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France Ablaze from Gas Tax Riots

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France Ablaze from Gas Tax Riots

France Ablaze from Gas Tax Riots
December 07
20:57 2018

The citizens of France have a long history of public protest, worker strikes, and rioting. The country won its independence after a violent revolution with the ruling monarchy, after all. French people descend from the ancient Gauls who were not shy about protecting their turf from marauders.

The economic and political situation in France has turned ugly in recent days due to the government’s announcement that new gasoline taxes would raise prices. Protesters find the new cost of gas unsustainable (to use the United Nation’s favorite word to support their global creep toward complete socioeconomic supremacy).
At issue is a new tax on gasoline set to go into effect on January 1, 2019. There will be a 12 cent per gallon hike on gas and 28 cents per gallon increase on diesel fuel.

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By 2020, gas taxes will rise another 5 cents per gallon; diesel will go up another 2 cents per gallon.

On November 19, the price of gasoline in Paris was about $6.26 per gallon, with diesel selling for around $6.28 a gallon.

The thinking behind the gas tax increases is that raising the price of the fuel everyone must purchase in order to conduct a normal life will force French consumers to buy vehicles that pollute less.

Demonstrators known as “Yellow Jackets” all across France are donning the fluorescent neon yellow and black safety vests they are required to keep in their vehicles to signal a roadside emergency to show they oppose the official policies coming out of the administration of French President Emmanuel Macron.

This is the same President Macron who, on November 11, 2018, criticized U.S. President Donald Trump and his “America First” policy by saying that “patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism.” During his keynote speech at the armistice commemorations at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, Macron also hinted that a European Union army might regard the U.S. as an enemy.

Macron proclaimed that people who put their own country’s welfare above that of other nations are not patriots. Nothing could be further from the truth, of course.
On Saturday, November 24, riots in Paris became extremely violent with many videos captured on observers’ cell phones. The famous Champs-Élysées Avenue was ablaze with fires set by unhappy residents who waved the French flag.

Even in tony neighborhoods of Paris, angry mobs tore the city apart. They set cars on fire, smashing storefront windows, looted, and spray-painted the Arc de Triomphe with colorful graffiti.

A total of 130 people were injured, including 23 police officers. 412 rioters were arrested by the Paris police force which used tear gas and water cannons to quell the riotous crowds.

Tensions have been mounting since November 17, when motorists blocked highways, shopping malls, and some airports across France. Barricades and convoys of slow-moving trucks created traffic delays.

French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner estimated that around 280,000 people protested in the nation’s streets on Nov. 17, with 106,000 more people attending rallies.

Yellow Jacket activists blocked access to eleven fuel depots belonging to Total, one of the world’s largest oil companies. This has caused gas stations across France to run out. Over the weekend of rioting, at least 75 out of Total’s 2,200 gas stations had no fuel to sell.

On December 1, Paris began to clean up the mess left after 5,000 rioters rampaged through the streets of the City of Lights. What started as an impromptu rebellion against higher prices at the gas tank has grown to a national anti-governmental movement.

The gas tax announcement was evidently the straw that broke the camel’s back in the French capital city. Many French citizens are profoundly upset by the socialistic changes they have watched Macron introduce to their ancient and venerable society.

Macron’s approval rating has sunk for the fifth time in a row. Today, only one out of four French citizens – 26 percent – think kindly toward their national leader and his agenda.

French residents are fed up with high prices and the socialist ideologies Macron supports. These individuals are not from the fringe of French society either. One expert on French politics, Famke Krumbmüller, said the protesters are “The white middle class, the forgotten middle class in France.”

The Yellow Jackets have been using social media to organize and communicate. Followers of Facebook groups and hashtag trends are poised to take to the streets to protest the next new atrocity from the Macron government.

In France, a recent poll showed that nearly 80 percent of the people in France support the Yellow Jacket movement.

From half-way around the globe, while participating in the Group of 20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Macron told reporters that the unruly protesters back home were not expressing “legitimate anger.” He said:

“I will always respect disagreements, I will always listen to opposition but I will never accept violence.”

That may as may be. The fact is that, on December 4, President Macron reversed his decision to impose punitive gasoline tax hikes effective New Year’s Day 2019. He had his Prime Minister Édouard Philippe break the news:

“No tax is worth putting the nation’s unity in danger,” Philippe said in a live televised broadcast.

While the French Prime Minister calls for “calm” and “order,” President Macron has canceled his plans to visit Serbia for two days.
It will be interesting to see if the French people will continue to protest Macron’s poor economic choices and open immigration policy.

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  1. Wildmann
    Wildmann December 10, 20:17

    Let the NWO Kill each other off!

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  2. Wildmann
    Wildmann December 10, 20:18

    Let the NWO Destroy Itself!

    Reply to this comment
  3. Drew
    Drew December 11, 00:39

    It’s now well known that French ( so-called ) President Macron is nothing more than a rabid ” Wolf In A Sheep’s Fleece ” who duped the National French Electorate into making him President.

    All he’s done since gaining the ” Top french Spot ” is rule France with a despotic iron fist, disregard with absolute disdain the needs of the French people & open the floodgates to Islamic extremism by ” purposely not vetting/thoroughly screening ” so-called Muslim refugees” that continue to arrive in Europe, supposedly claiming asylum when in fact they are nothing of the sort.

    Is it little wonder that significant numbers of ” died-in-the-wool ” French born citizens are selling everything except their vehicles & moving east to safer climes such as Hungary & Bulgaria, despite their living standards being much lower than those in parlez vous Francais.

    It is well past time that the French people again rise up in revolution against socialist dictatorships that like hundreds of years ago caused the 1st French Revolution.

    Macron & his EU cronies in France must be stamped out with no remorse by the french people, locked up for life with no fringe benefits & their obscene personal wealth appropriations distributed amongst ordinary ” French-born Nationals ” who are suffering the most. No doubt such obscene wealth will prove to be in the billions of euros.

    Also the French currency must revert immediately to the euro’s trusted predecessor, the French Franc, which was ” pre-European Union ” one of the most stable currencies in the world.

    I’ll conclude by stating this: President Macron is nothing more than an unworthy two-bit, two-faced liar. His ” patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism ” declaration could not be further from the bare-arse truth. Patriotism & Nationalism are absolutely ” One & The Same Thing “!!

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  4. who ? moi ?
    who ? moi ? December 11, 01:38

    macron should send in the entire military !!!

    oh, forget it — they would only surrender

    Reply to this comment
  5. DAV
    DAV December 11, 10:22

    If Macron is not careful the people will dust off the guillotine!

    Reply to this comment
    • Mr. Arnett
      Mr. Arnett December 11, 15:50

      One can only hope. Macron is just another worthless socialist turd and as such should be flushed ASAP.

      Phil in TX
      P.S. I have several French antecedents.

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  6. scooterdog
    scooterdog December 11, 11:09

    Looks like it is time for the French citizens to remind the government who serves who. they need to do is take a page out of the French revolution and bring back the crowds yelling
    Vive la France!
    Vive la liberté!
    Vive la guillotine!
    and a few cries of down with the new world order should get the governments attention.

    Reply to this comment

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