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Progressives are back to their genocidal roots

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Progressives are back to their genocidal roots

Progressives are back to their genocidal roots
February 05
21:24 2019

The left-wing’s unfortunately successful efforts to advance arbitrary and indiscriminate abortions throughout the third trimester – and even upon delivery of a live and viable baby – is a harbinger of the progressives long ugly history of exterminating those they deem unfit to live.

The bill passed by the New York legislature and signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo is a callous disregard for human life that can only be found in the times of southern slavery and in the Progressive Movement in the early 1900s – a movement that reached its nadir with the rise of Adolph Hitler.

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First, let us consider what this new legislation allows. A child – no longer even a zygote or tiny fetus — that is brought to its full 9-month term in the womb can be summarily executed – yes, executed — during or even immediately after delivery based on the desire of the mother and the willingness of a doctor. It is not easy to understand or explain a society that will charge a person with murder for killing a late term child in the womb but would enable a mother-to-be and a doctor to conspire to kill that same person without justice by little more than caprice.

The judgment is based on the perceived imperfection of the child. It could be a child with Downs Syndrome, the victim of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or Zika. It could be a child missing a limb – maybe just a missing thumb. While advocates of the procedure offer empty assurances that it would be used only in the most severe cases, there is no empirical definition for “severity.”

Whether you call it Aryanism, white supremacy or any of the other excuses for determining that some human beings should not be allowed to live based on inferiority – their alleged threat to the human genome.

The political progressives of the early 1900s were all in on that concept. Margaret Sanger – founder of the inappropriately named Planned Parenthood – was an outspoken advocate of controlling the births of those she deemed inferior humans – which included Negroes, Asians, Arabs and those with physical or mental issues. In addition to using abortion to prevent the births of too many black babies, Sanger was a proponent for forced sterilization – often without knowledge or consent — of both men and women.

Sanger was a darling of both Adolph Hitler – who communicated his admiration for the genocidal policies of the American progressive movement – and the racist Democratic Party of her era. She often addressed the ladies of the Ku Klux Klan and sponsored “clinics” in the south where forced sterilizations took place. To this day, Planned Parenthood is located disproportionately in black neighborhoods and aborts black babies in many high numbers than the population would suggest. It is one of the reasons many black civil rights leaders – including Martin Luther King’s niece, Alveda King – are such strong opponents of abortion.

It is almost impossible not to compare this new New York law with the Nazi practice of exterminating children – and adults – with physical or mental imperfections.

In 2017, a young man with Downs Syndrome, Frank Stephens, testified before Congress to not only tell of the contributions the afflicted have made to medical science, but to tell of his own joyful and productive life. He closed his statement by say, “I am a man with Downs Syndrome, and my life is worth living.”

In my own experience, I have been friends with a family in which a step-son suffers from severe Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. His limbs are spidery and distorted, his head was misshapen, and he walks with some difficulty. But he participates fully in life. He is an intelligent person and a great conversationalist. Thanks to a loving family, he has reached his mid-40s as a seemingly happy human being. I do not believe my friend or Stephen would ever prefer to have been cruelly terminated on the eve of their lives on earth.

Though an opponent to all but the most limited abortions, I have never considered those who approve of them as evil – or murderers. To me it is a matter of society embracing a flawed and mistaken ethic – and that I believed would change over time through enlightenment. But, when I witnessed Cuomo and those around them hooting and hollering like their team just won the Super Bowl, I was horrified. It was an official depravity that sent a chill up my spine. They may claim to have safeguarded a woman’s dubious right, but they have simply approved capital punishment for the most innocent and vulnerable in our society.

The images of the many tortured, mutilated and dismembered babies are too revolting to show here, but I urge you – if you think abortion, and especially late-term abortion – is some sort of antiseptic procedure, just Google “third-trimester abortions” and click on “images” – if you dare.

If you wonder how a civilized and supposedly intelligent people as the Germans in the 1930s could have possibly descended into the depths of Nazi depravity, you may have witnessed a warning example in Albany, New York.

So, there ‘tis.

About Author

Larry Horist

Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and politics. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, as well as the White House. He has testified as an expert witness before legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress, and lectured at major colleges and universities. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.

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  1. Roger Skinner
    Roger Skinner February 06, 20:14

    I believe the Nazis had the same idea

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  2. TedR
    TedR February 06, 20:19

    Makes one wonder just where this World is going. Can this be traced to the Globalist plot being promoted by the “Unworthy” United Nations?

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  3. Connor Vlakancic (@ConnorVlakancic)
    Connor Vlakancic (@ConnorVlakancic) February 06, 20:31

    I read other such articles. Who is (are) person(s) “ADMIN” apparently unwilling to qualify the quantity of their writings with the courage to identify themselves?

    Reply to this comment
  4. TA1
    TA1 February 06, 20:46

    it is a wholly invented notion to claim that abortions are “arbitrary and indiscriminate”.

    An abortion only takes place with a pregnant woman, so they are hardly indiscriminate. They take place either spontaneously (“losing the baby” as though it had been misplaced) or as some kind of medical procedure. In the latter case, unless the woman attempts to do this all by herself, it cannot be accurately described as “arbitrary” since someone has to make the decision to do it. In the former case, nobody made that decision, so it is even further from your odd choice of descriptive words. And the choice of terms, also rather implies that you were somehow present at the event and are therefore qualified to pass judgment upon it. I rather think you were not and are not.

    Unless you have been a woman in a situation of a pregnancy that for whatever reason you did not WISH to be pregnant, you really have no business making judgments about her implied decision, assuming that she even had any.

    I do want to generally object to the tone of the right-wing (right of center, whatever) as to their implication that a baby is some kind of public asset. It isn’t. While it is gestating in her body, it is hers alone, and she literally has live-or-die power over it. If you have some problem with her having this power, I suggest that you avoid impregnating any women lest you give them some power that you do not yourself have.

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    • Marnie
      Marnie February 06, 21:31

      I don’t believe only the woman can make this decision the man who impregnated her& the doctor but the doctor can not allow abortion to be allowed past 8 weeks when the baby is a fetus make sure the government knows this also

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    • Binadaoc
      Binadaoc February 07, 05:29

      If “it is hers alone,” why do men need to pay child support? Who gave the power of “live-or-die”? Once I no longer wanted children, I had a vasectomy. If she did not want a child, why didn’t she take measures to avoid one? I had a sister with Downs who had a happy life until age 63 when she died naturally. Had she been aborted, I would have missed a lot of love and joy in my life.

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    • Drew
      Drew February 08, 10:46

      Your comments through your diatribe make no sense at all. Obviously you are such a stupid, leftist communistic moron that in a ” flash ” you expose yourself to rightful ridicule.

      Your last sentence so highly offensive it shows you have no qualms in resorting to rhetorical bastardry & in doing so, prove that you indeed are a bastard.

      So prig off & shut the stuff up before somebody find out where you live & puts you out of everyone else’s misery.

      Reply to this comment
    • Doug C.
      Doug C. March 06, 05:14

      Notice how desperately this Third Reich revivalist deflects from the subject.

      Reply to this comment
  5. TA1
    TA1 February 06, 21:00

    oh With Regard To the “new law” or hypothetical one, new laws do not generally provide any particular insight to moral or ethical quandaries. Rather they tend to reflect evolution of popular (or unpopular) views among people with influence upon the judicial and legislative processes.

    It may be tempting to attempt to pack the courts with judges who are thought to avow some particular ideology with regard to the civil rights of women.

    I would caution you that such presumptions are not guaranteed to yield the decisions that your minions desperately wish or pray for (as though they had some miraculous insight as to morality) and such political brinksmanship is only likely to predicate further behavior like it, on the part of your most fervent adversaries once their party gains the means to pack the courts or the legislature.

    As you sow, so shall you reap.

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  6. TA1
    TA1 February 06, 21:21

    on a purely medical point, if a zygote-embryo-fetus-baby-potential-republican has zika virus, the brain is basically gone, not unlike “dear Terry Schiavo” which the right wing played (read: got a lot of money contributions from right wingers with money burning holes in their pockets) for all it was worth. She was dead for all practical purposes, notwithstanding that she “looked like a human”, she was actually a series of spare parts by the time the right wing media got hold of her story.

    Emotions are not entirely irrelevant, but they are NOT a good way to govern my country.

    Reply to this comment
    • NowJustaDoner
      NowJustaDoner February 06, 22:23

      TAi says it all! A woman now has the right now to murder without consequence. Next will it be extended to the first year? 5 year? You don’t really know how your child will turn out at birth and is worth keeping till then. It may take that long to realize that your child is too much a burden on your lifestyle. Shame on the child for being born to such a parent or would “host” be a better term. The lifestyle of the mother is all that is important to the Marxist-Progressive left. Margaret Sanger has won.

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  7. Anita
    Anita February 07, 03:13

    This is horrific this is not about pro choice for mother. This is about the worship of Baal who is no 2 next to Satan in hell. Baal requires a human sacrifice every day. The more the better. Pro choice is a cover for this practice of worshipping Baal and Satanism also known as Luciferianism. The veil is lifted and Hell tears its ugly head. Globalism is also a cover for worshipping Satan, Baal and Lucifer! May God have mercy. However you cannot kill his innocent babies. God is 😤

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  8. disquod
    disquod February 07, 05:00

    This is indeed dim-wit politics.

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  9. Binadaoc
    Binadaoc February 07, 05:55

    The question is not one of a woman’s civil rights but one of when does person-hood begin. In slavery people become property not persons. To say an unborn child is a woman’s property to do with as she “desires”, smacks of slavery. There was a widely held belief that the world was flat. Science has shown that to be incorrect. I think people obtain Person-hood at conception until Science tells me otherwise.

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  10. Deanna Johnston Clark
    Deanna Johnston Clark February 07, 15:59

    One of the reasons why Sweden encouraged aborting illegitimate children was because of the time honored belief that such children were born rebels and scamps. Children born of sedate, married, law abiding people were “safer” for the state and society. Little history there!

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  11. Jon
    Jon February 07, 17:20

    Wow. What a pile of trash. Please cease from sending me this garbage. Mat e find something more valuable to do with your time. Impeach!!

    Reply to this comment
  12. Jon
    Jon February 07, 17:23

    By the way, equating the left with the Nazis is a bit of a reach. Isn’t Trump German? His thievery and racism more closely equates his government to the Nazis. Not only are you fake news, you are revisionists too. What a waste of flesh.

    Reply to this comment
    • Larry Horist
      Larry Horist February 08, 04:41

      You are a victim of ignorance of history. Rather than offer up our uninformed opinion, may I suggest you do the research into Margaret Sanger, eugenics and all the other phony sciences that so-called progressives embraced … from Woodrow Wilson to FDR.

      Reply to this comment
    • Doug C.
      Doug C. March 06, 05:16

      Goebbels taught this National Socialist well.

      As Horist makes clear, Hitler was a great admirer of eugenics, progressivism and other tenets of the left and only the left.

      Reply to this comment
  13. Plain Jane
    Plain Jane February 11, 01:03

    Just looked up the details the NY law and the life of Margaret Sanger. Your description of both are so distorted as to be almost unrecognizable. The tone of your article was to stimulate outrage and reaction rather than rational reflection. These inaccuracies are not helpful in seeking common ground.

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  14. Doug C.
    Doug C. March 06, 05:35

    There’s this meme about abortion being a last resort which sheavily burdened resort to with severe reluctance.

    I’ve asked lefttwit political posters WAY too often to count whether they would support abortion as a means of selecting gender (done millions of times yearly in Asia) or sexuality.
    In other words, would they mind women aborting fetuses until their offspring was determined to be male, and would they support aborting fetuses found to carry a “gay gene” if and when one is discovered.
    Never has one ever answered the question. Never. Ever. NEVER.
    Meaning they in fact support the practice of abortion for those purposes.
    That’s already the principal purpose of abortions in Mainland China, India and other Asian countries.
    Down’s syndrome is being largely aborted from birth rates in the U.S. When it becomes possible to test fetuses for the”gay gene,” the same thing will occur. No question.

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