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Trump Digs In and Rejects Democratic “Compromise”

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Trump Digs In and Rejects Democratic “Compromise”

Trump Digs In and Rejects Democratic “Compromise”
January 03
18:54 2019

As the Federal Government shutdown entered its 13th day, President Trump has dug in his heels and has rejected a compromise to reopen the government presented by the Democrats.

The meeting between the president and Congressional leaders, including Representative Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer, took place not in the Oval Office, but in the Situation Room, which should give some perspective on the seriousness of the negotiations. During the contentious meeting, President Trump stood his ground and rejected Democratic leaders’ proposals for reopening the government, saying he would look “foolish” if he compromised.

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In the meeting, President Trump once again laid out his case for a wall on the southwestern border and rejected Democrats’ proposals for reopening the government until the two sides could iron out their differences on border security.

According to three officials familiar with the meeting who described it on the condition of anonymity, “I would look foolish if I did that,” was the way that Trump responded after Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader, posed the question to him directly of giving up on the wall. The president said that the wall was why he was elected, one of the officials said.

Democrats Won’t Budge on Border Wall

Stubbornness was displayed on both sides, as Democrats refused to budge on border security. Democrats were equally adamant, according to another official who was present for the discussion. Pressed by Vice President Mike Pence and Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, the incoming minority leader, Pelosi and Schumer refused to budge from their offer to devote $1.3 billion to border security. The official also insisted on anonymity to describe the private conversation.

Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader, said after the meeting that he had no intention of putting Democratic bills to reopen the government to a vote knowing that the president would not sign them.

“We’re hopeful that, somehow, in the coming days and weeks, we’ll be able to reach an agreement,” Mr. McConnell told reporters at the Capitol, offering an ominous timeline.

The meeting underscored the contention among the now split government as the Democrats have assumed control of the House. We now have a stalemate (pun very much intended!) between a president who is unwilling to lose face with his core supporters on his signature campaign promise and the newly empowered Democrats who refuse to give ground on an issue that has come to symbolize everything they oppose about Mr. Trump’s immigration policies.

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  1. radman414
    radman414 January 04, 19:44

    Senate should initiate the nuclear/constitutional option and call the vote on the already-passed House bill that provided $5+ billion in funding. With the new larger Republican majority there, it should pass. Problem solved…and the government can be opened up again.

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    • OyeBama
      OyeBama January 04, 19:47

      “I have a pen and a phone” BHO

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    • Rev.
      Rev. January 04, 21:04

      Does anyone remember who is such to pay for the wall, Trump is playing take my ball and go home poor him if this is supposed to be a president for the people I don’t know who the people are he has not done the great job he brags about he’s told the biggest lie that people forget go back and watch his words MEXICO is going to pay for the wall it’s time for all you trumpsters to get your heads out of his butt and realize the damage this but is d

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  2. Lori
    Lori January 04, 19:44

    If the government is shut down and civil servants are without pay, let’s stop paying the President and all those who are refusing to work on getting it up and working again. All the Pres wants is his way, he doesn’t give diddly squat about the country or anyone else. Ditto for most of the Republicans. When are we going to stop reelecting those old fossils and get someone in there who cares more about American than they do their own self serving interests.

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    • Rick
      Rick January 04, 20:04

      President Trump does not take a paycheck. It is all donated to the veterans administration. If you can be swayed by facts, please look at this page:

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      • USMC6471
        USMC6471 January 04, 23:32

        Beginning with the claim that vets have had the largest pay raise ever under Trump, a whopping 10%, where has 8% of those 10% gone? My nephew has not seen anything bigger than 2%. I’ll bet that if all those so-called accomplishments were submitted to fact-checkers, about 70% would come back as “hogwash” or trickle down Obama accomplishments for which he is taking credit for.

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    • LLou
      LLou January 04, 20:22

      Donald Trump is one of a few presidents who actually does care about the American people and that’s why we elected him. We have needed border security for a very long time and President Trump is the only one to really tackle the problem. We will get The Wall.

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    • Steamer
      Steamer January 04, 20:25

      President Trump does not take a pay check. Before you make any statements know what you are talking about.

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    • billy
      billy January 04, 20:30

      Old fossils Pelosi, Schurmur, Feinstein etc. It seems they don’t care much either.

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    • coco9
      coco9 January 04, 20:48

      Lori, don’t be ignorant, the President does not draw a salary, so before acting like a fool, do your homework.
      Peace to you Snow Flake. Hope you stay alive by the subfreezing temps. during the winter. Ciao

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    • toddy
      toddy January 04, 20:48


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    • Steven
      Steven January 04, 20:54

      The president was elected on this promise. Just because your used to broken promises from your guys, don’t expect our guys to back down due to lack of spine.

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    • Usa
      Usa January 04, 20:56

      Lori you are full of shit I guess you don’t care what happens to are country just like the asshole democratics they don’t care about their own country either just let them all in and run are country to the ground and live off the taxpayers backs

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    • Dennis
      Dennis January 04, 20:57

      If you look back to 1996, you will find a law passed by Democrats and some Republicans. The intent was to protect the USA from illegal immigration, visa overstays and other issues caused by illegal immigration. President Trump wants to enforce this law, which includes provisions for border security. Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein and other prominent Democrats supported this action. Why do the want to stop it now?

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    • Me
      Me January 04, 21:00

      Hay good idea let’s includr all of president’s appointees that he approved a 10k per year pay increase starting this Saturday

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    • Duane
      Duane January 04, 21:03

      “All the Pres wants is his way, . . .” What about Pelosi and Schumer? They offer 1/3 of what was requested and include a prohibition against using ANY of it for improvement or extension of the border fence/wall.

      You point to the President, but ignore the obstruction of the Democrats.

      I’ve been overseas, have you? Call it what ever you want, a fence or a wall or whatever, but most countries have effective border barriers. The US needs an effective border barrier like most other countries have.

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      • Mike
        Mike January 04, 23:31

        Even Vatican City has a wall surrounding (Pope called a US wall as non-Christian… hmmmm…)it, as do other countries , especially since 9/11.

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    • jj
      jj January 04, 21:20

      Lori, President Trump stayed behind during Christmas and New Year’s while the Democrats all went home. So who care diddly squat about the country. Take another look at this situation. President Trump gives all his salary to some Government agency every 3 months. Or hadn’t you heard?

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    • Hawk
      Hawk January 04, 21:22


      The president already takes NO PAY for his job. Unlike the rest if the government officials (like Nancy Pelosi) who makes about $180k per year and has a net worth of over 500 million. Tell me she’s not taking money for influence, under the table as well as doing insider trading. Both of which are patently illegal.

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    • Bonnie
      Bonnie January 04, 21:56

      He doesn’t take pay.

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    • TedR
      TedR January 04, 23:20

      Actually the Pres does not collect a salary. If the Democrats, who by the way have, in the past, all called for more border security. This is not about America to the Democrats, it is about POWER, they want power, to hell with the citizens.

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    • fuzzynutz
      fuzzynutz January 05, 00:50

      The president donated his previous pay to the Park Service, doesn’t need the pay. If he didn’t care about the country why does he keep pushing for the wall and trying to implement immigration laws put into place by previous administration. Wake up.

      Reply to this comment
    • Julz
      Julz January 05, 01:24

      … Old hog Pelosi and two-faced Schumer for example…
      They are getting their paychecks, getting richer and.. concerned oh.. sooo very much about poor poor illegals..

      Reply to this comment
    • CD
      CD January 05, 04:32

      Lori, I agree with you about, “If the government is shut down and civil servants are without pay, let’s stop paying the President and all those who are refusing to work on getting it up and working again.” But it should include everyone; Republican and Democrat (Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell…)

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  3. OyeBama
    OyeBama January 04, 19:46

    “I have a pen and a phone” Let’s go DJT

    Reply to this comment
    • knowsit
      knowsit January 05, 18:29

      We tried that under that presumptive American, who’s computer generated B.C. was issued by a hospital that came into existence some three years after his birth date.

      Reply to this comment
  4. coty1218
    coty1218 January 04, 20:24

    So you prefer to pay (I assume you are a taxpayer) for $230 billion a year this country pays for free health care and welfare to folks that have come here illegally ? What about the Americans who have been killed by illegals either through violence or the billions we spend a year for drug treatments and funerals for overdoses due to the flow of illegal drugs across the border. You sound like the typical libtard

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  5. Charley
    Charley January 04, 20:37

    shumer and polosi wanted to give obama 5bil to do the wall–why did,nt they build it–they don,t care about the country only want to keep trump for doing anything for the country–from their walled in residences–looking only to 2020

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  6. Giantfan
    Giantfan January 04, 21:00

    Just go with the nuclear option! The dems did it. Republicans have the upper hand. They are a bunch of cowards! Put a stop to this insanity.

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  7. All American
    All American January 04, 22:00

    US Citizens ;
    The Democrats are voting as a block , due to the leadership in the house. We the people are the losers in all of this Political mess. We sent our representatives to Washington to do our business and run our country yet we are getting the short end of the stick . To all the people that voted Democratic in the House races, shame on you . We have divided government now ,which will haunt us for years to come. Very little will be done in the interest of the people. They talk about power . We the people need to take back our government from Schumer and the Representative from California.

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  8. Sturge
    Sturge January 04, 22:08

    Lets quit kidding our self about who cares for America. Trump wants to keep out terrorists and criminals by using “The Wall”. Democrats wants to let anyone in who has ever had a rock thrown at them in their homeland. Make them go home and fix their own country.

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  9. Andy
    Andy January 04, 22:19

    Pelosi , Schumer and their ilk represent a clear and present danger to the safety and security of our country. The larger Democratic play is so painfully obvious: more illegals that enter are going to become Democrat supporters and put their party in a place of superpower . Stay strong for us Mr President!!

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  10. DZS
    DZS January 04, 23:37

    President Trump should get himself “A phone” and “A pen” just like President Obama did and use it,

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  11. USMC6471
    USMC6471 January 04, 23:41

    By the way, Rick, that list you submitted of Trump accomplishments, nowhere did I read about Trump donating his paycheck to veterans. And if he does in fact do that, it will only last until the million plus he had stated earlier that he had donated before or during his campaign which he never did, are made. He lied about it just like every other statement that comes out of his mouth.

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  12. DG
    DG January 05, 01:05

    A compromise bill was passed by both chambers in early December, after assurances from the White House that it would be signed. Then the right-wing talking heads got going and Trump backed out of the deal. So who’s really in charge here, Trump or right-wing talk radio/news?

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    • BJ
      BJ January 05, 01:49

      The american people of whom 70% support the wall, that is who is ultimately in control!

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    • Dave
      Dave January 05, 08:38

      You need to do a fact check, & not the propaganda site Snopes.

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  13. Joe
    Joe January 05, 02:24

    Washington should let the people of this country decide the fate of the wall by putting it up for voting at polling places, I guess that’s to easy for the Democratic party.

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  14. Dave
    Dave January 05, 08:36

    I doubt if the shutdown affects more than 5% of the population & the large majority of those are probably Democrats. Trump is asking for roughly 1/1000th of the federal budget. If I cared about the shutdown I would blame the Democrats.

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  15. Keith C Haas
    Keith C Haas January 05, 16:47

    The cost to the American tax payers for illegals in this country has a latest estimate of $286 Billion per year. I think $5 Billion is not enough. The socialist Democrats want the illegals here so they can vote for them illegally. Lori, you have been watching to much fake news out of CNN. Grow a brain and find the real facts.

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