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Who Will be the Next Chief of Staff?

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Who Will be the Next Chief of Staff?

Who Will be the Next Chief of Staff?
December 13
20:12 2018

It is one of the most prestigious jobs in the country – which nobody seems to want. Ever since John Kelly said that he would be resigning as White House Chief of Staff before the end of the year, the administration has been scrambling for his replacement. This after Trump’s assumed backup, and front runner for the post, White House aide Nick Ayers, told the President that he does not want the position. The next person on Trump’s list, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), recently told CNN, that he “absolutely was not” interested in the Job.

The apparent turmoil has not stymied Trump in the least. For his part, the President claims that he has many qualified candidates to consider. Rumors surround many possible choices from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to New York Yankees president Randy Levine –with the former saying he would likely take the job if offered, and the latter expressing no interest.

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How Will Recent Events Impact the Choice of Chief of Staff?

The bombshell that Kelly would be leaving, and the quest for his replacement, all started before the recent court filings that resulted in a three-year prison term for former Trump “fixer” Michael Cohen. The filings also implicated Trump as a “non-indicted coconspirator” and has raised the specter of impeachment, especially in light of the new Congress with a Democratic led House come January.

If the President is going to build a team to stave off an influx of congressional investigations, and a possible impeachment, that could very well influence his pick for Chief of Staff.

So, with less then 3 weeks, to find a new Chief of Staff, Trump seems to be back to the drawing board. While whoever is willing to take the job will be stepping into a White House in turmoil, the President, in typical Trump style, espoused confidence, recently tweeting that “over ten” people are “vying for and wanting” the position, which he called “one of the truly great and meaningful jobs in Washington.”

In addition to Meadows, Christie, and Levine, other possibilities on the list include:

  • David Bossie, currently the president of conservative advocacy group Citizens United
  • Steve Mnuchin, the current Secretary of the Treasury
  • Mick Mulvaney, the current White House Budget Director
  • Matt Whitaker, the current acting Attorney General

Whoever is picked for the role, all White House insiders say it is going to have to be a Trump loyalist, who is equally deft at handling politics and the President’s personality — something that those who have already been in the position, have apparently struggled to do.

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  1. FDR II
    FDR II December 14, 21:35

    Not surprising nobody wants to be the minder for an idiot when attacks will be coming from all quarters. Trump will never complete his first term. He’ll trade resignation for a complete pardon for himself and his family. Bet money on it.

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  2. jj
    jj December 15, 00:54

    I do not believe FDR II is correct. Trump will go on to win the 2020 elections. And continue to do more for this country than anyone in the last 50 years.

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  3. crash
    crash December 15, 01:08

    I agree with jj. You may not like his style. It’s refreshing to final have a non-politican,a busnisness man who runs the country as a business. Someone who is willing to speak his mind and not some polished politican that makes your butt pucker everytime they open their mouths.

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