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Rand Paul Supports Trump

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Rand Paul Supports Trump

Rand Paul Supports Trump
December 27
20:14 2018

When President Trump announced via tweeter that the U.S. is pulling out all 2000 of its troops from Syria, the move sent shockwaves through both houses of Congress. Many have said it was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and led to the resignation of former General John Kelly as White House Chief of Staff. Soon after, Brett McGurk, special presidential envoy for the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, also handed Trump his resignation.

However, despite the controversy, Trump has one staunch supporter of the pullout policy – Senator Rand Paul. In a recent interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Paul praised President Trump for doing “exactly what he promised” by withdrawing US troops from Syria — and derided the “armchair generals” in Washington who “want to keep us at war forever.”

Proud of the President

Paul went on to say that he was “very proud” of Trump’s determination to get troops out of the Middle East. “This is exactly what he promised … I think people believe that we’ve been at war too long and too many places and that we do need to turn attention to problems we have at home,” Paul added.

In a separate interview on CBS News’ “Face The Nation,” Paul also lauded the drawdown in Afghanistan, saying savings from that could be the source of wall funding that’s stymied Congress, and triggered a partial government shutdown.

Regarding the wall, Paul said he would not vote for wall funding, unless cuts to pay for it are made elsewhere. But, he added that the money to build the wall could easily be found by not gutting any other program, but simply withdrawing our troops from Afghanistan as well as Syria.

“I think we should have declared victory [in Afghanistan] years ago, I think we should come home and of that $50 billion in savings we would have enough for a border wall and security,” he said.

He concluded his interview on CNN by saying, “The President’s right, I think the people agree with him, let’s rebuild America. Let’s spend that money here at home.”

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  1. wmhark
    wmhark December 31, 20:44

    So, as Democrats just say, “No!” to President Trump’s wall, they are colluding in several serious, deadly ills. Until they support a wall:

    Democrats just say, “Yes!” to fentanyl. U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports that it seized 1,377 pounds of fentanyl in Fiscal year 2017, much of it on the southwestern border. This equals some 208.2 million lethal doses of this staggeringly potent opioid, which is at least 50 times stronger than morphine. Surely plenty of it was smuggled past CBP and onto America’s streets.
    Democrats just say, “Yes!” to heroin. CBP captured 4,579 pounds of heroin in FY 2017, enough to kill 69.2 million men.
    Democrats just say, “Yes!” to human trafficking. The National Human Trafficking Hotline received 7,572 reports of such exploitation in 2016, much of it along the southern frontier. That’s 37 percent above 2015’s 5,544 complaints. UNICEF and World Without Exploitation said that traffickers “take advantage of children and their families by extorting them with threats and false promises.”
    Democrats just say, “Yes!” to rape. “Young women and girls face extraordinary risk of sexual violence on the journey to the United States, the Department of Homeland Security reports. “Sixty to 80 percent of the women and girls who cross Mexico to get to the U.S. border are raped along the way.”
    Democrats just say, “Yes!” to MS-13.On Dec. 20, Border Patrol agents near Nogales, Arizona, arrested a 24-year-old Salvadoran member of the bloodthirsty Mara Salvatrucha street gang, AKA MS-13. This previously deported felon broke afresh into America. Two days earlier, Border Patrol officers caught a previously deported Honduran MS-13 gangster as he forded the Rio Grande, into Eagle Pass, Texas. MS-13’s motto is “Kill, rape, control.” Its members also treasure decapitation. A wall would have slowed or stopped these two thugs, as well as MS-13’s 228 violent animals captured by the Border Patrol in FY 2017.

    If Democrats want these evils to continue, then they should remain on their current course. If they prefer to stop these horrors, they should cease their hatred for President Trump, approve the House’s $5.7 billion in barrier funds, and end their partial government shutdown.

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  2. Close Border
    Close Border January 01, 13:08

    Democrats do NOT care about America or Americans, OR our Spanish speaking Brother’s & Sister’s, neither does the Media, (except Fox)! They want POWER and will cheat, lie, deceive, kill or destroy anyone in their path. ….Close the Border, release ALL info, docs, emails, etc., showing how dishonest and illegal the Left has been, AND for GOD’S SAKE, get someone to convince Our President that his NASTY TWEETS put gas in the fire, that others mop up, and Americans have to defend. Enough already. If he truly LOVES AMERICA, stop being so selfish and bombastic with the childish tweets. It’s a GREAT TOOL, but when abused you destroy your good works!!!!

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