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Donald Trump: The Promise Keeper

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Donald Trump: The Promise Keeper

Donald Trump: The Promise Keeper
February 13
20:04 2019

To avoid a second Government shutdown, sources say that President Trump intends to sign the compromise agreement put forth by lawmakers. But, a defiant Trump also vows that he will “go it alone” if necessary to build “The Wall” he promised his supporters.

While stating publically how “unhappy” he is with the deal, in the face of mounting pressure from his party, President Donald Trump seems to be expected to sign the agreement reluctantly. However, he has also said, “I’m considering everything…” That simple phrase will likely stretch the limits of presidential power, as Trump enters a new phase in his struggle to fulfill his quintessential campaign promise.

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To keep alive his supporters’ dream of a wall, Trump now has little choice but to go it alone, after a bipartisan Capitol Hill funding deal, shaped by the new era of divided government, dashed his demand for $5.7 billion in border wall funding. However, Trump still intends to sign the deal, two sources who have spoken directly with him, told CNN’s Dana Bash.

Ultimate Test of Presidential Power

Signing the agreement without adequate Wall funding – it only provides $1.4 billion for border barriers and keeps the government funded for the rest of the fiscal year, which ends on Sept. 30 – sets up a classic Trump power struggle. Since taking office, Trump has shown indifference and even contempt for constitutional processes and has lacked the patience to deal with the typical slow churning wheels of Washington. Often unwilling to plod through the stormy seas of Congress, Trump has decried many times, that “he alone can fix this,” and in this case, he may be right.

“I can’t say I’m happy. I can’t say I’m thrilled,” Trump said of the proposed deal. “But the wall is getting built, regardless. It doesn’t matter because we’re doing other things beyond what we’re talking about here.”

The agreement would allow 55 miles of new fencing — constructed using existing designs such as metal slats— but far less than the 215 miles the White House demanded in December.

Still, Trump has little choice than to sign the deal. Rejecting it could plunge Congress into a new crisis, as lawmakers have no clear Plan B. They need to pass some funding bill to avoid another shutdown by midnight on 2/15 and have worked to prevent turning to another short-term measure that would only prolong the border debate.

Speaking at a Cabinet meeting, Trump said of a possible shutdown: “I don’t think it’s going to happen.”

While apparently not happy with the deal, an unruffled Trump said, “We have a lot of money in this country and we’re using some of that money — a small percentage of that money — to build the wall, which we desperately need.”

While Trump may seem to be backed into a corner by the Democrats, he has always been a step or two ahead of them. The president has long been laying the groundwork for him to use executive action to bypass Congress and divert money into wall construction. He could declare a national emergency or invoke other executive authority to tap funds including money set aside for military construction, disaster relief and counterdrug efforts.

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  1. Hdrydr
    Hdrydr February 14, 19:47

    VETO THE DAMN BILL. Shut the government down and this time, DON’T give in to the Democraps. Trump is listening to the idiots that he’s surrounded himself with. Namely his daughter and the pimp weasel, Kushner. Not to mention the “never Trumpers” he’s put into positions of authority. Apparently, he doesn’t understand the low life scum known as the D.C. swamp at all.. He had the upper hand and he squandered it by giving in the first time and he’s doing it again

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    • TA1
      TA1 February 17, 16:41

      those “Democraps” are the ones paying the taxes for the rich people who duck them. So before you ignore what they say, be prepared to bring your wallet.

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  2. Lee Pruitt
    Lee Pruitt February 14, 20:04

    Nonsense. All the poison pills inside this “compromise” bill make him signing idiocy OR an intentional breach of this campaign promise. He knows only the old porous type wall is allowed to be built in this bill, also mayor’s on the border are allowed to veto where wall can be built, a 100 mile butterfly sanctuary. IF he signs the areas I mentioned and more will not have wall built at even if he has money from other sources. Dems and RINO Republicans pray he signs as they know all this and will continue to keep our borders open. Just say it sanctuary country! IF he signs I will have to agree with Ann Coulter’s take AND no he will not get my vote a 2nd time. WHAT HE SHOULD DO is sign a CR for the budget for 30 days and mark the heck up this stinkin/lousy bill and send back to the committee to continue to REALLY negotiate. IF he does not do that then he is exactly like Nancy Pelosi a few years back “:Well you have to pass the bill to find out what is in it!”. At this point this bill is a turd sandwich and Trump is no dummy – he knows it.

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  3. Guy
    Guy February 14, 21:21

    Below, please find a list of qualities I like about President Trump.


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  4. Chelemark
    Chelemark February 14, 21:50

    Yeah just think if Obama did this what do you think this ingrate would be saying. Where is the “wall will be paid for by the Mexicans” he used to scream.You and your cronies along with the rest of media are of the same sickness this president is.

    Reply to this comment
    • Deb
      Deb February 14, 21:59

      LMAO…..That’s all you can come up with? I’d choose his illness over yours any day. * Created 5.3 MILLION NEW jobs
      * Added 600,000 new mfg jobs
      * 5 MILLION off food stampsi
      * Economy growing twice as fast as when Trump took office!!
      * US considered HOTTEST ECONOMY IN WORLD!!
      * Unemployment reached LOWEST rate iN HALF CENTURY!!
      * African-American, Hispanic-American, Asian-American and Americans w Disabilities UNEMPLOYMENT reached LOWEST LEVELS EVER recorded
      * More people working now than any other time in history!!!
      * Massive tax cut for working families
      * Doubled child tax credit
      * Ended estate tax for small businesses and family farms
      * Eliminated OBama care individual mandate penalty
      * Passed Right to Try
      * In just 2 years, cut more regulations than any other administration during their entire tenure
      * Reductions in taxes and refs responsible for return of many businesses
      * US now the #1 producer if oil and natural gas in entire world
      * First time in 65 years, US is a net exporter of energy
      * Economy envy if world
      * Military most powerful in world
      * America winning!!
      * Veterans Accountability Act
      * Prison Reform
      * First-Step Act
      * Secured more than $100 BILLION in military defense spending from NATO allies
      * Hostages home from Korea, Nuclear missile testing has stopped, no missile launches in 15 months
      * ISIS controlled more than 20,000 sq mi in Iraq & Syria. Now liberated nearly all territory from ISIS.

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    • David
      David February 15, 01:37

      Chelemark – I believe we all know what “Your” problem is, but apart from recommending you restart taking your meds I’ll leave it to others to judge your mental state. From an outsiders’ viewpoint, the vast majority of the “media” you refer to reside in the same mental quagmire as your good self – i.e. do whatever it takes to never ever admit President Trump is probably one of the very best Presidents the USA could possibly have in this insane world.
      Not to worry – Trump is far stronger that any self-serving bunch of anti-democratic leftist agitators acting in dementia can ever hope to be !
      Happy Valentines Day 😉

      Reply to this comment
    • Thinkr2
      Thinkr2 February 15, 06:10

      “You can keeps your doctor. “ was no better. My dad and many others lost their doctors.

      Did you cut slack for Obama or will you now say the same thing about him as you do about Trump?

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  5. TA1
    TA1 February 14, 22:04

    I have no problem with Trump building a “wall” as long as he pays for it out of his own pocket, nor any issue with him arresting GENUINELY dangerous criminals (including his business associates) as long as he is legally accountable for violating their civil rights, and can be personally sued for doing so.

    Aside of that, he is not entitled to my money.

    Reply to this comment
    • David
      David February 15, 01:44

      I believe my response to Chelemark above can be easily addressed to yourself as well – could it be you are one and the same Troll ? The probabilities are surely quite high so I will spare myself wasting good oxygen on U2.

      Reply to this comment
      • TA1
        TA1 February 17, 16:45

        only in your dreams. I have to point out that there are more of us than you apparently assume, and that is one of the least of your apparent miscalculations.

        Reply to this comment
  6. Jan
    Jan February 14, 23:48

    The Democrats have left him no choice but to resort to whatever methods he can to insure Americas safety to the best of his ability. He is a fantastic President and America is fortunate to have him. God bless Praident Trump and his family.

    Reply to this comment
  7. VB
    VB February 14, 23:50

    Guess what, comrades. You and your cronies from the leftmost Netherlands of insanity have been spending PLENTY of hundreds of billions of our dollars on programs WE dont like it used for. That’s the name of the game in SLIMEVILLE, DC. Guess your just don’t remember the FACT that seven of the last ten dreaded “ Govmint Shutdowns” prior to this last one were brought to bear by Democrat Presidents. But then your howls of indignation smeared the Congress for causing the shutdowns. You guys just love to have everything both ways… long as you can put the blame on the 45% of us who produce all that free stuff you whore your vote out to get

    Reply to this comment
  8. JoeL
    JoeL February 15, 14:26

    We need roads and bridges before some stupid wall. If Mexico can dig a tunnel to a prison they have a couple of thousand miles to dig tunnels. I wonder how much kick back Trump is getting ?

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  9. Steve G
    Steve G February 15, 17:58

    The wall will be paid for, we make the investment then start charging toll. It’s vital to our interest as a nation, without it we lose jobs, culture, and liberty due to our desire to accommodate rather than indoctrinate into our culture. Both sides have agreed to this previously, only now the media frenzy to crush Trump has prevented it. We need common sense, not party bias to make decisions or we all lose!

    Reply to this comment
    • TA1
      TA1 February 17, 16:49

      Dearest Steve G.:
      you do not charge a toll for a WALL unless you are planning to not make any revenue. Maybe you refer to border crossings. Last time I crossed one of those, nobody charged me anything. Let’s say that USA did start doing that. Do you actually think that Mexico and Canada would not do likewise? Net benefit: close to zero. You still end up paying for the wall, out of your own pocket, so think twice about how effective you can expect it to be.

      I have (and already expressed) a piece of advice for Trump. If he is so sure that his “wall” will solve all of these problems, let him build it with his own money, THEN convince congress to repay him. Otherwise, he can just put his name on it and claim it is a great thing, while refusing to pay the labor that built it, just like his hotels.

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