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Democrats Talking Reparations… Again

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Democrats Talking Reparations… Again

Democrats Talking Reparations… Again
February 25
19:30 2019

According to the theory, black Americans should receive reparations from Uncle Sam for the slavery that ended more than 150 years ago.  This is a nonsense idea that is typical of the Democrats.  It is not about slavery or making those responsible pay the price.  It is nothing more than the Democrats standard approach of using taxpayer money to redistribute to people as a means of securing or maintaining their vote.

I cannot blame the millions of poor blacks who would like to have the money.  If they offered me money for all those Polish jokes I heard in my youth, I would take it. That is human nature and has a particular appeal for those with the least resources – in other words, those segregated and impoverished blacks living under long-term Democrat governance.

The idea of reparations was part of the national political conversation back in the 1990s.  President Clinton offered an unofficial national apology to black Americans for the suffering under slavery and Jim Crow. Considering who was almost exclusively responsible for slavery and Jim Crow, I thought – at the time – that if an apology or reparations made any sense at all, Clinton should have apologized for the Democratic Party.  Let the Democratic National Committee cough up the money.

Of course, no one who suffered under slavery is living today – and no living American who participated or benefited directly from slavery is living.  While many southerners who lived under Jim Crow, separate-but-equal and Ku Klux Klan lynching are still alive today, the empowered political class (Democrats) responsible for all that sufferings are pretty much gone from the scene.

It is almost unheard of in American jurisprudence to penalize someone who had nothing to do with evil deeds and reward someone who was not victimized by them.  Imagine if your great grandfather shot and killed my great grandfather and as a consequence, my ancestors fell into poverty.  That certainly would have been a misfortune for the Horists but would it be appropriate for your family today to be fined to monetarily compensate my family today? Of course not.

Even sillier, a whole bunch of folks who would be getting reparations — and a whole bunch who would be paying – do not have ancestors who were even here during the days of slavery.  My ancestors were in Poland (the Sikorski maternal side) and Austria (dad’s family).  Check the immigration figures since 1865 and you discover that the vast majority of contemporary Americans do not have ancestors going back to the era of slavery.

Then there is the issue of determining who would get such reparation.  Would money go only those who can prove that their ancestors were slaves?  And remember, there were a lot of free blacks in both the north and the south (yes, even in the south) during those times.  Or would it go to black people who just identify as African-American?

Hmmmm.  I wonder if that would include Rachel Dolezal, the white lady who self-identified as black while heading up the Tacoma, Washington NAACP?  What about Barack Obama, who is only half Negro, at best?  Or Kamala Harris who is referred to politically as African-American but is predominately Indian (not of the Elizabeth Warren variety)?  For that matter, does my one percent, Nigerian count?  (And yes, that is true.)  And would my black daughter – who is a second generation American (from Jamaica) – be eligible?

Make no mistake.  I am not mocking the horrors of slavery – nor the oppression of blacks trapped in the ghettoes of our major cities — but I am mocking the ridiculous idea of reparations.  The entire concept is a mockery onto itself.  It makes no sense and does not comport with our system of justice.  It is nothing more than a crude exercise in pandering for political benefit.  It is a cruel proposal because it promises financial benefits that will never happen – and the proponents know that.

So, there ‘tis

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Larry Horist

Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and politics. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, as well as the White House. He has testified as an expert witness before legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress, and lectured at major colleges and universities. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.

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  1. MattGZat
    MattGZat February 26, 20:23

    “It is nothing more than the Democrats standard approach of using taxpayer money to redistribute to people as a means of securing or maintaining their vote.” That’s the clearest, direct and honest truth about reparation(s)!

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    • Donald Mccormick
      Donald Mccormick February 27, 13:56

      THESE Black people were NOT slaves of white people, maybe their Great-great-Great-grand-parents might have been slaves of those big farms and had to work day and night for a slave-driver and IF they were still alive they might have a case for reparations BUT the now day Blacks have never been a slave to a farm or other business where they HAD to work day and night and got NO PAY for that work.
      Those Blacks could either work or not earn anything to buy food and a place to sleep because they refuse to work for a paycheck.
      They have a choice to either work or to live off the grid or by getting food stamps and they are ANGRY because they do NOT seem to want to work for living and ARE just trying to live off the government money, which is in a word reparations but it does NOT let them live like kings.

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  2. TA1
    TA1 February 26, 20:30

    making of reparations for ANY wrong done, can be dicey. that is why most of the legally-binding reparations are ordered by the same courts that tried the cases.

    In case of the slavery practice in the nascent USA, it has been going on since approximately 1619, or about twice as long as the United States have existed as a country. Therefore I must also insist that the DNC is not the appropriate body to insist be held accountable for all of the wrongs done.

    While it is true that there was a “Democrat” party during the time of the ante-bellum political machinations regarding the legality of slavery in general, that party essentially no longer exists, or does in name only.

    Anyone with a decent education on recent US History will know that in 1964 the Johnson Administration (with support of both parties in congress) passed the Civil Rights Act (with political inertia and goodwill from the Kennedy Assassination events still prominent in the minds of Washington).

    The upshot of which was that the “blue dog” segment of the DNC (composed mostly of stick-in-the-mud racists and segregationists from the old-South) did exactly as they had threatened: they bolted from the DNC.
    A guy named Richard Nixon was angling for more power within the GOP, was planning another run at the White House, and co-opted the “blue-dogs” into a wing of the GOP, hoping for enough of an electoral plurality to carry the 1968 election, for which Johnson refused to run (hence leaving the GOP with a clear chance to not have to run against an incumbent).
    The rest is history too, but obviously it is intellectually dishonest to go on about the “Democratic Party” as though it has never re-formed since reconstruction.

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  3. Jerry
    Jerry February 26, 21:25

    It seems that the only reparations you mention concerns money. Why?

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  4. Drew
    Drew February 26, 23:30

    The very best way of receiving
    ” reparation ” for supposed wrongdoings by others is for you, the alleged recipient to work your butt off with honest diligence & divide all weekly earnings as follows.

    1/4rd for weekly living expenses. 1/4 for quarterly expenses ( e.g. electricity, water, Council/Government rates, car maintenance, etc ). 1/4 purely for long-term multi-stream investing. The final 1/4 for self-funded retirement.
    Please note: the above 4 way split is meant to be done over an individual’s perceived 30 + yr working lifetime.

    Again Larry H has brilliantly exposed the Democratic sham for what it truly is. A pure vote buying exercise to ensure they continually hold power in the State legislatures, the Congress, the Senate & the Executive Branch. Holding that amount of power is nothing more than an obscene dictatorship, only ensuring outrageous long-term deprivations of the people.

    I concur 100% & then some, with what President Trump declared in his recent SOTU Address & I quote ” The United States of America will never become a Socialist Country “. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, behind the President throughout the SOTU Address, displayed such jackass behaviour exposing her for what she truly is. A 79 yr old bumbling fool who hasn’t been worthy of holding any political office for many a past year.

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