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MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski says Larry Horist is right

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MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski says Larry Horist is right

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski says Larry Horist is right
January 24
18:50 2019

Well, she did not say it in so many words, but …

On December 28, in the earliest days of the government shutdown, I wrote a commentary suggesting that IF President Trump hangs tough, he will get his wall funding because Speaker Nancy Pelosi will eventually have to cave. It was a very simple concept. As long as Senate Republicans did not join in a Democrat veto override, Trump could just let the shutdown roll on until the winds of public pressure shifted to those 235 Democrats in the House.

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Of course, Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer maintained a one option solution – get enough Senate Republicans to go with a veto override. In the game of political poker, these two must have known that they did not have the strongest hand. It was the old “bluff” – even though it rarely succeeds in poker or politics.

Even with the uncompromising support of the anti-Trump media focusing on the Senate Republicans, the strategy was doomed to fail – and now the shift is starting to become evident.

MSNBC’s co-host of “Morning Joe,” Mika Brzezinski – who once publicly proclaimed that it is her job to tell the public what to think – appears to be responding to reality. If you wait for Trump to change his mind, or get enough Senate Republicans to abandon the President, you will be waiting a loooooong, looooong time – and the human suffering of government workers and all those other negative impacts of the government shutdown will only get worse.

While Brzezinski ruefully admitted that it would make Democrats “morally and politically uncomfortable,” she suggested that “perhaps” – just “perhaps” – Democrats should go in another direction. And what might that be?

It did not take long before she gave her answer. In what she called the “high road,” Brzezinski said that Democrats might consider giving Trump his damn wall and get what they can in the deal. Okay, she did not actually say “damn wall,” but her sentiment was clear. Although it would likely offend her, we should note that one of the leading ladies of the left has actually embraced the Trump and Republican position.

As one of the primary spokespersons for the Anti-Trump Resistance Movement, Brzezinski has literally given permission – cover, if you will – to Democrats who are beginning to understand that the only question is how long the shutdown will go on and how much more suffering and damage needs to be endured before Trump gets his border barrier funding.

It will only take 19 members of Pelosi’s 235-member Democrat caucus in the House to get Trump his funding – and the solidarity that Pelosi needs is starting to shred at the hemline. Congressman Collin Peterson, of Minnesota, has already waved the white flag of surrender – saying that the most prudent action is to give Trump the wall. It is a very small price to pay – at least financially, if not politically – to end the shutdown.

Congressman James Clyburn, of South Carolina, — a member of Pelosi’s leadership team — has appeared on both CNN and MSNBC undermining the official “no compromise” position with an openness to some funding for Trump’s “border protection” if they can get a better deal on the Dreamers and those in the United States on “protective status.”

Since Trump does not appear to be even close to considering caving in – and the Senate Republicans are holding firm (even maverick dauphin Mitt Romney) — Brzezinski asked the uber-liberal, gravel-voiced Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown why it is a bad idea to give Trump the wall and end the terrible, terrible shutdown. Sherrod’s best and pathetically wimpy answer was, “Because he (Trump) would do it again in the future.”

It may not happen soon – maybe taking a third payless payday — but the path to re-opening those portions of the shuttered government is increasingly evident. It was the deal that was obvious early on – and should have been pursued at the onset. The wall for other considerations. This could have been the shortest government shutdown in American history had Pelosi not so badly misjudged the situation and Trump. It was a monumental political miscalculation by a woman often said to be among the most politically savvy in Washington.

So, there “tis.

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  1. GIH
    GIH January 25, 19:45

    No wall now. Get the gov open and then discuss it. Dems are willing to give money for all the other things he wants, people, tech and the rest. No wall that can be discussed later. Pres Trump will use this tactic again and again. We are being destroyed from within by both parties. Roman Empire.

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    • Jerry M
      Jerry M January 25, 22:20

      You do understand that is a abs ploy by the left. Once Trump caved, they would go right back to their position of obstruction at all costs, renege, block, and continue to hate everything Trump’ That should be obvious to everyone with little thought. We have been in stupid mode for far too long. You need to think like an underhanded shyster con man to understand them.

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  2. Maddog
    Maddog January 25, 20:19

    For those who think the wall is morally wrong, I would ask how often they lock their doors at night, or their cars when they park them at the store.

    To reject better and more stringent border security, which includes a wall, while enhancing your own security is both selfish and hypocritical. Even more so if you live in a gated community.

    It really is that simple.

    Sadly, the political gamesmanship put into play by refusing to even sit down to seriously discuss the issues involving such a relatively paltry sum (in terms of Washington spending), is indefensible.

    Pelosi and Schumer should be ashamed, if truly any resident of the swamp can be.

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  3. Mich
    Mich January 25, 20:38

    Stupid idiots! Wrong again! Rofl

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  4. toddy
    toddy January 25, 22:19

    Hate to see you giving any credibility to anything Mika Brzezinski has to say. Then again only a Dim Wit would make the comment “Pelosi is meant to be one of the most politically savvy women in Washington!” San Francisco, a major part of her 12th district, has turned into a major s _ _ _ hole!

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  5. LenaLefty
    LenaLefty January 26, 00:08

    You all have egg on your faces now. Pelosi won the first inning.

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  6. Glarf Shmedly
    Glarf Shmedly January 26, 03:38

    The next wall will be around Lichtenstein to prevent their murderers, rapists, commies and Democrats from illegally entering these United States and causing mayhem and other assorted not nice deeds. If he does get his way then this time he’ll throw a tantrum and refuse to relinquish his slush fund, also known by its’ formermer name, the U.S. treasury.

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  7. Ferdo
    Ferdo January 26, 03:48

    You sure picked the right name for your blog.

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  8. Paula
    Paula January 26, 03:56

    He must have it all, but the word of the hour is compromise…he must not see the reality. Small steps. Small steps. Small steps…

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  9. Teach
    Teach January 27, 04:07

    Why should you care what she thinks? What is the point of this article? Trump is losing support everywhere & you come up with this BS.Please write something tha5 matters, & who is Larry Horist?

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