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Bernie Sanders Begged Not to Run in 2020

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Bernie Sanders Begged Not to Run in 2020

Bernie Sanders Begged Not to Run in 2020
January 11
18:54 2019

The Editorial Board of the Barre Montpelier Times Argus– Bernie Sanders’ hometown newspaper — has “begged,” the one-time socialist democratic hopeful, not to resume his bid for the White House in 2020.

In a recently published op-ed entitled “Don’t run,” members of the board said “we beg him” to avoid throwing his hat in the ring for 2020.

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“That is an unfavorable opinion, especially among most Vermonters and progressives who support the platform that has come to define him,” the board acknowledged. “But at this point, there are more things about another Sanders run at the White House that concern us than excite us.”

The editorial board, which endorsed Hillary Clinton as the Democratic presidential nominee in 2016, went on to say in the piece that it fears that another Sanders run for president could divide “the well-fractured Democratic Party, and could lead to another split in the 2020 presidential vote.”

“A Matter of Principle Over Ego”

“For us, this comes down to principle over ego,” the board wrote. “It is one thing to start a revolution, but at a certain point you need to know when to step out of the way and let others carry the water for you.”

The board adds that while it recognizes that Sanders has developed a loyal following because of certain progressive policies he embraces, it also acknowledges that he has become “exhausting” as a candidate and that his personality can be “abrasive.”

The unabashed piece continued, “He can be dismissive and rude in his arrogance. You are either with Bernie Sanders or you are not,” the board writes, before charging that his “no-nonsense approach” is comparable to President Trump’s.

But, the board’s main gripe with Sanders making another run seems to be that they feel a 2020 national campaign will once again distract the Senator from the needs of his constituents at home.

The writers of the op-ed noted, that during his 2016 presidential run, Sanders was absent dozens of times for votes on key matters they felt were important to local Vermonters.

Apparently perturbed with his long list of past national media appearances, the board added, “you are more likely to catch Sanders on Colbert, CNN or MSNBC than you are to see him talking to reporters here in Vermont.”

“Evidently, microphones here don’t extend far enough.”

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  1. Don
    Don January 13, 20:29

    Proving that Bernie cares more about Bernie than anything or anyone else.

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  2. Mikenice
    Mikenice January 13, 20:36

    I hope he does run again in 2020. If Hillary Clinton wasn’t so sneaky Bernie Sanders would be our President already and the U. S. A. wouldn’t be in a mess like it is right now. Run Bernie Run. Please run for President.

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  3. Flup
    Flup January 13, 21:50

    ‘that it fears that another Sanders run for president could divide “the well-fractured Democratic Party, and could lead to another split in the 2020 presidential vote.” And that’s a bad thing?

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  4. TA1
    TA1 January 14, 04:17

    two things:
    1) anyone imploring Bernie not to run in 2020, probably has some kind of agenda about supporting someone else to run. That is, someone enamored of the DNC machine.
    2) it will be a cold day in hell when I care what the “Barre Montpelier Times Argus” says about much of anything. With the POSSIBLE exception of things that are of concern only to the city of Montpelier.

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