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Is the Honeymoon between President Trump and Fox News finally over?

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Is the Honeymoon between President Trump and Fox News finally over?

Is the Honeymoon between President Trump and Fox News finally over?
January 31
20:56 2019

In a very surprising move, given their usual cozy relationship, Trump lashed out in a Twitter tirade aimed at his usual favorite network, accusing two Fox News journalists of having “less understanding” of his proposed border wall than the “fake news” at his usual media targets, CNN and NBC.

Trump specifically called out the network’s chief White House correspondent John Roberts and Washington correspondent Gillian Turner in the scathing tweet.

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Prepared for Another Shut Down

Trump’s ire was directed specifically at the two journalists regarding a recent “Fox News Sunday” broadcast on which Roberts was substituting for usual host, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, and where Turner was also a panelist on the show.

It is not clear exactly what it was that ticked the president off about Roberts and Turner.

According to CBS News, on the show, Mr. Trump’s acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney told Roberts that he would be getting his border wall funding with or without an agreement from Congressional Democrats, suggesting the president would use his emergency powers to do so.

“It’s better, John, to get it through legislation. That’s the right way to do it, but at the end of the day, the president is going to secure the border one way or another,” Mulvaney said on the broadcast.
Mulvaney’s comments come as the president himself cast doubt that lawmakers could reach a deal over border security within the next three weeks.

For his part Trump has said he is prepared to shut the government down again in three weeks, saying once again that, he doubts “he could accept any deal from lawmakers that give him less than his requested $5.7 billion for a wall.”

On January 25, Trump signed a short-term spending bill reopening the government and ending the 35-day shutdown without any funding for his long-promised border barrier, a reversal from last month when he refused to sign any funding legislation that did not provide wall money.

On the same Fox broadcast at issue, Mulvaney strongly suggested that Trump will construct a border wall using his emergency powers if Congress cannot agree on a compromise to fund the construction in the next three weeks.

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  1. Art
    Art February 01, 19:35

    The republicans are just as corrupt and rotten as the democrats. When they had control they refused to support Trump’s wall plan. They are zionist israel firsters and israel easily gets the $. The US gov’t is beyond corrupt. Traitors? Plenty of $ for war with Russia for the zionists.

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  2. Chelemark
    Chelemark February 01, 20:10

    The government, the media, state governments, low and high end politicians are corrupt, they are thieves, hypocrites, dirty, the least of patriotic citizens.

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  3. Rebel with a cause
    Rebel with a cause February 01, 20:23

    Why are we haggling about billions for a border wall
    when children in this country go to bed hungry.
    Why are we haggling over money for a wall when veterans are homeless and going without proper medical attention

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  4. Mare
    Mare February 01, 21:22

    There are much better shows on FNC than Fox News Sunday. I miss the 1st broadcast in AM, but never watch the repeats. And I watch Fox 24/7, but not this one. You’re making too much out of Trump’s reaction. Fox has such attractive intelligent people that I don’t understand why they keep some people hanging around.

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  5. DonOldGuy
    DonOldGuy February 02, 17:53

    If there is a total breakdown in public perception of our political system,news media, and legal authority the results have already been seen in France, yers ago. It is not pretty.

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  6. ratmandu
    ratmandu February 02, 20:36

    Fox News has changed PROGRESSIVELY for the worst.
    Daddy has retired and left it to the Murdock boys who are both Libertarians and so now is Fox News !
    They are no longer conservative and are far more Progressive LIBERALtarian than ever before.
    That’s why people are changing and are switching to OANN.
    One America News Network is 100% CONSERVATIVE and 0% Libertarian !

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