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Omar Puts Democrats In Bind On Anti-Semitisms

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  • Omar Puts Democrats In Bind On Anti-Semitisms She did it again!  Newly minted Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has once again shown her deep-seeded contempt for Israel and Jews.  This time she accused fellow Democrats who do not...

Omar Puts Democrats In Bind On Anti-Semitisms

Omar Puts Democrats In Bind On Anti-Semitisms
March 10
10:30 2019

She did it again!  Newly minted Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has once again shown her deep-seeded contempt for Israel and Jews.  This time she accused fellow Democrats who do not agree with her pro-Palestinian positions of being loyal to Israel over America.

This is not the first time Omar has shown her contempt for Jews and the Jewish.  It can be found in her days as a pro-Arab activist.  She recently had to apologize for suggesting that that American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) was buying support for Israel with big money campaign contributions.  Not only did she engage in an old anti-Semitic trope, but she was factually incorrect.  AIPAC does not contribute money to campaigns.

This latest outburst has put the Democratic Party on the spot.  Needless to say, the Jewish vote is verrrrrry important to the Democrats and Omar is starting to give the Democrats an unhealthy tinge of anti-Semitism – along with her other pro-Palestinian colleagues, Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

In attempting to defuse the situation, House Democrats passed a resolution condemning anti-Semitism without naming Omar or specifically repudiating her statements.  Yep!  It is now official.  Democrats do not support anti-Semitism.  With that kind of courage and conviction, we might expect that they will soon pass a resolution condemning racial segregation.  Without tying the sentiment to the specific incident, the resolution is meaningless … even laughable.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stood was in defense of Omar. That is not surprising in view of Ocasio-Cortez’ own anti-Israeli, pro-Palestinian views.  “No one seeks this lever of reprimand [a resolution] when members make statements about Latinx and other communities,” she said  That is not true, of course, and others have suffered more than a resolution that does not even name them.

The dilemma for the Democrats is being played out all over the media.  They simply do not know how to address such politically toxic behavior from one of their own – and a person who, as a woman and a minority, is one of the protected classes in the political correctness world of identity politics.  So, they stammer and stutter as they search for an acceptable answer without coming down on Omar.

Former Hillary Clinton Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri was sputtering on cable news suggesting that the resolution was sufficient, and we should not confuse anti-Semitism with legitimate policy differences – which is exactly what Palmieri was hoping we would do.  Omar’s past and present statements were not … repeat not … policy differences.  They were anti-Semitic.

As if trying to fudge the issue is not bad enough, the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart went a step further.  In a classic change of subject, he lied.  He attempted to exonerate the lack of meaningful Democrat response by saying that Republicans are attacking Omar but never … yes, he said “never” – address the issue of racism on their own side.

I say Capehart lied because as a savvy political columnist, I find it impossible that he was not aware that Republicans recently bounced Congressman Steve King off all committees for making controversial racial remarks.

Which raises the issue of Omar’s committee assignment.  For reasons that Speaker Nancy Pelosi has yet to explain, Omar sits on the Foreign Affairs Committee.  In view of her long history of opposition to America’s number one ally in the Middle East, that does not seem to be the best assignment for Omar.  And now, there is a very legitimate question as to whether Omar should remain on that Committee.

Reassigning her would probably be the proper thing to do but that is not likely to happen.  Capehart attempted to point out a double standard – and he did.  But it was not the double standard he proposed.  Omar has exposed the Democrat’s hypocrisy in piling on King and now trying to just dismiss the Omar offense with a weakly related resolution.

She should be booted from the Foreign Affairs Committee – perhaps even sanctioned by the House.  Since it does not appear that there will be any appropriate reaction, we can only wait and see what Democrats do when Omar again blurts out an anti-Semitic statement.  Nothing in life is certain, but you would not be foolish to bet there will be another in her future.

So, there ‘tis

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Larry Horist

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  1. Biggold
    Biggold March 11, 18:35

    Noooo! No Bind Here! She is the New Face and Superstar of the New DemocRAT Party!

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  2. Doug C.
    Doug C. March 11, 19:51

    Omar is giving the Donks a tinge of anti-Semitism?
    Don’t think so. Donks have envied and hated Jews since that party was created. The KKKlan hated ’em. The Donk power structure excluded ’em. FDR sent shiploads of would be Jewish refugees back to Germany to face the death camps. FDR also instructed generals to take no actions intended to disrupt the corralling and extermination of Jews, like bombing rail yards used to funnel prisoners to their execution.
    There’s been more than a little anti-Semitism on this very site, always attributed to “Admin.” I concluded it’s the fuhrer fanboy whose posts appear under the moniker TAi.

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  3. Julz
    Julz March 12, 01:37

    Great article !

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