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President Trump Wishes All a Happy New Year

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President Trump Wishes All a Happy New Year

President Trump Wishes All a Happy New Year
January 02
18:56 2019

President Donald J. Trump has started out 2019 by wishing all Americans, even his detractors, a Happy New Year. Trump started what will likely be a very politically contentious year, by tweeting, “Happy New Year to everyone, including the haters and the fake news media!”

The tweet went on to say that 2019 would be a “fantastic” year for anyone “not suffering from Trump derangement syndrome” — an ailment he has diagnosed his critics within the past.

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Say what you will about Trump, but he has a history of being magnanimous in Holiday greetings to his enemies, albeit in a typical Trumpian style. In 2016 he wished a Happy New Year “to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don’t know what to do.” And at the close of 2014, he extended his good wishes to “all haters and losers.”

Trump Stays in DC for the Holidays

While many of those “enemies,” i.e., Democratic members of Congress, fled DC to be with friends and family, the president, stalwartly, chose not to spend the Holidays at Mar-a-Lago as he originally planned. He put his trip on hold when the partial government shutdown began on Dec. 22, and decided to stay, in the hopes that members of Congress would return to negotiate plans to reopen the government – but none came to the White House as he had hoped.

On Monday, Dec. 31, House Democrats unveiled a plan to reopen the federal government, but that proposal did not include the funding for a border wall that the president has demanded.

On the heels of that proposal, the Senate’s Republican leadership said that the Senate “is not going to send something to the president that he won’t sign.”

So for nearly 12 days, the partial government shutdown remains in effect. When the Democrats take control of the House as the new Congress convenes on Thursday, January 3, it is expected that the first order of business will be for House Democratic leaders to vote on proposals to reopen the government.

A little over an hour after issuing his first somewhat dismissive Tweet, the president sent out a more sincere greeting on Twitter; “Happy New Year!”

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  1. Bud Prewer
    Bud Prewer January 03, 14:43

    I’m so happy to read this. This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the accidental misinformation that’s at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this best doc.

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  2. Dick S
    Dick S January 03, 19:29

    As with POTUS, I believe anyone claiming to be a self-made man has relieved God of a horrible responsibly!

    Trump claims self-made status owing to the advice given by his father: “Son, here’s $460 million. Try not to piss it away! .. Best advice I ever got!”

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  3. davidlaing
    davidlaing January 03, 19:42

    From all this, it’s quite clear to me that our POTUS is a really nice guy!

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  4. LUCKY
    LUCKY January 03, 19:42

    If Trump was not doing so many good things for the country, the haters of America would not be so threatened by his good works. The same as the dark wanted to kill Jesus, who only did good. Not saying in any way Trump is like Jesus,, he does care about our COUNTRY,

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  5. Ken
    Ken January 03, 20:35

    He is a dangerous egomaniac and an asshole.

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  6. Wendy
    Wendy January 03, 20:42

    It is in their hands and they need
    to do what is the best for the country and consider the people that
    voted for them or they should do without pay until they come together
    and settle this!

    Reply to this comment
  7. Bill
    Bill January 03, 22:38

    This guy doesn’t know how more than 1/2 of the people can’t stand his egotistical manner. I believe Sally in the broom closet will overtake Mr. T in 2020.

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  8. Oskey's Ant
    Oskey's Ant January 04, 19:07

    The Demon-crooks allocated 400 million to border security prior to President Trump.

    Wake-up America!!!

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  9. Tina
    Tina January 11, 06:23

    President Trump doesnt need support from the haters,he is awesome and doing a much better job then the previous leaders. Let me ask you haters, where is all the trillions that cant be found. Here’s a hint everything evil and then some, but the children who has been victims to these sickos completely done it for me. End of story period

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