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Is New York the problem with the press?

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Is New York the problem with the press?

Is New York the problem with the press?
February 22
19:51 2019

When running for President, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz got slapped down for making a negative reference to what he termed “New York City values” – which he described as very liberal and all about money and media. A quick rebut was offered up by New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio. As one of the most left-wing politicians in America, de Blasio seemed to confirm Cruz suggestion even as he attempted to refute it.

Without getting ugly about it, I think it is fair to say that the political culture of the Big Apple IS much further to the left than most of America. It is on the port side edge of the political spectrum. That statement should not be controversial. And, there is nothing wrong with that, per se. Every community has a slightly different culture. Some places in America are very conservative – other places not so much.

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However, the fact that that tightly knit political community in Manhattan has controlled the dominant news media in America for decades is noteworthy. We do not have a national news industry, but rather a local media that operates on a national level – much like the timid Wizard of Oz bellowed loudly on the big screen. In other words, New York City’s social, culture and partisan political philosophy has been the underpinning of our national news.

When we say that the elitist news media operates within a bubble, that bubble is defined by the Hudson River on the west and the East River on the east. Between those bodies of water, we find that the vast majority of the opinion makers of the Fourth Estate. When I talk about the Big Seven liberal media (ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times and the Washington Post) only the latter is headquartered outside of New York. But there is another layer of New York-based media – and you see them regularly as panelists on the Big Seven networks. This includes Time Magazine, The Atlantic, Bloomberg media and many more news outfits with a national reach.

This means that virtually all these news services are New Yorkers – and this includes the all-important decision-makers and editorialists. Not only are these outfits staffed by residents of New York, but they are among the most partisan and liberal residents. Polls have shown that the employee make-up of the news industry is approximately 80 percent liberal Democrats. These are the people behind the cameras in the editorial rooms who pick and choose the stories to be provided to the public AND how they will be crafted (spun).

If you look at the make-up of the employee base, it is structurally impossible for them to be fair and balanced. They do not have access to the proverbial “other side” – and they are not interested in developing a pipeline to alternative viewpoints. This is the primary reason why it is often said that the news media is out of touch with middle America. They are cut off by their clique-ish arrogance. Their cultural bubble is a one-way mirror in which we can see in, but they can only see the reflection of themselves.

They are so inbred that they cannot even see their own biases. During the entire broadcast day on MSNBC you can find panelists on every show – from “Morning Joe” to “The Eleventh Hour” with Brian Williams — who express the same views and narratives as the hosts and the network. “Morning Joe” often offers up more than a dozen panelists, contributors and guests without a single representative with a true counterpoint. It is why I refer to them as the “panels of parroting pundits.” Some claim Republican credentials or conservative values – including Joe Scarborough. But these are mostly false-flaggers who spew the same left-wing narratives – including characters such as Max Boot, Rick Wilson, Elise Jordan and Steve Schmidt, to name just a few.

And consider how many of these so-called experts are from the New York bubble. You will rarely see a panel without the presence of at least one person from the New York Times – and sometimes two or three – and people from The Atlantic are regulars. Many of the so-called contributors are, in fact, off campus, but they are being put through the same communication operations, with the same opinions, as the New York managers, editors and producers. The industry is as incestuous as it is corrupted by its own bias.

Because so much of the political news involves courts and law, there are several former federal prosecutors who appear regularly on the networks and in the print news columns. An inordinate number are from the Southern District of New York.

Hell, even the weather is New York-centric. Unless there are major weather situations in other parts of the country, America basically gets the New York City local weather forecast. Living in south Florida, I have noticed that my part of the country often is cut off the screen showing the weather map.

It might be said – and I guess I am saying it – that America has a news oligopoly that is centered in, and reflective of, the values of New York City. And that may explain a lot.

So, there ’tis.

About Author

Larry Horist

Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and politics. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, as well as the White House. He has testified as an expert witness before legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress, and lectured at major colleges and universities. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.

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  1. DonOldGuy
    DonOldGuy February 23, 19:56

    Lest we forget Trump is one of those “abrasive” New Yorkers, who loves America, but is grossly misunderstood by much of America. Spencer’s Steak House in Kalispell, Montana, triggers the far left, just like MAGA hats.

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  2. Jerry
    Jerry February 23, 20:23

    Take the argument made and go one step larger and the case for globalism is made. New York is in the author’s words having to much influence on the national scene using that idea the USA nationism has too much of the same on the world.

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  3. stewartinoz
    stewartinoz February 24, 02:58

    Where is Sen McCarthy now that we need him just to balance the scales somewhat.

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  4. TA1
    TA1 February 24, 19:24

    There is so much wrong with this logic that I am slightly hamstrung about where to start.

    First, the “liberal media” has always been relatively liberal since their function was to tell “the truth” and speak it to power. It is for that reason that the Bill of Rights specifically mentions the fourth estate as a legitimate vehicle for free expression. While I grant that “money” does influence the press and other forms of media, it hardly has only done so in liberal directions. William Randolph Hearst, the biggest media magnate that the USA ever produced (in terms of domination of the organs thereof) was no liberal and neither is Rupert Murdoch.

    Need I mention that Murdoch wasn’t even born in the USA, rather he came here as one of those infernal immigrants, largely because he felt he could make more money. Obviously he did, but just like Hearst he cares little for journalistic integrity nor principles other than money. Those guys and the President have quite a lot in common.

    While NYC is arguably the base of “liberal media”, LA/”Hollywood” has been close on its coat-tails and in some aspects of media is far ahead. What those two regions (the are not just “cities”) have in common is that they are very densely populated (first and second in the United States).

    I lived in one of them for over thirty years so I feel somewhat qualified to point out that the REASON they lean liberal is that people have to learn to get along with others who are unlike themselves. While Ted Cruz might imply some abject Texan arrogance, apparently he has not spent much time in Houston (where races are still fairly segregated) or the rest of Texas where people shun you if you even LOOK different (with the notable exceptions of “Left” Texas which would probably vote Cruz out of office if they could).

    I have noticed that when plaintive cries of mistreatment by the “left” are cast about on this blog, oddly the offenses of the “right”-leaning media are never mentioned.
    So I will bring up a few: unabashed support for the President’s cocka-mamey ideas, apologism for his equally drug-induced acts (which he tweets about without apparently notifying his own staff about them first), constant pandering to both the religious right and the militant racists of the secular right, routine conflation of “opinion” with “news” and constant bloviation by essentially unqualified talking-heads about moral-correctness and cultural legitimacy as though THEIR version of those was some kind of reliable gold standard.

    Oddly even though Tucker Carlson and his friend seem to regard “being boring” as the most deadly of all sins, it would seem to me that a right-leaning audience member would eventually detect the essential repetition of the “message” and find something else to do. For example maybe beat himself senseless with a ball-peen hammer.

    WRT “Trump…abrasive…misunderstood…” you got the first two right but the last one wrong. He is quite abrasive and anyone more so, would have to consciously practice the art. I presume it comes naturally to him, since he appears to show that side to everyone, from his youngest son to chinese diplomats and total strangers. He is a huge asshole who appears to be totally unaware that he is one.
    Frankly the MAGA hats do not trigger me. The ideas behind them, which selectively “choose” essentially imaginary historical periods in US self-narrative (in which we are always the good guys and never make any serious mistakes in judgment nor action), do annoy me but I am willing to give the wearer one minute to make his case. Typically that is all the time necessary for them to say something that is patently untrue or grossly inaccurate about his own country. Just like the President does regularly.

    Last I was aware Joe McCarthy is dead, and was censured for abject behavior long before he died in disgrace. He deserved the disgrace that he got, as he insisted upon simply circulating rumors about media figures for the purpose of destroying their careers. It seems only fitting that media figures would have done likewise back to him. As you sow, so shall you reap.

    And basic “decency” aside, it is not illegal to join a political party in the United States. It is not now nor ever has been illegal to be a member of the US Communist party, notwithstanding McCarthy and Nixon’s attempts to make it appear so.
    I needn’t mention the disgrace that befell Nixon either. He was eventually exposed for being the power-seeker that he was.

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