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The anti-Trump negative media spin knows no limits.

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The anti-Trump negative media spin knows no limits.

The anti-Trump negative media spin knows no limits.
January 29
20:55 2019

The #NeverTrump Resistance Movement in the news media is in a hyper feeding frenzy – attacking the President is an obsessive mainstay of their programming day. One can take exception to Trump’s offensive personality and be critical of some of his policies – or disagree with his strategies – but that does not mean one must be blind to the corrupt, dishonest and unethical means by which the east coast media cabal is attacking him every day, in every way.

The latest spin involves a number of illegal aliens who have been employed by the Trump Organization’s resort in Westchester County, New York. What is factually known is that the management reviewed the documentation of the foreign workers. When they found a small number had secured their jobs with fraudulent documents (a crime), they were fired. By all standards, that seems to be a prudent decision.

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Since a number of workers had been employed for several years, the media inquired why they were not discovered earlier. Fair enough.

The review of documents was motivated by an article in the Washington Post in December – charging that the Trump Organization was employing illegal aliens at the resort in New Jersey. According to the earlier Post piece, that was a bad thing, and reflected poorly on the President – as if he had personally hired them or known of their hiring.

The Trump Organization employs tens of thousands of workers, and very few of them are hired by Trump personally – and none since he became President. In fact, he would not even know or come into contact with most of the Organization’s workers even before becoming President – and he has no oversight on what goes on since becoming President.

As a response to the December article, management decided to avoid a future problem by double checking the documents – and when they found some to be fraudulent, they terminated the workers. That is as it should be – but not in the rabbit hole world of the anti-Trump press.

In a hypocritical twist on the earlier negative spin in New Jersey, the Post now sympathized with the workers, accusing Trump or leaving them with no employment. Against all the odds and reason, the press went on to speculate that Trump must have personally known of the status of these folks. In fact, they interviewed one of the disgruntled workers who said he was “sure” Trump knew his documents were forged – although he produced no evidence to support his claim. That did not matter to the anti-Trump media. Evidence, corroboration and proof are no longer part of journalism for a rabid media more interested in concocted narratives than factual and ethical reporting.

According to the Post – in their newspaper and on those ubiquitous interviews on CNN and MSNBC – the people who entered our country illegally and who then committed the crime of fraud by procuring phony documents are the heroes and heroines of their so-called investigative report. Trump – who is not involved in any decision-making with his namesake business – is the designated Simon Legree.

Were this a unique or singular example of yellow journalism, it might be overlooked and forgiven by a few scolding words from the media’s senior management. But it has become the daily fare for much of the east coast left-wing media.

One can only wonder how long America will be disserved by a left-wing media more interested in advancing a narrow partisan and political agenda rather than performing is more noble task of presenting the news in a fair and balanced manner – you know, what the Founders had in mind when they gave the press the protection of the First Amendment.

So, there ‘tis.

About Author

Larry Horist

Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and politics. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, as well as the White House. He has testified as an expert witness before legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress, and lectured at major colleges and universities. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.

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  1. zrevtom
    zrevtom January 30, 21:10

    I guess these people should be rounded up and deported because that is the law, something Democrats and the media refuse to obey. How many gardeners does these journalists employ, have they checked their status, I didnt when I live in NJ

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  2. TA1
    TA1 January 30, 21:51

    so…let’s see…the ” corrupt, dishonest and unethical means” of the media, are at fault for a mistake which was that of trump’s corporate minions. They apparently did not discover the “illegal” employees, rather someone from that evil media cabal did.

    So naturally the same media people who dug this up, should then softpedal and just notify the Trump people of their own incompetence. Either these people have an HR department whose job it is to actually LOOK UP THE DOCUMENTS for their employees, or they could have thousands that are yet to simply be discovered.

    And Trump is naturally insulated from any accountability because he is too rich to actually manage his own people. Except of course the ones he went to great effort to publicly humiliate on his TV show.
    Except those.
    And the mistake of his management minions is no big thing except that Trump has pretty much run his campaign upon the presumption that such “illegals” are somehow violently attacking the USA for being here and stealing jobs (that supposedly-legal-immigrants or citizens want, see…) hence being the boogeyman-du-jour.

    Except those.

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    • TA1
      TA1 January 30, 21:55

      oh yeah, “…he has no oversight on what goes on since becoming President…”

      are you talking about HIS corporate cabal, or the US federal government in general? Either one could be the case, given the current situations as I am gathering their sordid details. Who will be the next close confidant/friend to turn state’s evidence in a plea bargain? Obviously each will lead the life of a pauper, at least until their memoirs-book-deals are signed.

      Reply to this comment
  3. Wendy
    Wendy January 30, 22:03

    Enough is enough! I am tired of the
    TV, radio and newspapers finding any
    thing on President Trump they can blow up to extreme to the American people every day. They are rude, mean and dishonest. We deserve better treatment from all of them. I
    don’t know why advertisers even bother with them. This bad element
    needs to stop and focus on other
    important news.Everything is racist
    also. So many people need attention
    to make it through the day. What a waste of time and energy.

    Reply to this comment
  4. Chelemark
    Chelemark January 30, 22:06

    It amazes me that you take this little article and write protectively about a man who continually lies, has virtually tried to destroy all the agencies with the responsibility of protecting this country, has pow-powed with an enemy of this country hiding what was said between the both of them, shown himself to be disrespectful of women, blacks, and virtually anybody who doesn’t kiss his ass, and so much more just too numerous to mention. You are part of the sickness in this country.

    Reply to this comment
    • Sigrid
      Sigrid January 30, 22:42

      I agree with everything you mentioned about Trump.
      A more incompetent dishonest man is hard to find except amongst the mobsters that he adores.
      His love 💗 for Vladimir Putin and love letters to Kim proves my point .
      God help the sincere people get rid of this President either true the impeachment proceedings
      Or true voting him out in 2020.

      Reply to this comment
    • Happylada
      Happylada January 31, 03:30

      Which planet did you say you were visiting from? YOU certainly need a intro to life on the REAL planet earth.

      YOU MUDS be interplanetary or live in wonderland – because your grasp on reality is obviously almost gone.

      Reply to this comment
    • splibber
      splibber January 31, 19:07

      So if we don’t march to your drum beat, we’er idiots or racists!!! God help us if the dem’s ever get total power!!!!!!

      Reply to this comment
  5. Jimknows
    Jimknows January 31, 14:18

    Except for the word “he”, you described Hillary perfectly,

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  6. Dj
    Dj January 31, 18:52

    I wish their was no Republican or Democrat party.
    But just people coming together at the round table as a team and solve problems that need to be done.

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  7. Sara
    Sara February 04, 08:06

    He’s a horrible human! Trump

    Reply to this comment

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