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Former Drug Czar Says Wall Will Work

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Former Drug Czar Says Wall Will Work

Former Drug Czar Says Wall Will Work
January 17
20:28 2019

Lately, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and various left-wing pundits have been on the stump decrying how President Trump’s proposed border wall will do nothing to stop the influx of drugs.

Such claims are “absurd” according to John Walters, who served as the “Drug Czar” under former President George W. Bush. Walters made his comments on a recent broadcast of Fox & Friends, adding that he thought it’s a “stupid analysis” to claim drugs will enter the country through legal ports even if a border wall is constructed. He seemed to indicate that just the opposite would be true.

“The problem is we have 2,000 miles of the border, and we have too many people on guard duty and not enough people screening at the points of entry…”

Walters explained that creating a wall like the one President Trump has proposed would channel the flow of drugs at the border into fixed areas so that agents could screen and stop them.

Politically Inspired Stupidity

Walters continued, “It’s kind of silly, I guess it’s politically inspired stupidity, but it’s ludicrous to say that the wall won’t allow us to focus our manpower on the places where we can control and search.”

He said that in addition to the wall, funds for border security should be used to step up drug screening at ports of entry, adding that there are laws that allow agents to stop vehicles after the port.

Walters also criticized what he called a “big stupid lie” by political leaders who claim there is not a crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

He said that politics have now overtaken the responsibilities of political leaders when it comes to the border.

“When political leaders say this is a manufactured crisis, that is infuriating to families and communities that are being destroyed [by illicit drugs crossing the border],” he said.

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  1. billymac
    billymac January 18, 19:57

    Build the wall.

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  2. Chelemark
    Chelemark January 18, 20:14

    Perhaps since you seem to know so much why don’t you go check the borders yourself so that you are not embellishing stories that you have no idea is true or false. Perhaps then we can get a viable opinion with some verified data as to what will or won’t work.

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    • JackTheWrench
      JackTheWrench January 18, 20:56

      Rather an absurd comment above by someone who doesn’t even claim to know anything and certainly proves it. Common sense says exactly what the author was saying. By the way, just what part of 2000 miles of border did you think should be checked?

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    • toddy
      toddy January 18, 21:19

      What’s your opinion???……that a 3,000 strong ‘caravan’ of people crossing our borders (and not at designated points of entry) is not a crisis, an emergency that needs to be addressed by Congress? This is a serious problem that’s been going on for decades with no one putting a check on it…….at a totally immeasurable cost to the US taxpayer.
      Wake up, smell the coffee and get over the 2016 election.

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    • DJ
      DJ January 19, 04:31

      This is going to be solved by people talking to each other, listening to other’s points of view, and coming up with a comprehensive solution. It is not going to be solved by the Prrsident bullying Congress and the American people trying to get us to back his solution thst has not been tested or debated

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    • Old Blue
      Old Blue January 19, 17:54


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    • Luciano
      Luciano February 07, 22:14

      He, John Walters knows about the problem with the illegal immigration. On other hand
      you do not know anything and are writing idiotic comments

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  3. Bob
    Bob January 18, 20:17

    Most of us didn’t need a drug czar to tell us that the wall will work!

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  4. The Burgie
    The Burgie January 18, 20:21

    I lived in El Paso, Texas for several years. The Wall of Trump will do nothing to stop the flow of drugs, stop criminals, etc. I bet Mr. Walters has never been to any place on the USA/Mexico Border. He is another “15 minute know it all”!

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  5. Linda
    Linda January 18, 20:41

    The borders have dangerous people coming through and Pelosi and Schumer, the rest of Congress know this. They don’t care, they want to DESTROY AMERICA and AMERICANS!! Especially the 3 Muslims that are NOT LEGALLY in CONGRESS!!! THEY REFUSE to GO by OUR CONSTITUTION and LAWS, and OUR LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!!!! Won’t put their hand on our BIBLE!!! ANY that want to ALLOW ILLEGALS and don’t CARE if they are TERRORIST and OTHER bad REASONS are TREASONOUS to this COUNTRY and MUST be REMOVED!!!

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  6. Wendy
    Wendy January 18, 21:22

    Why don’t they visit the border and
    see for themselves instead of planning trips to other countries?
    Where there is smoke, there is fire, as the saying goes. Stop playing games with the American people. Do what is necessary for
    the people who vote for them.

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  7. toddy
    toddy January 18, 21:28

    “When political leaders say this is a manufactured crisis, that is infuriating to families and communities that are being destroyed (by illicit drugs crossing the border),” he said. If you don’t understand that EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN TAXPAYER IS AFFECTED IN SOME WAY by this ‘illegal migration’ into our country. there’s something inherently wrong with you.

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  8. olc
    olc January 19, 02:34

    The Dems want to tighten up ay ports of entry. Will the cartels say “Oh no, I can’t get drugs into the US anymore”? Or will they just run them over weaker parts of the border? What happened to logic?

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  9. Bob
    Bob January 19, 02:40

    Over a thousand miles of this border is in very remote areas of mountains and with the Rio Grande River running right down the middle of the border. What part of building a wall do the people proposing it understand? Walls in such remote areas are impossible to build, maintain and keep secure. The damage to the environment would be severe too. No engineer has been employed to design and price it out either. It won’t work!

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  10. Bob
    Bob January 19, 02:41

    The damn wall is a waste of money and has never been proven where it already exists.

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