’t 100 times worse in Mexico and Venezuelan.
    This is reminiscent of IslamoFascist women complaining that Judaism and Christianity are oppressive as their sisters and children are treated as chattel, mutilated, raped, slain and enslaved by the perpetrators of sharia.

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  2. Wendy
    Wendy March 12, 22:02

    We are clothing, feeding, and taking
    care of these children with our taxes, while the left constantly
    complains how bad they are being
    treated. What do they want, move
    all countries immigrants into the US
    and all of us move to those countries and the complainers can stay here and pay for them.

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  3. Mike
    Mike March 18, 18:44

    Hi Larry,
    Thank you for your point of view – in all of your posts. Unfortunately, your comments are no more true than the left. Why? Because your comments are just that – your comments, your opinions. They are meNingless… UNLESS you back them with PROVABLE facts. To be worthy of consideration, you must state where the comments originated and by whom and the date AND a link that can verify the information… would you be willing to reply and agree to my reasonable “demands”? Or will you be like all the others … post controversable opinions to make a buck?

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