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New York Now Allows Abortion Up Until Birth – Cuomo Celebrates

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New York Now Allows Abortion Up Until Birth – Cuomo Celebrates

New York Now Allows Abortion Up Until Birth – Cuomo Celebrates
January 25
21:58 2019

The New York legislature has passed the so-called Reproductive Health Act (RHA), a sweeping expansion of Roe V. Wade which among other things, drops nearly all of the restrictions on abortions after 24 weeks, in effect allowing abortion up until a baby is born.

The shocking new law delighted New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo so much that in celebration, he ordered that the spire at One World Trade Center, the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, the Kosciuszko Bridge and the Alfred E. Smith Building in Albany, all be lit in pink. Perhaps red would have been a more relevant color for a law that sanctions child murder.

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According to Cuomo, “The Reproductive Health Act is a historic victory for New Yorkers and for our progressive values. In the face of a federal government intent on rolling back Roe v. Wade and women’s reproductive rights, I promised that we would enact this critical legislation within the first 30 days of the new session – and we got it done. I am directing that New York’s landmarks be lit in pink to celebrate this achievement and shine a bright light forward for the rest of the nation to follow.”

New York Practically Leads the Nation in Abortions

Cuomo has held the pro-life movement and Christian Conservatives in contempt for a long time. He is on record as saying that people who are pro-life, had “no place in the state of New York.”

According to the Business Insider, New York has 95 abortion clinics, second only in the nation to California, with 152.

According to the New York State Department of Health, nearly 90,000 abortions took place in New York State during 2016.

Cuomo must be pleased with those figures. Earlier this month, before the passage of the RHA, he said that he wanted to enshrine the availability of abortion at any time into the state constitution, saying, “I want to pass a constitutional amendment that writes into the constitution a provision protecting a woman’s right to control her own reproductive health, We’ll pass it next year; we’ll put it onto the ballot; we’ll write it into the constitution …” He has also stated, “I have no doubt that Gorsuch is going to reverse Roe v. Wade. So what do we do? Protect ourselves. Pass a law that is a prophylactic to federal action.”

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  1. Thomas A Haisten
    Thomas A Haisten January 28, 19:53

    That is the most barbaric piece of legislation ever. This just shows how evil Andrew Cuomo is. He obviously advocates infanticide.

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    • TA1
      TA1 January 29, 11:30

      apparently so does god, given that prior to the 20th century, death during birth or gestation, was pretty much the leading cause of death for expectant women.

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      • JH
        JH January 31, 14:24

        I don’t get your line of reasoning. You sound like a Planned Parenthood advocate with your ill conceived ideas. Go back under your rock

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  2. Sonny
    Sonny January 28, 20:03

    How he can’t tell by looking at the ultrasound that this is a human being shows that he is blind or the pure definition of evil. Why the church doesn’t excommunicate him is beyond me.

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  3. Al
    Al January 28, 20:38

    this is murder, each person has this done should be charged with 1st degree murder murder.

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    • TA1
      TA1 January 29, 11:28

      murder only applies to someone who is already born. if you have values that go beyond that, they apply to YOU in case you are pregnant. as for everyone else, mind your own business.

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      • Upshaw
        Upshaw January 29, 16:45

        This is ALL of our business. When the state of New York decides to kill children up to the day they are born and AFTER they are born if they survive the abortion, then we as human beings and citizens of this great nation must speak out. I refuse to sit idly by while children are murdered because someone says it isn’t my business.

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      • thinkr2
        thinkr2 January 29, 18:17

        Uh, then why are there TWO murder charges in virtually every case when someone murders a pregnant woman?

        AFAIK, the laws of every US state say you are wrong.

        Reply to this comment
  4. toddy
    toddy January 28, 20:48

    Cuomo exhibits all the earmarks of a consummate politician, not those of a man with a Catholic upbringing; what a way to make an Italian mother proud!

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  5. VB
    VB January 28, 21:07

    Yet the barbarian advocates his insane partys stated desire to cut off cancer treatment after age 70 with national health care panels ( Obamacare) for a population who’s statisical longevity is already in the 80s and and had been climbing steadily under the old system. His is the party of Rahm Emanuals’s like minded thoughts to the rest of us deplorable that “ 75 is long enough for anyone to live”.

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    • VB
      VB January 28, 21:13

      Sorry I need to amend my prior before the left focus in on a one word errormistake. The quote was from Rahms brother speaking in favor of Obamacare’s passage to a Democrap audience.

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    • George
      George January 28, 21:42

      Disgusting attitude. Human life becomes valueless and dispensable according to people’s whims. A lot of people will have to answer to God one day, it won’t be pretty!

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    • Rog
      Rog January 29, 01:05

      At age 82, I consider myself to be more aware, caring and concerned about life, liberty and productivity than I was many years ago. We all have much to learn from our ‘Senior Citizens’ if we only took the time to engage with them and listen to them.

      Reply to this comment
      • Diney
        Diney January 29, 08:16

        Nobody wants to have anything to do with us after the age of 65. We are either considered senile or too ‘old-timey’! My husband just turned 86 and I just turned 75. At least, our family comes to us for advice, which is more than I can say for others.

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  6. Rivk
    Rivk January 28, 21:19

    Too bad his mother didn’t practice abortion….

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  7. ALB
    ALB January 28, 21:31

    As a practicing Catholic, I am outraged by what Cuomo is doing and he needs to be excommunicated from the Catholic church and if the bishop doesn’t do it, he needs to be reprimanded for his non action. This is downright murder and should be classified as first degree murder. Watch out senior citizens, we are next in line. I am so disgusted.

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    • JH
      JH January 31, 14:20

      I agree with you. This is an outrage and as a fellow Catholic, appalled that this culture of death advocate, Cuomo, is pleased with himself. To the ones that support this, may God have mercy on your souls.

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  8. Peckerwood
    Peckerwood January 28, 21:33

    It’s a shame it didn’t happen to Cuomo.

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  9. Tim
    Tim January 28, 21:35

    Mr. Cukmo is evil and the Church should excommunicate him for sure.

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  10. NOW
    NOW January 28, 21:59


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  11. Randolph
    Randolph January 28, 22:16

    The article does not state what I heard on the radio: that a baby which lives through abortion, will then be killed once born alive. That is murder, and disgusting beyond belief. this country is losing itself in some sort of glorified evil, masquerading as “progressiveism.” I am no longer proud. I am sad, and sickened to see what is happening to our once great country.

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  12. Stephen
    Stephen January 28, 22:25

    I’m still trying to grasp this. This has to be fake news.

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  13. Julz
    Julz January 28, 23:39

    New York is deteriorating with lightening speed .
    But what else to expect with such “leadership” as De Blasio and Cuomo ?!

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  14. jj
    jj January 29, 00:55

    This is so wrong. Why wait until the baby is almost born to do this? What is wrong with a person that would do this? God will be waiting for him.

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    • TA1
      TA1 January 29, 11:27

      god does not have to wait for anybody. and god does not necessarily believe whatever you do, nor necessarily interfere in the affairs of humans.

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  15. Phinneus
    Phinneus January 29, 01:51

    Many now look back and viciously condemn many of our leaders of centuries ago. The confederate flag is not available, but Amazon will get you a nazi flag. Statues and monuments are being destroyed.
    How will Cuomo and Obama and their cohorts be judged in a hundred years or so for their celebration of infanticide? Hopefully as the murderous slugs that they are. A.special place in hell is being reserved for them.

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  16. Marge
    Marge January 29, 02:08

    It is alarming that Gevenor Cuomo would inaugurate his sweeping progressive reform with two pieces of legislation that legalized the killing of his current and future constituents. How is this progressive? A governor whose legacy will be defined by the easy availability of death at birth or by suicide and then celebrates it is beyond disturbing.

    Since when has any kind of death, especially the willful killing of a baby been something to celebrate? Even more disturbing is the govenor’s apparent obtuseness to the horror of what he has enacted, and his gleeful response.

    Cuomo’s legacy will not be remembered as progressive but rather regressive marked by the murder of many innocents at the outset of their lives.

    Like Nero entertaining himself while Rome burned, Cuomeo rejoices while New York decends into a blaze of civil self-destruction and decline that he ignited.

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    NOVEMBER January 29, 02:43


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  18. Slow&Steady
    Slow&Steady January 29, 02:55

    … but you will surely have a place in HELL!

    Reply to this comment
    SOB (SWEET OLE BOY) January 29, 03:08


    Reply to this comment
  20. TA1
    TA1 January 29, 11:26

    whether a pregnant woman chooses to abort or not, and the circumstances under that, are NOT YOUR BUSINESS. if you object to abortion, why do you not also object to war and to capital punishment?

    Reply to this comment
    • Deanna
      Deanna January 29, 13:07

      Many do object to all those. Would you feel differently if your mother wanted to abort you but was deterred by the laws? Would you? The already born are very sure of their right to life.

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    • Michael
      Michael January 29, 15:32

      Why are YOU and the other “progressives” against capital punishment for murders yet have no problem taking the lives of the not yet born innocent? How can you justify that? You should be made to watch an abortion of a baby in the third trimester and see how you feel!

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    • thinkr2
      thinkr2 January 29, 18:31

      I do object to war unless I or my country is attacked. Many if not most of the wars the US has engaged in are not wars of defense.

      There is a difference between murdering an innocent baby who has committed NO premeditated crime and executing a criminal who has amply demonstrated his danger to society.

      There is no way to deny that a baby is human. To say it is not a person is a legal sleight-of-hand.

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  21. davidlaing
    davidlaing January 29, 14:33

    I can’t agree on this! At birth, human beings are nothing but potential. They gain worth as they age. If an individual has to die, better it be at birth than at 21, when we send our soldiers out to kill other people. Those who think that the sanctity of life begins at birth, or worse yet, conception, have got it all backwards! My best output has been between the ages of 73 and 78. How can I recommend that some squalling infant has abetter right to life than I do?

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    • thinkr2
      thinkr2 January 29, 18:26

      A straw-man is a loser’s argument. No one said a baby “has a better right to life than [you] do”.

      You lose by introducing such a ridiculous argument.

      Infanticide is murder of the weakest of the weak. Any argument you might make regarding “white privilege” or “racism” being only a white-on-colored phenomenon because colored people don’t have “power” is rendered bogus by your hypocrisy when it comes to infants.

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    • thinkr2
      thinkr2 January 29, 18:38

      Well, I forgot that a DEMOCRAT did essentially say that you don’t have a right to live past something like 75.

      You can’t pin that on people who oppose abortion.

      Stop using the disgusting and reprehensible position of a Democrat to condemn those who oppose killing babies.

      Reply to this comment
  22. Nanaof8
    Nanaof8 January 29, 15:14

    Cuomo Is a VERY SICK S.O.B. Too bad his mother did not abort him… Basically it is murder, as the fetus is viable earlier then 9mos.. My premie was born at 7 mos. and survived, and he is going to celebrate his 50th birthday in March…Back then medicine was not as good as it is today, but he survived..It makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it. God help those who do that.

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  23. Italiano
    Italiano January 30, 20:03

    There’s a special place for men like Gov. Cuomo,can you guess what it is ???

    Reply to this comment
  24. Italian 2
    Italian 2 January 30, 20:07

    There’s a special place for people like Gov. Cuomo and the people who applauded hid new law. Can you guess where it is ???

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  25. Pappasiera
    Pappasiera September 16, 21:36

    It is murder plain and simple and the Supreme Court should intervene.
    The first right we have as Americans is the “Right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Rape or possible physical harm to the mother is the only civilized cause.
    Plain and simple, Use contraceptives or keep you legs together! You are going to condone and commit murder because your to irresponsible to practice safe sex.
    As far as NY the only state worst is California. I lived in NY for a while but I just could not cope with brainless libtards. Total morons! An example; there was a area that was a nice mix of woods and fields, a creek and several small ponds. It was teaming with deer, Turkey, grouse, pheasant and rabbit. There was no lack of brown trout, pike and bass.
    Well some A hole bought all the land up. He tore down the woods and filled in the ponds and creek. Then they put in roads, then houses, a hole lot of houses and stores and restaurants. Well the fish no doubt died. The animals that lived in that area for probly hundreds of years had to find somewhere to go ot die. But go where? Well here is the kicker these libtards petitioned to end hunting in the town limits because it is cruel to kill animals. I guess the fact that they were responsible for countless deaths mostly starvation eluded them. Well they voted the Hillary in to office so that initself shows the lack of common sense in N.Y. If you believe in a God than we can be content in knowing these child murders will have to answer for their actions.

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