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Italy’s Salvini to Trump: I Can be Your Closest Ally on the European Continent

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Italy’s Salvini to Trump: I Can be Your Closest Ally on the European Continent

Italy’s Salvini to Trump: I Can be Your Closest Ally on the European Continent
February 01
21:35 2019

With EU parliamentary elections fast approaching in May, Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is seeking to court a powerful ally across the Atlantic – Donald Trump.

In the past months, both Trump and Salvini have exchanged their fair share of blows with Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s embattled president Emmanuel Macron. But is an alliance based primarily on the familiar adversaries of the two populist leaders practical?

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Without a doubt.

Salvini and Trump have more in common with one another than simply their distrust and antipathy towards the French and German leaders who recently joined hands to raise a ‘European Army.’ On the 25th of January Merkel and Macron met in the ancient western German city of Aachen and signed a new Franco-German friendship treaty which Merkel has stated ‘’contributes to the creation of a European army’.

If Salvini is going to counter this attempt by Merkel and Macron to consolidate power on the European continent, he is going to need a powerful ally. That ally could likely be Donald Trump.

Germany’s economic power and France’s geopolitical clout make Europe’s two most powerful countries challenging to ignore. If Salvini can gain Trump’s stamp of approval, this could give him a much needed political boost and edge against rivals ahead of EU parliamentary elections which begin on May 23 of this year.

In an interview, Salvini’s adviser and undersecretary at the Italian Foreign Ministry, Guglielmo Picchi, said, “This is the time for the U.S. to have a new special relationship, not with the U.K. but with Italy. He added, “We’ll be the ones for Trump to call, his closest ally in the EU.”

“Salvini and Trump see eye-to-eye on migration, job creation and protecting the national interest. We have a strategic affinity, we have 400 intelligence and other personnel in Libya, we’re aligned with the U.S. in the Middle East,” Picchi argued.

A viable meeting place is at the Conservative Political Action Conference, which is scheduled to take place from February 27th to March 2nd. According to Picchi, Salvini has been invited, and Trump is likely to attend. The two have only met once before at a Trump campaign rally in Pennsylvania during 2016.

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  1. pete
    pete February 03, 20:07

    Gosh, France and Germany want to build a “European Army”…to protect Europe? Whose is going to pay for it? Not the despised Uncle Sucker, we’re already doing that for an outfit called NATO, for which France and Germany are not paying their promised financial commitments. So if these two and any other Europeans want to start their own army and I assume drop out of NATO, it’s about time that they paid for their own defense. (They might consider mandatory school classes in Russian, to give their citizens a bit of a head start).

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  2. toddy
    toddy February 03, 20:30

    “Leave the gun; take the cannoli!”

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    • ChrisN
      ChrisN February 04, 14:37

      That’s a good one. No question Italy would get the better end of the deal. But, considering what is going on in the EU, I would be at least willing to see what Italy has to offer, and see how true they are with establishing a better relationship with the US. After all we know that but France and Germany are going in a direction that we do not want to joy or care to support.

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  3. Hoss
    Hoss February 03, 20:31

    This must be maddening to Cloony.

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  4. manyo
    manyo February 03, 21:47

    Merkel might consider finding a way to be less dependent on Putin’s oil and natural guess which Germany very vulnerable to Russian blackmail. In fact it may be the case that Merkel is bending to Putin’s pressure to create a rift with the US. Merkel is not to be trusted and Macron is a fool to look to Germany instead of the US but then the French bent over to let Germany have its way more than once.

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  5. Chelemark
    Chelemark February 03, 23:25

    Seems to me Italy would get the better end of the deal considering their economic state, and someone for them to beg for economic solvency. How does someone equate Italy as the same kind of an ally that Germany and France once were.

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  6. American1945
    American1945 February 04, 00:26

    Perhaps Germany and France Casbon meet in the Maginot Line.

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  7. Steady Eddie
    Steady Eddie February 08, 10:42

    As a patriotic Brit and a huge fan of any America n President, I am ashamed of our present Government’s strange stance against the USA and Trump. And forget the EU – they will be history if Britain successfully leaves the bandit club – and leaves them to face the Putin armies at their gates.

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  8. Steady ~Eddie
    Steady ~Eddie February 08, 10:47

    I was raised in Ayrshire during WW2 and close to a Polish regfugee camp, and I never ever thought that any Pole could be as nasty to the country which lost hundreds of thousands of men trying to right the wrongs done to Poland. My business partner for decades lost 39 members of his family at Auswich and my brother married a lovely Polish girl, Krystna, so I have only ever met Poles who liked and respected Britain – or has the 4th Reich propaganda worked.

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