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Katy – MSNBC’s Tur de farce

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Katy – MSNBC’s Tur de farce

Katy – MSNBC’s Tur de farce
January 21
19:01 2019

Attempting to determine who among MSNBC’s lineup of program personalities is the most biased, the most intellectually dishonest and the most ethically challenged journalist is no easy task. It is more or less a 12-way tie ever since the network dropped their only certifiable conservative, Huge Hewitt, from his obscure Sunday morning gig.

In all fairness, MSNBC does have a precious few who have a degree of journalistic integrity – such as Michael Smerconish, who gets the less desirable Saturday morning spot, and election analyst Steve Kornacki, who gives a pretty good objective analysis of vote counts and election projections. But that is pretty much it. For the most part, MSNBC is nothing more than NBC’s political offspring in the spirit of “Rosemary’s Baby” – the womb of the anti-journalists.

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Of course, the selection of the most outrageous host or hostess can vary from day-to-day. There is one, however, who is consistently outrageous to the point of stupidity. And that is Katy Tur, who anchors “MSNBC Live with Katy Tur.”

I always thought “MSNBC Lie with Katy Tur” would be more appropriate. I say that because Tur goes beyond the propaganda spin and one-sided analyses that is the hallmark of MSNBC. She says things that are simply untrue – and with an arrogant stridency that is unmatched even at the nation’s leading #NeverTrump Resistance Movement outlet.

Okay, let me give you an example. In a recent show, Tur was pushing the left’s evergreen narrative of Republican racism. She then claimed – as if factual – that there is no racism to be found on the left – shrugging her shoulders to gesture that there can be no refutation to her alleged “truth.” She has spoken in her version of ex-cathedra.

In proffering such a colossal and ludicrous lie, Tur is taking a page out of Adolph Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” in which the future Fuhrer promoted the “big lie” as a political tactic – a lie so “colossal,” he wrote, that it would be unbelievable that anyone would “have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously”. Ergo, the lie must be true. Hitler used the technique to dishonestly demonize Jews, blacks and other non-Aryans – just as Tur uses it to demonize Republicans and conservatives dishonestly – and occasionally old white me (which I take personally).

I am not at all suggesting that Tur is an acolyte of Nazism, per se. It is just that creating false narratives is a genetic feature of those with authoritarian leanings – the political left – and she is a master (or is it mistress) of the skillset.

Since I have never been on Tur’s program, and are not likely to ever be invited, I shall have to refute and educate Tur from this platform in the hope that maybe it will get passed along to her – not that I see much chance of that happening either.

Since we celebrate Martin Luther King Day in January, we can start with the fact that his many crusades – in the old southland and the big cities of the north — have been against the self-proclaimed liberal Democratic Party. It was congressional Republicans who passed virtually all the civil rights legislation in American history. And in this time of celebration of Martin Luther King, it is noteworthy that it was President Reagan who made the third Monday of January a national holiday in honor of the fallen civil rights leader.

Enough about the Republicans. What about the claim that the political left is devoid of racism?

In fact, throughout America’s political history, progressivism has been associated with racial intolerance and white supremacy. If you find that hard to believe, do your research. Such infamous racists as “Pitchfork Ben” Tillman – who murdered his way to political power — was considered part of the early progressive movement, as was Margaret Singer, whose advocacy of abortion was directed to women she considered inferior – mostly minorities. Such progressive icons as Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt were white supremacists, and their policies reflected it.

Democrats have always been good at holding up a façade of racial tolerance and beneficence that conceals some very ugly realities. This charade was employed by Roosevelt, who spoke of civil rights for Negro Americans, but allied himself to the powerful southern Democrats; refused to sign anti-lynching legislation introduced by congressional Republicans; refused to integrate the armed forces; appointed a KKK member to the Supreme Court; and crafted his New Deal to transfer scarce jobs from blacks to whites.

The Democratic Party holds power over virtually every major city where blacks are segregated, uneducated, impoverished, confined to substandard housing and unsafe on the streets. The conditions in our inner cities are the residual of the Democratic Party’s more than 100 years of black oppression. My hometown of Chicago has long been recognized as both the most Democrat city in America AND the most racist – so much so that Dr. King made the Windy City the location of his first northern crusade.

Racist Democrats maintained control of the south well into the 1970s – with the last former KKK member, Democrat Senator Harry Byrd, leaving the Senate in 2010 – and who made news in 2009 when he referred to what he viewed as low-class Caucasians as “white niggers.”

One of the greatest purveyors for racism, sexism, and Semitism and homophobia is the Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan. He is embraced – mostly behind the scenes – by such progressive Democrats as Keith Ellison – who despite his years working alongside Farrakhan was made co-chair of the National Democratic Party and recently elected as Attorney General of Minnesota. Among Farrakhan’s other proteges was a young community organizer named Barack Obama. A supposedly free press suppressed friendly photos of Obama with the hate-monger during the 2008 presidential campaign.

The left’s dedication to political correctness and the politics of identity are founded on racism, — as only one of a range of social intolerances. These are policies intended to divide Americans along racial lines. Left-wing Democrats, such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton spread racism within the black community. In a recent speech to an all-black university graduating class, Elizabeth Warren spews the false gospel of racial hatred – telling the young black audience that the “system” was rigged against them. That is racism.

Katy Tur is not just wrong about racism in America, she has been given a license to lie about it – and is taking full advantage.

So, there ‘tis.

About Author

Larry Horist

Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and politics. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, as well as the White House. He has testified as an expert witness before legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress, and lectured at major colleges and universities. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.

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  1. Patrick
    Patrick January 22, 19:56

    I believe you mean Senator Robert Byrd, not Harry. The rest is spot-on though.

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  2. Chelemark
    Chelemark January 22, 20:21

    Another one of your sick delusional writings, one sided, biased, without an analogy of the racist pig in the oval office, or the continual diatribe of fox news, and its less than honest pilferage and distorted representation of every day news. If you’re going to write an article, write it with an equal monologue as to the detrimental behavior of all newscasters otherwise you are the same idiot you are claiming they are.

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    • B5
      B5 January 22, 20:54

      Stay classy Chelemark!

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    • Philip Kershner
      Philip Kershner January 22, 21:11

      Of course there are racists on the right. But he had no obligation to talk about them. He was refuting the claim of Katy Tur that there is no racism to be found on the left. You do that by showing examples of leftist racism. The logic is really quite simple. If someone said there are no planets circling our sun, I could refute them by showing that there are planets circling our sun (one would be enough to do the job). I don’t have to talk about planets circling other suns.

      Reply to this comment
      • TA1
        TA1 January 25, 15:47

        yep, still looking for something concrete here. so far, just “he said, she said…” or something akin to that. Not much to work with, but we have sort of come to expect this from “news” media unfortunately. And the commentary about the news, is just one more jump away from what actually happened, if anything actually did in the first place.

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    • Hank
      Hank January 23, 00:38

      Seriously? Where is your evidence? I think you might be having some illicit relations with Katy to be saying the same kind of stupidity.

      Reply to this comment
  3. WillyZ
    WillyZ January 22, 20:57

    Larry, if Katy “says things that are simply untrue”, are you suggesting that she is close to rival your Saint in the WH? I am sure that he is unrivaled for years and decades to come.

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  4. thinkr2
    thinkr2 January 22, 21:56

    Katy Tur makes the claim that there is no racism on the left, only on the right.

    Larry does NOT argue that there is NO racism on the right, but that Katy is lying when she says there is NO racism on the left.

    Chelemark and WillyZ FAIL to refute anything, but attempt to divert the conversation away from the issue addressed by BOTH Kay and Larry.

    I don’t like Trump, but,

    TDS much?

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  5. kevin
    kevin January 22, 22:30

    Donald Jerk Trump is scum bag and rascal . A New Yorker slum landlord harassing poor immigrants Haitians, Jamaican and latinos. What does this white trash dog knows how to govern this country. Damn your opinion

    Reply to this comment
    • Doug C.
      Doug C. February 22, 08:13

      Blackface southern yokels like this sure fly off the handle easily.

      Some day I’d like to see a comment from one that’s formulated while sober.

      Reply to this comment
  6. O. Possum
    O. Possum January 23, 00:17

    Lots of vague generalizations and claims- scant evidence. Larry Horist attempts to prop up his narrative with one vague reference to racism. There are no exact quotes in context. He talks about “journalistic integrity”. He might very well start with his own practices.

    Reply to this comment
  7. TA1
    TA1 January 25, 16:20

    in re Larry’s actual article, since apparently he has not deigned to hire a copy editor, I shall volunteer (just this once) to correct his various mistakes:

    1) just because obama was in a picture with farrakhan, does not establish that there was some kind of long-standing relationship. The same claim is often made by the right, with regard to obama’s minister from his home church in chicago; I might choose to join a congregation for whatever reason, but that does not make me automatically accountable for the politics of the minister, assuming I am even that much cognizant of it. When Obama became so, he did (wisely) distance himself from it, at least as the right-leaning-media made hay with it.

    2) really the allusion to “Rosemary’s Baby” is not very apt. The story line tends to be more in line with those who would terminate a pregnancy rather than take it to term and allow some “interest” otherwise un-involved, to take the baby and raise (read: indoctrinate) the borderline human.

    3) while it is true that MLK day was instituted by Reagan, it was done so over MUCH resistance from the business interests in the GOP, who insisted that one more federal holiday would turn the nation into a communist state. So far, it has only provided more business to outfits who cater to weekend travelers. I’d guess that those are mostly republicans and mostly white looking people, given the known demographic of who holds the wealth in my country.

    4) Democrats…Republicans…racism: I really would expect someone with a college degree to actually be aware of the tumult which the 1964 Civil Rights Act created, wherein the racists of the Blue Dog Democrat ideology, bolted from the party and were greeted with open arms by the likes of Richard Nixon. The worst among the racists have been in the GOP ever since. Since, you know, we were talking about “intellectual dishonesty” weren’t we. How long are you and your right winger friends, gonna keep pretending you don’t know about this major shift in party alignments in the USA? Were you TOTALLY asleep at the wheel in the 60’s and 70’s or what?

    5) that would be Margaret SANGER not SINGER, and next time you go to a drug store and buy condoms without being arrested, you can thank her for that. It used to be illegal to even send INFORMATION about contraceptives in the US mail, due to the Comstock Act (named after a real gem of Victorian ideology who was in the US congress for reasons I will never grasp).

    6) the Senator was ROBERT Byrd, not Harry Byrd (the latter was a virginia governor according to wiki). ROBERT Byrd was indeed a racist in his younger days, reflecting the culture from which he was raised, but he had the nuts to eventually face this fact and change his tune. He made various heartfelt comments and speeches about this painful topic, and was a true leader among his people. The least you could do, dude, is to get the names right, notwithstanding that the life’s work of these people might still be something that you imply disapproval of. You did make the allusion, so it is on you to DO IT RIGHT.
    7) WRT Warren’s admonishment that the economic system is stacked against young black males: that isn’t racism, it is economics and politics and frankly still accurate. Even now that marijuana is no longer an illegal “field” to work in, notice that the Feds continue to try to dictate to the states, how they can do or not do this. Which is directly contrary to the Tenth Amendment:
    “Amendment X. The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”
    which applies to the drug trade. There was nothing in the constitution which gave the feds the right to dictate how substances would be permitted nor prohibited, until the anti-alcohol lobby which brought about Prohibition (which in turn created a national organized crime syndicate).

    Reply to this comment
    • Doug C.
      Doug C. February 22, 08:08

      There are so many lies and misrepresentations in the post above that the available space wouldn’t hold more than 1/10 of comments needed to refute the drivel.
      But if I must take one issue, it’s the absurd defense of Margaret Sanger as somehow singlehandedly freeing the U.S. mail to transport condoms, LOL.
      Sanger, a co-founder of progressivism, was the princess of eugenics — white master-race doctrine — in the U.S. and architect of der fuhrer’s “ethical defense” of genocide. She was Adolf H.’s favorite American, and her overweaning mission in life was to rid the U.S. gene pool of every trace of genetic material from minority groups — especially blacks.

      She was one of the most prominent Americans of her age, but when WW II broke out, she disappeared from view because of her unsavory ties to der fuhrer.
      Robert Byrd, the most influential KKKlansater who ever lived, was almost equally execrable. He remained a racist through his agonizingly long life, never giving up slurs like the N-word, which he can be seen using publicly on Youtube.
      When he was in his 30s, Byrd wrote that he’s sooner let the U.S. fall to the not-sees than support an America with integrated armed forces.

      Byrd voted against every black Supreme Court nominee, from hard right to hard left. In his 50s or 60s he not only became the only member of his state’s congressional delegation (eight or 10 senators and congressmen) to oppose civil rights legislation but he led a national filibuster against it by fellow southern KKKbangers.

      Byrd not only belonged to the KKKlan but formed his own chapter and PERSONALLY recruited up to 1,000 people to it.

      In punishment, the Donk Party appointed him their top-ranking leader in the Senate throughout the 1980s — a generation after the civil rights movement. During parts of that decade Byrd was the Donks’ highest ranking official in the United States.

      Byrd, while continuing to engage in racial slurs publicly, eventually ended his public connection with the KKKlan, but privately he made it clear that while you can take the Donk out of the KKKlan, you can’t take the KKKlan out of the Dok.

      TA1, with his reflexive embrace for all things KKKlanish, eugenic, jihadist and not-seefied, is the classic example of an unrestrained uber-bigot.

      Reply to this comment
    • Doug C.
      Doug C. February 22, 08:34

      Just closing this tab when my eye caught a line by the not-see goober TAi, who was nervously chewing out Larry Horist for mistakenly referencing Harry instead of Robert Byrd.
      Herr TAi threw a total fit and proceeded to deny Harry Byrd was ever a U.S. senator.
      Talk about ignorance x 2. There were TWO Harry Byrds to represent Virginia in the U.S. Senate — father and son. One was born within 2 years of KKKer Robert Byrd’s birthday and then died within 2 or 3 years of Robert’s death. That Harry Byrd is probably the Byrd that Horist mentioned by mistake.


      How stupid do you have to be to pretend to correct someone MUCH smarter than you and then to muck up your correction twice over?

      Robert Byrd was the most influential KKKlanster ever, and TAi loves him even more for it. But then he admires all powerful Klansters, master-race preachers and blackface politicians and entertainers.
      He starts out each day with a bowl of his favorite breakfast cereal — Kellogg’s Special KKK.

      Reply to this comment
  8. analogue
    analogue January 27, 22:23

    “… former KKK member, Democrat Senator Harry Byrd, leaving the Senate in 2010 – and who made news in 2009 when he referred to what he viewed as low-class Caucasians as “white niggers.” Do you mean the late Sen. Robert Byrd? He “left” the Senate by dying in 2010. He was so well-loved by BOTH Republicans & Democrats. “On July 1, 2010, Byrd lay in repose on the Lincoln Catafalque in the Senate chamber of the United States Capitol, becoming the first Senator to do so since his first year in the Senate, 1959.” Wikipedia. Obama respected him as well: “President Barack Obama: “He [Robert Byrd] was as much a part of the Senate as the marble busts that line its chamber and its corridors. His profound passion for that body and its role and responsibilities was as evident behind closed doors as it was in the stemwinders he peppered with history. He held the deepest respect of members of both parties, and he was generous with his time and advice, something I appreciated greatly as a young senator.” Byrd was loved and his loss was a major loss to America. His old KKK stuff – he completely did a 180 and believe me, if he still had racist views I doubt the leftyloony Dems would have said one nice thing about him.

    “Dimwit” indeed- who the heck is Harry Byrd?

    Reply to this comment

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