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Clinton Speaking Tour Far From a Hot Ticket

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Clinton Speaking Tour Far From a Hot Ticket

Clinton Speaking Tour Far From a Hot Ticket
December 14
21:27 2018

As the Holidays approach, and visions of sugar plum fairies, school breaks and vacations are on everybody’s mind, there are plenty of “hot tickets” to go around. There are Broadway shows like Hamilton, rock concerts like the recently announced Rolling Stones tour, and of course movie tickets to the cinematic blockbusters that tend to be released over the Holidays.

But, one ticket that isn’t exactly selling like hot cakes, is to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s “whirlwind” speaking tour. The first few dates of the tour had dismal sales, and now, according to Fox News, tickets to nine of the remaining dates have showed up on Groupon at “deeply discounted” prices!

According to reports, at the first stop in Toronto there were many noticeably empty seats. The second stop of the tour, scheduled for Houston, had to be delayed due to the death of President H.W. Bush, probably saving the Clinton’s further embarrassment.

Even in deeply blue territory, there does not seem to be much interest in what the Clintons have to say. Some of the deepest discounted ticket sales are offered in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia

A Bargain to Be had?

According to Fox, tickets to the April 11 talk at the Beacon Theatre in New York – normally priced $287 – are going for $145 on Groupon. Tickets to an April 12 Detroit talk, originally listed for $220.70, are going for $95. And tickets in Philadelphia for an April 12 talk have been reduced from $208.20 to $85.

The Groupon deals seem to have worked, and Fox reported that tickets to a May 4 appearance in Inglewood, Calif., that were normally priced $77 and reduced to $35, quickly sold out. Perhaps they were bought up by Santa who wants to leave them for nasty boys and girls instead of lumps of coal!

Third-party ticket sellers have listed “An Evening With the Clintons” tickets for as low as $7.

You can’t just chalk it up to democratic apathy. The disinterest in the Clinton tour stands in stark contrast to Michelle Obama’s Becoming book tour, which has sold out venues and drawn the former first lady reams of positive media attention. Ticket packages for Obama’s tour have sold for as much as $3,000.

So why the lack of interest? Perhaps New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, put it best. In her review of “An Evening With the Clintons” she wrote “What is the point? It’s not inspirational. It’s not for charity. They’re not raising awareness about a cause, like Al Gore is with global warming. They’re only raising awareness about the Clintons.”

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  1. KelGype
    KelGype December 15, 12:53

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  2. AngeloOrism
    AngeloOrism December 16, 16:35

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  3. Wen
    Wen December 17, 12:35

    A danger to our nation. Selling influence, shame on these two freakish things. Go home.

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  4. fatboy
    fatboy December 17, 19:54

    Their lies & corruption have caught up with them.most people think they should be in prison

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  5. Turk
    Turk December 17, 22:30

    I can’t figure out why they don’t understand they’re finished and the Clinton name is associated with the same concept as anthrax.

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  6. RacinRay US VETERAN
    RacinRay US VETERAN December 17, 22:50

    I would pay for a ticket to see them both in their jail cells wearing their prison garb!! Oh yes I would!! LOLOL

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    • Raven
      Raven December 18, 20:01

      Nailed it! Me, too! Seems everybody has forgotten about Bill’s Entertaining in the Oval Office and their so called Clinton Foundation where millions were donated but NOTHING was donated to any charity EXCEPT “The Clinton’s”. Even his family distanced themselves as far as they could from this pair of Clinton’s, even Chelsea.
      Remember the “in”famous “Billy Beer”? My hubby bought a case for gag gifts for his office one year! He kept a 6 pack “just to have for the notoriety factor” his words, exactly. Sadly, my husband died in 2010 but I have the 6 pack! He thought dear old Pres. Clinton ought to be impeached. I, however, reminded him other Presidents had their known foiables. Truman was a cross-dresser, Truman’s Administration was basically a blueprint on “What NOT to do” while Eleanor actually “Ran the country” while Truman was laid up basically incapacitated due to his polio and they were staying at their cabin.

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  7. Phoenix
    Phoenix December 18, 00:02

    The hate you have exhibited is absolutely appalling. Trump has brought our country into the gutter. I would much listen to positive suggestion from the Clintons then lies from a man who lputds his current wife and child into an embarrassing and compromising situation. Are you all blind as well as hateful. Trump has ruined America and made us the laughing stock of the world. He is robbing you blind and padding the pockets of the rich.

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    • Dr. J Taylor
      Dr. J Taylor December 18, 23:11

      The commenter name the Phoenix seems to be telling the truth. Trump is a blessing because he has exposed politics and politicians for what they are. That was part of his personality appeal which is significant when he is knock being challenged. But if you challenged him he feels as though he cannot admit being wrong. This is a trait of a dictator in its early stages

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    • The Colonel
      The Colonel December 19, 13:14

      You are indeed an idiot!

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  8. Need2Now
    Need2Now December 19, 17:21

    Once again conservatives behind the times! Turning a non-issue like the lack of Clinton ticket sales into compelling news should be insulting to the more thoughtful of your constituency. Why don’t you talk about the slow moving Mueller avalanche that will be discarding your boy in the WH over the cliff of impeachment soon? More indictments and guilty pleas and in less time and money that Whitewater, Iran-Contra and Watergate!

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