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Left-wing media suffers from caravan blindness

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Left-wing media suffers from caravan blindness

Left-wing media suffers from caravan blindness
February 14
19:20 2019

If you wonder what is going on down on our southern border, you will not find out watching the east coast elitist media that parades as national news.

It would appear that if you are employed as a journalist within the New York City media bubble, you have limited vision and a very limited scope of news curiosity. It is a sort of political tunnel vision rendering the confined journalists unable to see past Washington, D.C. or consider anything newsworthy that is not Trump related.

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This is largely because their primary objective is to advance preconceived political narratives as the propaganda arm of the #NeverTrump Resistance Movement.

Like the Wizard of Oz, the Big Apple media cabal looms very large on the big – or even small – screen, but it is composed of a very small clique of local media folks who presume to inform and speak for all of America. Have you ever noticed that all those hours upon hours of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MNBC reporting, features scores of guest panelists and so-called contributors who are merely a bunch of fungible representatives of the New York Times – with an occasional addition of other New York-based publications such as The Atlantic or Time Magazine? In other words, the entire news day is driven by the unique New York left-wing culture. It is nothing less than local perspectives passed off as national news. It is no wonder that they are so out of touch with the rest of America.

The only exception to the exclusive reliance on New York-based media people is the journalistic umbilical cord that attaches them to the nation’s capital – and then it is the equally left-wing Washington Post that shows up on every panel throughout the day.

In the tradition of classic propaganda, the New York media accentuates all things negative about President Trump, Republicans and conservatives and, more importantly, censors all things that do not comport with the Resistance Movement’s narratives against them. They operate with a strategy that if they do not report it, it is not news. As is the case with all propagandists, the purpose is to convince, not educate. As MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski candidly admitted, it is THEIR job to tell us what to think.

There is no better example of this myopic pretense of journalism than the reporting – or lack of reporting — on the events at the border, or what might be called “caravan blindness.” If it were not for FOX News, OAN and Newsy, the American people would have no opportunity to know about the caravans and migrants at our border – and if you only get your “news” from the east coast cabal, you do not know about it.

News ignorance on the part of MSNBC followers is not a theory, but a reality. I recently had a conversation with a liberal New York friend – and avid MSNBC viewer. She pushed back against Trump’s border funding request by saying that there have been no caravans arriving at our border. Yep! She was totally unaware of the tens of thousands of migrants at the border and those making their way to the border. She is an intelligent woman who has been victimized by propaganda.

Despite decades of public debate, millions of foreigners – up to a staggering 24 million, by some estimates – are currently living in the United States illegally. They include those who have overstayed visas, those who entered illegally and those who claimed asylum at the border only to never show up for their vetting in our immigration courts – the old “catch and release” problem.

Democrats declare that all asylum-seekers enter legally no matter how they cross the border, but the Democrats do not admit that most of them never show up in court and therefore become illegal aliens. Despite their illegal status, Democrats then protect them with sanctuary laws and practices – and aid and abet them with jobs, welfare, free education, drivers licenses and even the right to vote – or vote illegally.

Trump says it is a crisis. The professionals in border security say it is a crisis – including the head of border security under the Obama administration. More migrants cross our border than we can vet and care for – much less stop – with our current resources. People die – including children – in the process. Criminals and drug cartellians with the toxic products slip in among the migrants. Innocent American citizens have died – and will continue to die – at the hands of those who should not even be in this country. The number of foreigners residing in America illegally is growing every day despite all the rhetoric coming out of Washington.
If that is not a crisis, what is?

Democrats, and the political left that now control the Party’s agenda, are not only insincere in their claim of being in favor of border security, they are actively promoting illegal immigration and illegal residency. Know them not by what they say, but what they do.

Democrats say the migrants at our border are not even a problem – and their sycophantic cronies in the New York media carry that false message to the nation by NOT reporting the facts and the events at the border.

There are currently tens of thousands of people attempting to enter the United States at this very moment. By the end of 2019, the annual increase in the number of those in America will exceed 700,000. According to a recent Gallup Poll, there are potentially more than 40 million people from South and Central America wanting to come to America – one way or another. Up to 80 percent of those who say they are seeking asylum are not … repeat, NOT … eligible for asylum. That is why they do not show up on their court dates.

In the interest of political solidarity, the dominant and highly partisan New York press is manipulating the news so that we the people will not know the facts. That is journalistic malpractice.

So, there ‘tis.

P.S. Perhaps you should share this commentary with someone who only gets news from MSNBC and the New York Times.

About Author

Larry Horist

Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and politics. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, as well as the White House. He has testified as an expert witness before legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress, and lectured at major colleges and universities. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.

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  1. Earl P Budke Jr
    Earl P Budke Jr February 15, 19:45

    How many caravans are on the move to the Us and how many are at the border presently. No one is giving precise data!!!!!

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  2. Dr. Mike Reeder
    Dr. Mike Reeder February 15, 19:57

    What an excellent article, Larry! The left really aren’t bad people, they’re just misinformed, possibly to death. Certainly that border crisis has already cost many their lives. But hey, they aren’t in New York!

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  3. Texas
    Texas February 15, 20:39

    I live in Texas and have several of my clients live in border towns such as Laredo, Eagle Pass and Del Rio. They are NOT experiencing a flood of illegal immigrants although they did 20-30 years ago. Their towns are safe. Our entire state is experiencing a lack of the laborers we depended upon. President Trump is practicing scaremongering and preying upon the fears of those white people who fear becoming the minority. The vast majority of illegal immigrants come in legally and simply overstay their visas – I’ve met many Canadians who have done so. The vast majority of drugs come in through legal ports of entry or are flown in or come by boat on the coast. I think you’re the one who’s not paying attention.

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    • Highsider
      Highsider February 27, 21:11

      So your plan is illegal imigration is great as long as it’s not at regular ports of entry where they might get caught and wouldn’t be able to work for you? Duh!

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  4. Facts matter
    Facts matter February 15, 23:05

    Please. Facts are important. Not for the dim wit who writes this column or fox not news. Remember this an opinion which denies researched facts to promote this dim wit’s agenda.

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  5. MickeyD69
    MickeyD69 February 16, 01:13

    When I composed my essay on the “TREASONOUS TRIAD” I focused on the three most destructive legs of the triad: The Democratic Party, The Media, and The Educational Establishment. But I failed to mention the other members of the Crime Cabal: The Department of Justice, The F.B.I., and the rest of the criminals conspiring to destroy the United States of America from within the Federal Bureaucracy.

    The hateful Democrats and their equally hateful accomplices in the other legs of the “TREASONOUS TRIAD” are apoplectic with rage because they can see the loss of their grip on the Judicial System in the United States. The courts have been their “Superlegislature” ensuring their hold on the power to make the laws they need to continue their destruction of the United States of America. They now have to ‘pull out all the stops’ to lie, cheat, steal, kill, and otherwise do whatever they think necessary to keep their power over the Citizens and the institutions of our great Nation.

    Our Nation is under assault by the “TREASONOUS TRIAD”. This is real and it has been actively carrying out treason by attempting to prevent the election of, and continually attempting to overthrow the lawfully elected President of the United States through the actions of the DEEP STATE that is constantly being exposed for the treason it is fomenting. Will it require a Civil War to stop these traitors that have infiltrated multiple departments and agencies of OUR Federal Government? Barack Obama swore to “Fundamentally transform the United States.” He was merely the front man for the “TREASONOUS TRIAD” that composes the Deep State and the unelected bureaucrats who think THEY are smarter that the American Electorate. This is real and we’d better understand that these people hate us and want us dead or crushed.
    My original “TREASONOUS TRIAD”, is composed of the Democrats, the Media, and Academia… from graduate schools to elementary school. With the demonstrable lawbreaking by the FBI, DOJ, and other denizens of the Deep State, our Justice system has added themselves to the treasonous criminals. They’ve gone from legislating from the bench in their tireless efforts to help the Democrat Party and accomplices in the destruction of our politics, traditions, culture, and system of laws; to blatantly breaking the law themselves. Just like a ‘three-legged’ stool is supported by all three legs, the ongoing destruction of America is enabled by all three legs of the “TREASONOUS TRIAD”; with the addition of the corrupt Deep State.
    The Democrats are the first leg, and the strongest. In their quest to destroy America, they have destroyed our educational system through their manipulation of curricula, use of propaganda, destruction of moral values, and unionization of teachers. Barack Obama killed any semblance of common sense through his deadly asinine rulings and regulations he spewed forth at the States; especially his ridiculous stupidities with Title IX “guidance” rulings and his intentional destruction of school discipline under the guise of his Identity Politics. Thankfully, President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, are reversing these destructive regulations.
    The Media has been blatantly collaborating with the Democrats for at least 30 years, probably longer, even back before Watergate. They no longer make ANY effort to be objective; they are the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party and need to be crushed by any legal means possible; especially given their criminal efforts to destroy the legitimate investigations into Hillary Clinton’s crimes and their non-stop lies and distortions in their efforts to destroy our lawfully elected President. The “pipeline” between the corrupt Democrat Party, the Clinton Crime Family, the Obama Regime and the Media bordered on criminal.
    The Academic/Educational mob may be the worst. They have enriched themselves at the people’s expense and destroyed at least two generations of Americans, effectively eliminating all understanding of our traditions and values; rewriting history so that today’s average teenager has NO idea where the value of money comes from; has zero understanding of the Constitution and its importance as the basic law of the land, and has rewritten our history so no White Males had anything to do with our founding and development to become the best Nation in the history of Mankind. Instead, they’re rejecting the Judeo-Christian principles and values we were built on; replacing them with lies and garbage that all the important contributions were made by Homosexuals, Blacks, Native Americans, Feminists, and any other group the ‘Left’ favor at any given moment. They’ve also imposed the sick philosophies of “Deconstruction” and “Multiculturalism” on us, so that they can state, with a straight face, that no idea or philosophy is any better than any other. They then invoke the stupidities of these false movements, to saddle us with “Political Correctness”, permitting them to clothe EVERYTHING as some kind of “ism”… like ‘racism’, ‘sexism’, ‘ageism’, ‘sizeism’, etc… Then, taking the stupidities further, they invented false ‘phobias’ in an attempt to equate holding the ‘wrong’ opinion with some kind of psychological illness or disorder; like “homophobia”, and “islamophobia”, among others.
    Thankfully, this mob of terminally evil and stupid morons managed to lose a Presidential Election they could have easily won because they REALLY wanted to force US to accept perverts leering at our daughters in ladies’ rooms, and believed that Hillary Clinton WASN’T a traitorous thief who blackmailed foreign leaders to line her “foundation’s” pockets as she gave away classified documents and lied about it. Not only was the Barack Obama Regime the single MOST corrupt in American history, Barry and his Democrat Party ‘handlers’ flaunted it and dared us to do anything about it.
    On November 8th, 2016 we did just that; and the Democrats can’t stop their infantile tantrum that they didn’t get their way; even AFTER they knew the “FIX was in”. How dare the American Electorate exercise our most basic right! Will it be too little too late? Thomas Jefferson stated (that) “…from time to time the Tree of Liberty must be refreshed by the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Have we reached that point now?
    These cretins are going to experience some REAL pain if their stupidity takes its inevitable course and they succeed in pushing us into a REAL Civil War. Nobody will come to their rescue when they have denigrated our country into their hellish vision of Left-Wing Paradise. Then there will be nobody to protect them in their elite walled enclaves when the violence gets out of hand, and the heroes in our police forces are tired of being called ‘pigs’ and ‘bacon’, and the media’s lies no longer work.
    Civil wars are the bloodiest of all wars, and the morons on the Left have been insulting everything that made our Country the greatest in the history of mankind; just daring EVERYBODY to do something about it. The three hundred million Americans who believe in our country and values have finally had enough of these filthy, useless parasites who add NOTHING to our society and economy. If they succeed in their treasonous efforts; they’ll get what they deserve and there will be no answer when they call 911.

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  6. Mikki
    Mikki February 16, 14:39

    Your article is too long…. As a person who runs a political Facebook page, I wouldn’t post this whole article… There were only 3 paragraphs at the end that my readers would read along with the photo… People just don’t have the time to read long stories, that’s why we post memes. FYI – We post sources on all our comments above the meme, so you would get credit for the article… Just Sayin!!!

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  7. TA1
    TA1 February 17, 17:00

    So, how much time exactly have YOU SPENT at this “border where the news is not being reported”?

    I have not been there since immigration became the primary political football. As I recall, the Obama Administration increased funding and staffing for ICE and other border patrol operations, and deported more “illegals” than several prior administrations combined. Nowhere did the GOP or the “Right…Cabal…” indicate the slightest support for his efforts; instead they were led by this rich guy with orange hair who kept insisting that Obama wasn’t born in the United States, as the rich guy was in Kenya when it allegedly took place.

    Incidentally it is a rather grave error to presume that everyone who disapproves of the GOP “leadership” behavior, is automatically a Democrat. Mark my words, the “independent” wing will eventually carry the swing vote (despite major party efforts to suppress it) and the right and the left “party” people will discover that much of their arguments no longer can hold any water.

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