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Pence: No Deal Without Wall Funding

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Pence: No Deal Without Wall Funding

Pence: No Deal Without Wall Funding
January 04
20:02 2019

Speaking on MSNBC before assuming her position as Speaker of the House for a historic second time, Nancy Pelosi said, “No, nothing for the wall.” The statement was in response to a question by MSNBC host Savannah Guthrie, who asked, “Are you willing to come up and give him some of this money for the wall?”

Meanwhile, on Fox News, Vice President Mike Pence confirmed that the White House would reject any Democratic spending bill without funding for a border wall. In an exclusive interview on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Pence said, “Democrats broke off negotiations about a week ago, but the president’s made it clear: We’re here to make a deal, but it’s a deal that’s going to result in achieving real gains on border security. And, you have no border security without a wall. We will have no deal without a wall.”

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Keeping the President’s Promises

The vice-president went on to say that the White House is “completely focused on keeping the president’s promise, to build a wall, to pass legislation that provides other support for border security, that gives the people that are enforcing our laws at the border, and across the border-enforcing our immigration laws, the resources and the tools that they need.”

The vice president pointed to a compromise floated during a legislative showdown over the summer, which would have provided enhanced statutory protections to so-called “Dreamers,” or illegal immigrants who entered the U.S. at a young age. The president had signaled support for the measure.

“There’s a lot of people talking about a lot of different ideas, you know frankly, the better part of a year ago, the president expressed a willingness to deal with the issue of Dreamers compassionately,” Pence said. “People who were brought here as children, and through no fault of their own — he’s discussed that, it’s being talked about.”

Pence pointed out that “in the last 12 months we’ve seen a dramatic increase … 2,000 people a day [are] apprehended at our border or found to be inadmissible, trying to enter our country.”

The solution, Pence said, is a “barrier,” along with “technology, drones, the kind of support that our border agents know will assist them in doing their job. But bottom line, if there’s no wall, there’s no deal.”

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  1. boppa
    boppa January 05, 19:53

    Schumer and Pelosi must be put in heir places and whatever rath must be used – use it. We have to secure our border and the game the Democrats are playing isdemeaning to this country, not Trump alone. Their two faced back stabbing and undermining policies with anything this president wants to accomplish must be stopped. And any other democrat that wants to walk that path should get the same.

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  2. swifty656
    swifty656 January 05, 20:24

    The national emergency is here. Declare it as such and let the Army Corp of Engineers do the job at half the price.

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  3. FDR II
    FDR II January 05, 20:32

    Poor Trump! He dreamed up the wall as a campaign gimmick his brainless red hatters could understand, and now he’s trapped by it, losing more middle class support every day. And make no mistake about it, despite his attempts to blame the Dems for the shutdown, the polls show the voters stick it all on him and the spineless cowards supporting him in the Congress. It’s a joy to behold. And missed paychecks and loss of services are not easily forgotten. 2020 can’t come soon enough!

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    • Hank
      Hank January 05, 21:03

      Truly an ignorant comment. You have offered NO solution, just empty rhetoric like the Dems. Oh, it’s immoral. WHAT? How is it immoral? But it costs to much. It will cost way more in the long run – entitlements, law enforcement, drug smuggling, education. What are lefties like you afraid of. Keep up your stonewalling (pun intended) and see where you are in 2020. And in the meantime, enjoy the energized economy that would never have happened with Dems or even milquetoast Repibs in charge.

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    • jj
      jj January 05, 21:30

      This was not an idea he dreamed up. He sincerely wants the wall to protect this country from drugs, prostitutes, child sex slaves and riff naff coming into the country. Anybody that thinks differently must not care about this country.

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    • Tom Stark
      Tom Stark January 05, 21:36

      He’s trapped by nothing. The Dems are finallyfacing simeone with a backbone to stand up for what is right for America. Leftists are losers and the Dems are leftists.

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    • tompro97
      tompro97 January 05, 21:45

      Brainwashed Demoncrat Snowflake at work earning his Soros check – I bet you don’t have a job and still live at your mother’s house.

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      • DG
        DG January 05, 23:00

        I completely agree with FDR II, and I am no snowflake. I have a very good job, and have not lived with my parents in over 20 years. The House and Senate passed a compromise bill in early December, which the White House indicated Trump would sign. Then the right-wing talking heads got going, and Trump backed off the deal. And this is not the first time Trump has made a decision based on what the pundits had to say. It’s concerning that the person who is supposed to be the leader of this country makes decisions based on the opinions of media personalities instead of what’s in the best interest of this country.

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        • Doug C.
          Doug C. January 06, 00:52

          There’s not a true sentence in this absurd spiel.

          Another lying leftnik competing for mention in the Goebbels Book of World Records.

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        • PH
          PH January 06, 03:22

          Trump us doing what is best for the country, or at least he is trying. The Democrats are the ones playing to the media and pretending they care about the safety and security of the citizens of this country. You know, the ones who pay Congresse’s salaries and who will pay for tbe wall/border security barrier. And if the Democrat “leaders” believe walls are useless and immoral, why do they all have nice high walls around their homes?

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    • Rob
      Rob January 05, 21:51

      Your an idiot.what part of secure borders don’t you get? Every country in this world has Sakura bordas Ben / wall of Israel Works 99.9% go into Mexico illegally and watch what happens, you forget that soldier who missed a turn. I don’t see any Democrats giving up anything to support the immigrants.

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    • Rob
      Rob January 05, 21:52

      How convenient you forget that all the Democrats supported border security and the wall.

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    • Captain Hook
      Captain Hook January 05, 23:45

      DG and FDR II must be illegal’s who don’t want to get deported. Dildo Dems want open boarders because every illegal entry is another voter for the Dildo Dems. Anyone who does not see this is blind and should be slaughtered like a pig.

      Reply to this comment
    • Doug C.
      Doug C. January 06, 00:57

      The desperation and anxiety are radiating from goobers like this with ever-greater intensity, signaling knowledge that they’re sliding deeper and deeper into failure and obscurity.

      It’ll be a delight to see Lizzie Warren, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, “Spartacus” or some other Donk muttonhead try to discover some means of being elected in 2020.

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    • Drew
      Drew January 06, 03:23

      FDRII; You are nothing more than s shit-stinkin snowflake melting real fast in the fires of hell.

      I have no respect . . . period for brainless & spineless bums like you make loud-mouthed, guttersnipe comments about ” Any Man ” they have not ever met in their entire life.

      Us ordinary, honest, hard-working folk have had more than enough of your foul smelling vomit coming outa your mouth, just so you can feel good about yourself

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      • WillyZ
        WillyZ January 06, 14:06

        Drew, your selection of facal words and expressions seems to be testament of your intelect.

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    • WillyZ
      WillyZ January 06, 14:07

      I couldn’t agree more with you.

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  4. olc
    olc January 05, 21:41

    The Democrats keep saying they support border security but have not offered a single concretething that would actually accomplish it in any way. They reject Mandatory E-Verify, for example. They also reject string interior enforcement. Their position on everything is simply oppose anything Trump wants. They used to oppose illegal immigration.

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  5. Bookworm
    Bookworm January 05, 21:53

    The USA spends 15 billion on protecting the border in Afghanistan! But Dims don’t want to protect our borders with 5 billion! We the people voted for Trump because he put America first. Dims are putting their personal hatred for our President before what’s best for our country. Pelosi and Schumer need to retire. They are out of touch and care only about themselvesz.

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  6. Screw FDR
    Screw FDR January 06, 23:19

    FDRII; then that explains your need for more slaves to vote for you. After all FDR states with his New Deal, give them free crap and we’ll have the “niggers” voting for democrats for decades. He was never more right and now the democrats want illegal Hispanic votes to maintain power at the expense of every hardworking American.

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