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What is Wrong With Germany?

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What is Wrong With Germany?

What is Wrong With Germany?
November 30
20:41 2018

In a supreme case of historical irony, the far-left ideology formed in reaction to that of the Nazi party has caused chants such as “Jew, Jew, cowardly pig, come out and die alone” to return to the streets of Germany. With Stars of David burning in the public square, a standoff with Russia over Eastern European territory, a stranglehold on Greece, and an ever-expanding role in the Arab world, someone who had slept since the 1940s might conclude Germany was the victor of WW2.

As the strongest economy within the European Union, Germany had accomplished its near-century long quest of controlling Europe. However, 77 years after the beginning of this journey, on the brink of success, Germany faces the very real risk of imploding under internal pressure. The external threats – such as the one million migrants now living in the state – are only welcomed in by the deep-seated, indoctrinated masochism of the German government.

The capitulation of the policing authorities, also known as the abandonment of the German people, has already occurred. In a leaked letter from the German Chancellor’s office to Kiel’s police authority, police were alerted not to pursue smaller offenses (etc. shoplifting/pickpocketing) due to being overburdened. The overburdening in question comes in the form of mass sexual assault and record high reports of violent theft. This past New Year’s Eve, for example, German authorities reported nearly 2000 sexual assaults, with the vast majority of the assailants being “southerners,” the politically correct word for Islamic migrants in Germany.

In response to 1000’s of women facing irreversible mental scarring, Henriette Reker, the female Mayor of Cologne, offered the following deplorable, victim-blaming statement: “There’s always the possibility of keeping a certain distance of more than an arm’s length — that is to say to make sure yourself you don’t look to be too close to people who are not known to you, and to whom you don’t have a trusting relationship.”

According to the Associated Press, these refugees who commit crimes in Germany do not even face deportation because “the danger they face in their home countries is perceived as greater than the reason to deport them.” Essentially, we are seeing a government that has put the safety of migrants over the safety of its citizens. With one million migrants already in Germany and many more on their way, there is no wonder why only 29 percent of Germans have a positive opinion of immigration from the third world. Unfortunately, when Democracy is merely bank sponsored theatre, a consensus of the public has little to no influence over policy.

With the current projections, German taxpayers can expect to spend €77.6 billion ($86.2 billion) over the next four years feeding, housing and training refugees as well as helping their home countries to stem the flow, according to updated budget estimates for the period from 2017 to 2020. Since the vast majority of migrants are poorly educated and have virtually no valuable skills, the German working class can look forward to both increased competition for jobs and increased taxes to pay for those now competing. Not surprisingly, these anti-German people, anti-democratic policies have caused a rise in far-right political parties and violence. We are witnessing a country tearing itself apart – out of principle.

But why, Germany? Why have far-right groups grown to a post WW2 peak? Why have the chants for Jews to die returned to streets? Why have you betrayed your working class? Why does an alleged democracy have policies only 27 percent of its people agree with? Why are you blaming women for being victims of the men you brought to their towns?

The origin of leftist thought came from the idea that nothing is created without the exploitation of others: If there are rich people, they must have exploited poor people to arrive at their success. Extrapolated to a global scale, Germany, as white capitalists ( the worst, most shameful thing to be according to the left), must conclude others had to be exploited to arrive at success. Known for their pragmatism, we see Germany switch over to a policy of self-flagellation. It is of no import to the liberal whether or not people are economically drowning in Germany or that women are raped on an hourly schedule; rather than that, the only policy is that of guilt-induced, borderline-like self-harming. Objective thinking comes secondary to the self-harming needed to rectify the guilt associated with success.

There is certainly an argument that the West played a role in the migrant crisis, but burning down one’s own home has never helped fellow victims of house fires. The German people must now decide whether or not they accept being the sacrificial lambs of ideologues.

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  1. tomwys
    tomwys December 02, 20:41

    Germany’s energy policy shift will also help to tear the country apart when harsh winter weather sets in. The French “Yellow Jacket” upsetment will likely be replicated in some form in Germany too.

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  2. Drew
    Drew December 02, 23:32

    When modern mass migrations to Europe began with a mere trickle & surging to a flood soon after the ” Arab Spring “, I instinctively knew there would be MASSIVE TROUBLE for Germany who lead the way in opening their doors & Europe for decades to follow.

    Western Europe for the past Millennium & longer has been firmly shaped/influenced by historical Christian principles & sheer common sense ideas, with all the benefits those encompass.

    When any Sovereign Nation throws its long-held, proven guiding principles out with the baby’s bath-water & replaces them with others that plainly just don’t work, that Nation is only inviting eventual decline, horrendous enslavement & destruction.

    I courteously encourage & challenge Dim Wit Politics subscribers to read the ” 2nd issue . . The Birth Of Europe, AD 398-999 ” of a 4 book series authored by Leigh Churchill, first published in 2001 by Paternoster Publishing, UK . . . with a 2nd reprint in 2002.

    It truly is an ” eye & mind opener ” on how Europe developed into the European Continent it’s known as today. The book is a well researched, warts & all holistic expose of slow European development over a 601 yr period. Its lively, engaging style will horrify you, inspire & make you laugh. You will rage/ weep at outrageous injustices, be enlightened about little known, but influential historical figures & you’ll applaud ” Justice ” meted out accordingly to perpetrators of horrendous crimes against humanity.

    There’s nothing at all wrong with applying proven guiding principles & common sense ideas to life in general that ultimately ” benefits all who call this beautiful planet their home “.

    A Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to everyone.

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  3. TurtleWoman
    TurtleWoman December 03, 00:20

    Take heed America, or”there, but for the Grace of God, go I”.

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  4. Dave
    Dave December 03, 02:50

    Reminds me of an old movie. A couple have just bribed a middle aged German border guard to let them cross the border. He is perfectly friendly & they comment “The Germans aren’t bad people. They just elect some bad leaders”. He replies “But you have to understand, we Germans LIKE bad leaders”

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  5. AtheistSapiens
    AtheistSapiens December 03, 08:22

    What is wrong with Germany now, is the current Chancellor they have, and the refugee Muslims she allowed in, who are now tearing the Country to shreds.

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  6. fatamagooch
    fatamagooch December 03, 13:44

    Islam has been the scourge of civilization since its inception. Contrary to popular believe, Islam is NOT a religion. It is a military complex disguised as a ‘religion’ to take advantage of the Western world, both psychologically and financially. Only when the world realizes this, and stops recognizing Islam as a religion, will the world be a better place – and not before. Purge, (read: kill), the Muslims in this world, and you purge the majority of terrorism which currently exists. DONE!

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  7. Ontheright
    Ontheright December 03, 14:00

    This is what the leftist in the USA want for the “Caravans” coming from Mexico.

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  8. Dr. Mike Reeder
    Dr. Mike Reeder December 03, 19:35

    Good Lord! Germany, it’s time for a revolution! Surely THAT will get the politicians attention!
    I love Germany but not it’s politicians. This proud country is tearing it’s self apart!

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  9. Bob Rice
    Bob Rice December 03, 21:16

    hey merkel,you are a stupid bitch,why don’t YOU,open your legs to these moslime rapists,forgot,as uuggllyy as you are,they would only want you for the b–w jobs you would give them.

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