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CNN hires a conservative … and the left goes ballistic

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CNN hires a conservative … and the left goes ballistic

CNN hires a conservative … and the left goes ballistic
February 22
20:18 2019

CNN hired Sarah Isgur Flores (often referred to only as “Isgur”)to be a – not “the” – political editor in the Washington Bureau. In the world of fair and balanced journalism, this could be considered a wise and reasonable move in view of the networks overwhelmingly liberal Democrat employee base.

But, if you ever succumbed to the notion that the left-leaning media has any interest in fairness and balance, the response to Isgur Flores hiring will dissuade you of that belief. In fact, it confirms that the biased press is not interested in opinions that do not comport to the existing one-sided propaganda-as-journalism narratives that currently dominate the east coast newsrooms.

Of course, this assumes that Isgur Flores is legitimately of a more conservative viewpoint and will bring an important perspective to CNN reporting. Based on history, we have seen the use of false-flag Republicans and conservatism who point to their past conservative or Republican resumes but adhere to the left-wing story line. Such people as former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, former Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, former McCain advisor Steve Schmidt, Bush White House staffer Elise Jordan and writer Max Boot have all avoided political obscurity by selling out their past conservative principles for the media spotlight on MSNBC and CNN. Time will tell if Isgur Flores is just another one of them. The reaction to her hiring offers some hope that she may not be.

Vivian Kane, writing for “The Mary Sue” blog, departed from the usual coverage of arts, entertainment and culture to zero in on Isgur Flores in a commentary entitled, “What the Actual Hell is CNN doing?” Isgur Flores’ crimes against humanity – as the left seems to view her – are not only that she is, or has been, a Republican and a conservative, but that she just left the position as communications officer for – as Kane describes him – the “forever racist Keebler elf” former Attorney General Jeff Sessions. (And there are people on the left who would consider Kane an intelligent writer. Go figure.)

Kane claims that CNN’s hiring of Isgur Flores is “beyond bizarre” and suggests that the network may be “capitulating to the call for both-sideism” – a word more recently coined to describe the quality of thinking the worst of the other side. Of course, that makes no sense whatsoever since NOT hiring Isgur Flores could have CNN stuck on only thinking the worst of the Trump or conservative side of issues – may be something we can call “one-sideisms.”

Maxwell Tani, of The Daily Beast, reported that the overwhelmingly left-wing staffers of CNN are “demoralized” by the hiring of Isgur Flores. One must wonder how the poor little puppies at CNN will be able to even show up in the newsroom in the future.

CNN’s own media commentator, Brian Stelter, confirmed that some of the staff were “upset” upon hearing the news. Stelter did, however, defend the hiring by his bosses by pointing out that news rooms often hiring political operatives — which, in turn, got him excoriated by the social media lefties.

Politico expressed concern that she is not a journalist but has always “been on the other side of the fence.” Strangely … or maybe not so strange … politico has not made similar objections as CNN and other news outlets hired other media spokespersons and communication staffers – but most of them served Democrat office holders.

Jay Willis, of GQ Magazine, penned a piece entitled, “CNN Can’t Stop Pandering to the People Who Despise It Most.” He writes:

“As the old saying goes: If you can’t get them to stop launching vicious attacks as part of a cynical, coordinated effort to discredit your journalistic bona fides, hire those people to help determine the future of your journalistic enterprise instead.”

Don’t you just love the use of “old sayings?” Yeah, I know. He was jesting.

Perhaps the best laugh line of the day came from former Obama spokesperson and current podcaster Tommy Vietor , who said … get ready for a great knee-slapper – the hiring if Isgur Flores “gave every Democrat in the country a reason to doubt CNN’s objectivity.” So typical of the left. Vietor’s definition of objectivity is to … not be objective. CNN’s port-side bias is evident and has been empirically documented more than once. But that is not enough propaganda for the authoritarian left.

After the New York Times hired Sarah Jeong as an addition to their editorial staff — in the face of her man-hating tweets that should have had her Twitter account pulled – the left has no credibility in complaining about the hiring of Isgur Flores. But this is what you get with left-wing tribal warfare.

Now we have to wait and see. Will the CNN in-house left make it impossible for her to do her job? Will they shun her? Will there be enough left-wing angst to get her fired? Will she bend to the CNN culture?

So, there ‘tis.

About Author

Larry Horist

Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and politics. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, as well as the White House. He has testified as an expert witness before legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress, and lectured at major colleges and universities. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.

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  1. Toddy
    Toddy February 24, 19:53

    My guess is she will bend to the CNN
    culture! It’s awfully lonely being the odd man out…..

    Reply to this comment
  2. TA1
    TA1 February 24, 19:58

    You what is very funny? Criticizing media people for not being conservative enough. CNN, just like any for-profit business, is attempting to create a “slot” for themselves within a rather polarized political landscape. “Identifying the Middle” would be a basically intelligent approach to keeping enough of a viewing-public demographic segment, to make your media efforts pay off.

    How droll, that “republicans” have allegedly abandoned their principles in the interests of a high-paying job. Nowhere ELSE in republican-ville does anyone ever do that.

    Reply to this comment
    • TA1
      TA1 February 24, 20:00

      “you KNOW what is funny…” is how the line should have read. seriously this blog needs an “edit” feature.

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    • thinkr2
      thinkr2 March 07, 20:05

      About 80% of the media reportedly self-identity as registered Democrats and progressives.

      Are you really saying that CNN and the rest of the alphabet media are really “Identifying the Middle” and being objective? They themselves seldom even pretend to be objective.

      You know, pretty much everyone knows what a RINO is and there is good reason for the pejorative. Apparently there are almost no DINOs. It seems only ‘progressives’ engage in this particular deceit.

      Reply to this comment
  3. Highsider
    Highsider February 24, 20:57

    A bit too late at this point,to try to appear as a a real ” news outlet” by hiring a token conservative. Wow, talk about a hostile work environment!

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