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Despite Cohen Hearings and Stalled Summit, Trump Sees Massive Support at Rallies

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Despite Cohen Hearings and Stalled Summit, Trump Sees Massive Support at Rallies

Despite Cohen Hearings and Stalled Summit, Trump Sees Massive Support at Rallies
March 01
17:50 2019

Despite what the MSM is calling a “bad week” for President Trump and the risk that the drumbeat of negative coverage could turn off supporters in 2020 – new presidential rally data, shared with Fox News, shows that the Trump campaign has no cause for alarm.

According to the data shared with Fox, President Trump’s re-election team sees signs that the campaign might be able to grow the coalition that stunned the political establishment and sent him to the White House two years ago.

“President Trump’s clear record of accomplishment for the American people should appeal to all voters, including those who did not vote in 2016,” said Kayleigh McEnany, newly named press secretary for the Trump campaign. “Thanks to President Trump, Americans are now benefiting from new jobs, bigger paychecks, leadership on the world stage, and the confirmation of Constitution-abiding judges.”

Analysis All Good From the Most Recent Trump Rally

The good news was based on the Republic National Committee’s analysis of data from the most recent Trump Rally held in El Paso, Texas.

The RNC’s analysis showed nearly a quarter of those who attended did not vote in any of the past four elections, including 2016. The numbers also showed that another 25 percent of those who participated in the rally only voted in one out of the past four elections.

Of those who RSVP’d to the rally, 70 percent were Hispanic, and nearly 50 percent were female. Additionally, 60 percent were between 26 and 55 years old, according to the RNC. Party officials see them as new voters available to them in 2020, especially since they were interested enough in Trump to attend a rally.

“Enthusiasm for President Trump’s successful agenda is reflected in the tens of thousands of new and non-traditional voters who attend his rallies and donate to us,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel in a statement. “Once these voters show up, the RNC works hand-in-glove with the campaign to keep them involved and ensure they show up for President Trump on election day as well.”

Lessons Learned By the Trump Campaign

According to Fox, this kind of analysis is a “lesson learned” by the RNC, who is continuing a practice from 2018 to follow up with those who RSVP to rallies with a text, which is usually sent the next day. The text typically includes a link either to voter registration information or a particular policy issue on the GOP’s website.

Republican strategists in key states agree that they’re seeing the potential for new Trump voters, including in places like Pennsylvania and Florida.

“In Pennsylvania, there are a significant number of voters who didn’t turn up in 2016 that will show up at the next presidential election [and] will show up in favor of President Trump,” said Charlie Gerow, a longtime Republican strategist in Pennsylvania. Gerow noted that some voters might have been unsure of Trump in 2016, but appreciate the administration’s emphasis on opioids, energy and manufacturing jobs and could be persuaded.

In Florida, strategists say that Trump’s strong language against socialism and tough stance against disputed Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro will do him favors in a state with a high immigrant population from socialist countries.

“Some of the things that are starting to define 2020 campaign — and were in the State of the Union speech — were things like the showdown over socialism,” said Adam Goodman, a Florida Republican strategist. “That gives the president an opening and opportunity.”

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