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State Legislators Move to Minimize Incoming Democratic Power

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State Legislators Move to Minimize Incoming Democratic Power

December 05
20:06 2018

Call it what you will, sore losing, or a winning strategy, but several states currently with a Republican legislature, are moving to try to block or minimize the power of incoming Democrats who were victorious in the midterm elections.

Specifically, according to Reuters, “Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin and Michigan are scrambling to pass last-minute legislation to limit the powers of incoming Democratic officials before their iron grip on state governments is loosened following last month’s elections.”

For example, in Wisconsin, where democratic Governor-elect Tony Evers and Attorney General-elect Josh Kaul, broke a six-year streak of Republican domination, the outgoing state legislature has met in a special session to consider bills that would limit the incoming democrat’s power.

Republicans in Michigan have also introduced legislation designed to take away some of the usual powers of the state attorney general and the secretary of state, both of which were taken over by Democrats, along with the governorship in the Nov. 6 elections.

Democrats Call Foul

As you might imagine Democrats are sounding off in opposition of the proposed legislation. “It’s really an attack on our democratic values and structures,” Michigan Democratic Representative Christine Greig, the next minority leader in the state House of Representatives, said, “They’re changing the game, because they didn’t like who was elected.”

During a recent televised news conference, Governor-Elect Evers had said the Republican move is an “embarrassment,” and indicated he might file a lawsuit to challenge the new measures.

The controversial proposals in Wisconsin include: preventing the incoming governor from withdrawing Wisconsin from a legal challenge to the federal Affordable Care Act, sidelining the attorney general’s power to represent the state in litigation, and rescheduling a 2020 election to boost the chances of a Republican state Supreme Court Justice, among others.

In Michigan, proposed legislation would allow lawmakers to intervene in legal cases. The legislature is also considering stripping the secretary of state’s office of its oversight over campaign finance law.

For their parts, Republicans in both states defend their actions, saying that they are mere attempts to restore or maintain a balance of power in state government.

Before you assume this is just sour grapes of dirty politics on the side of the GOP, Reuters reminds us that it is not the first time, and really business as usual whenever there is a significant power shift in any legislature. The news agency points out that both, “U.S. Republicans and Democrats have a history of using lame-duck sessions to advance priorities ahead of power shifts. Wisconsin Democrats in 2010 unsuccessfully tried to push through public union contracts after Walker won the election while promising to get tough with organized labor. And, in North Carolina, Republican legislators attempted to curtail gubernatorial powers after Democrat Roy Cooper was elected in 2016.”

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  1. Allen
    Allen December 06, 19:13

    “They’re changing the game, because they didn’t like who was elected.” Yes, I am sure she is a HUGE supporter of President Trump. I am also sure she must be a beyotch.

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    • Bob Gummz
      Bob Gummz December 06, 19:25

      Of course, she’s a beyotch. All strong women are. Didn’t you know that? Women should stay home and wash our underwear. They have no place in leadership positions. She needs to go make us a sandwich.

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    • Gary
      Gary December 06, 20:24

      The democrats don’t like people who want it any other way but theirs, but they haven’t liked things someone elses way for 2 years now, and never have STOPPED BELLYACHING ABOUT THEIR LOSS, ESPECIALLY the one party communist state of Californication.

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    • Doug C.
      Doug C. December 06, 22:24

      Funny how you had no problem whatsoever with Florida’s Donks hanging criteria and methodology for counting votes — yes, literally changing it — in the hours immediately following an election in order to pad Donk totals and reduce GOP tallies.

      In other words, you changed the rules of a baseball game in the bottom of the ninth inning to allow nine outs instead of three outs.

      Then, in the last minute of a football game you were losing, you added 45 minutes to the game and lowered the points earned by a field goal to 1 point because your opponent led the league in field goals.

      Dissatisfied after that, you tried to pass legislation one week before an election to not only allow illegal aliens and children of any age to vote immediately but to allow them to vote 5 times in one day.

      If you’re trying to win a Guinness world record for hypocrisy, insincerity and wholesale dishonesty, be of good cheer, because you’ve got it all but locked up.

      Reply to this comment
  2. Stitch
    Stitch December 06, 20:37

    I’m fine with that. I hope it also keeps them from turning the US into a Socialist Nation. The US is a Constitutional Republic! I’m tired of their attacks on everything! Especially when it comes to replacing a Supreme Court Justice with a Republican Constitutional Law Judge.

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  3. DAV
    DAV December 06, 20:48

    So- it’s ok for the DEMONocrats to do it but it’s foul play if Republicans do it??? TOO BAD!!!

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  4. Pragmatist
    Pragmatist December 07, 03:30

    Dimwitpolitics indeed.

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  5. Sannymub
    Sannymub December 07, 07:48

    Make a more new posts please 🙂

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  6. justone
    justone December 07, 12:59

    I remember just a few years back when Democrats in Wisconsin decided they would not show up to their legislative jobs in order to keep Gov. Walker and Republicans from being able to pass GOP legislation. But now a similar tactic is considered evil and obstructionist?!?

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  7. cinders
    cinders December 07, 15:54

    What is wrong with you people?
    Just because a party tries changing the rules of the election process does not make it correct for the opposite party to do the same!

    Reply to this comment
  8. Starkwood
    Starkwood December 07, 18:19

    When there are no more Democraps or Republicans, then you might see our country begin to return to constitutional government by the people. Until then…it will be business as usual (Corrupticrats and Repubicons)

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