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The Shifty Adam Schiff

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The Shifty Adam Schiff

The Shifty Adam Schiff
December 14
20:16 2018

Congressman Adam Schiff is in line to take over the chairmanship of the House Intelligence Committee. That should not be of concern to Trump, Republicans and anyone who loves personal freedom, the occasional rule-of-law and the Constitution, we should be terrified.

Schiff has become the darling of the #NeverTrump media by being among the most partisan, strident and untrue of the cadre of radical congressional Democrats. On the eve of his ascension to the peak of power in Congress – with the ability to issue subpoenas, grill witnesses and bury issues that do not comport with his authoritarian political nature – Schiff has already determined that Trump is “likely” to land in jail once he is out of office – something that Schiff and other Democrats are hell-bent on accomplishing as soon as possible.

In every society, there is a constant tug-of-war between those who believe in freedom of the individual and those who believe that those same individuals – we the people –have to be ruled over by a more able elite. It is that latter category that the Founders warned us against – and gave us a Constitution to protect us from what they considered the greatest danger to freedom – a powerful central government.

This natural division between the proponents of limited government and the believers in an authoritarian centralized government has manifested itself in the two major American parties. Seeing which party represents personal freedom and which party represents  elitism is easy to determine through a simple pop quiz.

1. Which party wants to expropriate more of a person’s wealth through ever-increasing taxes?

2. Which party proposes the most regulations to control individual behavior?

3. Which party shifts programs from the local government – where we the people have the most influence – to that distant central government – were the elite establishment have the greatest control?

4. To which party do the overwhelming number of government bureaucrats belong?

If you answered “Democratic Party” to all of the above, give yourself an “A.”

It is only by understanding the authoritarian underpinnings of the Democratic Party that we can fully understand – and fear – those who lead the party. These power mongering elitists rule over their Party as they would rule over the nation – by fiat authority.

Authoritarians, like Schiff, will exponentially multiply what little power they acquire. They use propaganda and disinformation to create a façade of public beneficence to bamboozle the folks back home – including many well-intentioned Democrat voters. Authoritarians thrive on propaganda because their primary goal is to influence, not educate.

With authoritarians, there is no rule-of-law or judicial standards, but the arbitrary judgments of men (and women) based on political benefit. Schiff states as fact that Trump is guilty of impeachable offenses and felonious criminal acts. And that it is likely Trump will wind up in jail once he is out of office. But where is the presumption of innocence until PROVEN guilty? Where is the rule-of-law?

Schiff is of the style of the old southern Democrats who promoted mob-rule to gain, maintain and expand power in violation of the Constitution, enacted laws and court orders. It is the classic battle of power against principle. He is no devotee of Constitutional rights and due process. Trump is guilty because Schiff says so.

Schiff is not determined to uncover the facts but to overthrow a duly elected President of the United States and drive the opposition forces into political oblivion. For Schiff, that is not merely a possible outcome based on evidence yet to be discovered, but an obsessive objective based on “evidence” to be concocted. One cannot expect him to admit to such skullduggery, of course, but it can be found in his accusatory statements and his actions.

When Schiff talks about the need to impeach Trump — or to opine that Trump will spend his post-presidency years in the slammer – he is not making a mere observation. He is attempting to produce a self-fulling prophesy – setting the stage for his own attempts to make it happen. Schiff is more than happy to be a point person for the most radical members of Congress. They are the rabble he is more than willing to rouse.

Schiff may come from California, but he should be more accurately seen as one of the representatives of the authoritarian Deep State.

So, there ‘tis.

About Author

Larry Horist

Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and politics. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, as well as the White House. He has testified as an expert witness before legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress, and lectured at major colleges and universities. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.

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  1. davidlaing
    davidlaing December 15, 19:24

    Schiff embodies that very same authoritarian evil from which he proposes magnanimously to save us all as he furthers his Quixotic campaign against all things Trump. Who, then. is to save us from the devious machinations of this dubious “savior?”

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  2. Conner
    Conner December 15, 19:44

    I think that Schiff should be watched very carefully. He is a an Anthony Weiner waiting to happen. Should keep a close eye on this person he is ready to explode.

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    • Trueblueam
      Trueblueam December 16, 03:08

      S huff will take himself out if someone is paying very close attention to his actions after dark…as have many of the swamp rats. I’m praying I live long enough to see them all indicted . They would destroy the Constitution and the freedoms we have. Their own followers will one day realize that they supported pols who will take their freedoms…they will get what they deserve and they won’t like it. Pray that we turn from our evil ways and return to God and righteousness.

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  3. Iddiklu
    Iddiklu December 15, 20:22

    One of the very worst members of the swamp. Full of himself; hates mankind and Americans.

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  4. Javi
    Javi December 15, 23:18

    Every time I see this guy on TV, I want to throw up. What a disgusting slimeball.

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  5. Gerald
    Gerald December 15, 23:26

    Very enlightening. I don’t doubt any of it to be true.

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  6. fatamagooch
    fatamagooch December 15, 23:49

    Take Schiff out. Find him, kill him. DONE! I’ve got a list of 37 more you can take out when your done. Just let me know…

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  7. Special K
    Special K December 16, 05:22

    Do you know how to tell if Shifty Schiff is lying? Well beside the usual lips are moving, his lying cheeks are red!

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  8. BC
    BC December 16, 08:08

    I am not too familiar with US political systems but I always thought Congressional committees are bi partisan

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  9. Sudden
    Sudden December 16, 13:59

    To some it is scary to depend on his/her own devices; government is the safest way to peace of mind. To others the world is full of opportunities, and government only limits the opportunities. Trump is a hard man to like, but he is results oriented and loves America. He keeps beating the. Establishment at their own game! Isn’t he just what theFounding Fathers envisioned ?

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  10. tompro97
    tompro97 December 16, 23:47

    Adam Schitt is a psychopath who is going to explode all over himself when he takes charge and he can’t find a thing to harass Trump with. He is going to hurt himself and others when he does explode.

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    Radiance Cream Reviews December 17, 03:08

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