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German Christmas Market Again the Target of Terrorists

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German Christmas Market Again the Target of Terrorists

German Christmas Market Again the Target of Terrorists
December 07
20:25 2018

While here in the US pundits continue to debate if there is or is not a “War on Christmas,” in Europe, there literally seems to be one. With still weeks before the Holiday, certain “Christmas Markets” in Germany have already been the target of terrorist attacks.

According to Breitbart, two German towns have seen arrests at their Christmas markets as “migrants brawled with locals in one case, and in another, a migrant threatened passers-by with an ax while yelling ‘Allah hu Akbar.’”

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The first of the two incidents took place at a Christmas market in the town of Ludwigslust, in the region of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, on Saturday Dec. 1, at around 10:40 pm. In this incident a “dispute” between a group of native Germans and Muslim immigrants escalated into violence, according to local police.

In the second, which took place on the same day, in the town of Witzenhausen in the region of Hesse, a 38-year-old Libyan migrant was arrested after threatening people visiting the town’s Christmas Market, with an ax and yelling “Allah hu Akbar!” at them.

Reminiscent of The Berlin Attack in 2016

Fortunately, in both of the above incidents, arrests were made, and no serious injuries were reported, but they cannot help but raise the specter of the 2016 Berlin Christmas Market van attack, which took the lives of 12 and injured nearly 60. In the aftermath of that attack, it was found that the German government had the opportunity to deport the perpetrator, failed asylum seeker Anis Amri, several times before he conducted the heinous attack, but had failed to do so, much to the ire of his victims. Amri was later killed in a shootout with police in Italy.

Christmas markets have also been the targets of other terror plots as well, including a failed attack by a 12-year-old jihadist in the town of Ludwigshafen in the Rhineland-Palatinate, region only just days before Amri carried out his deadly act of terror.

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  1. tg
    tg December 08, 13:58

    Thank you Angela Merkel

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  2. DAV
    DAV December 09, 19:56

    What you see is what you get. In this life, you pretty much make your own bed…all because of the look-at-me-see-how-nice-I-am “leaders” who let in the Trojan Horse.

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    • Conscience of a Conservative
      Conscience of a Conservative December 10, 00:58

      Amen. Europe is getting what it deserves for its poorly thought out policies.

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    • Drew
      Drew December 10, 11:50

      I most certainly agree with you David; well done on calling the Islamic faith what it truly is.

      Islam is a ” falsehood in its entirety “. No other faith teaches its impressionable very young adherents that it’s perfectly acceptable to ” lie to, despise & deliberately disadvantage ” business partners & the general public who themselves are not Muslims?

      What other faith sanctions ‘honor killings, subjugation, enslavement & rape of women/young girls, need I mention – forced marriages ‘. Do other faiths actively dissuade & forbid the education of the fairer sex.

      I’d go on, but doing so would literally turn my stomach. Germany’s Angela Merkel & her corrupt party cronies have done much to ruin a once, decades long, safe & beautiful Country. Their outrageous leftist policies will severely haunt the German people for many decades to come.

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  3. Rooster
    Rooster December 09, 20:53

    What you reap, Muslim migrants, is what you sow, terrorism because their religion commands it toward the infidels.

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  4. Robin
    Robin December 09, 20:58

    The leaders of Europe brought the Muslims into their countries to help them invade their countries to turn them into Muslim Countries. So that means no more Christmas. Enjoy the Muslim holidays as you sever them as Slaves. All women will be Sex slaves starting at 12 hears old enjoy your stupidity.

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  5. Peace
    Peace December 09, 21:31

    Christmas Markets are taking place peacefully all over the Christmas observing world. It must have been a really slow day at Breitbart News.

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  6. evulich
    evulich December 10, 12:54

    Move your government to allow its citizens to carry concealed. Armed citizens is the only way to help thwart these attacks by these miserable animals called muslims. Meet violence with violence. Too bad but that’s our world.

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  7. Josey Wales
    Josey Wales December 11, 01:07

    These muzlamic degenerates are suffering from allah withdrawal. They’re simply asking to be reunited with their dysfunctional delusional leader. As for me, I wish that there were more qualified sniper travel agents to assist them, after all there are 40 old old hags waiting for them.

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