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The Russian Deal … No Big Deal

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The Russian Deal … No Big Deal

The Russian Deal … No Big Deal
November 30
19:28 2018

If you watch the #NeverTrump media, you would have gotten “breaking news” alerts – even bigger “BLOCKBUSTER” news. For the first time, President Trump was named … implicated … culpable … in colluding with the Russians. Two of Trump’s closest aides – Michael Cohen, on the business side, and Paul Manafort, on the campaign side — had lied to federal prosecutors, Congress and maybe even a cab driver or two to cover up for Trump.

That IS a big story … a very big story, indeed. The only problem is that it’s more like an optical illusion than a real thing. In feats of prosecutorial prestidigitation, the obsessively anti-Trump, anti-Republican and anti-conservative media has created an illusion of criminality on the part of the President that is yet to be established in any fact. The media, which constantly protests, is against accusations of fakeness – and doth protest too much, methinks – is offering up what can only be described as an evidence-challenged hypothetical verdict.

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The unsprouted seeds for this latest narrative are the indictments of Cohen and Manafort for lying about who (meaning Trump) knew what about what and when.

DISCLAIMER: In the spirit of openness and full disclosure, I must report that I am one of those who really detest all these charges about lying to prosecutors. Next to plea agreements, themselves, the perjury trap is among the most abusive prosecutorial practices because an indictment does not mean a person lied, attempted to lie of even thought about lying. It only requires finding any inconsistency between a statement and factual evidence — or even against a previous statement. It disregards any consideration of mistakes, faulty memory or even not remembering something. It is a “crime” that is only enforced on those rare occasions when the prosecutor wants to force a person to support his or her case against others. It is a tactic that actually promotes lying. It is enforced arbitrarily to punish even in cases where there have been no real crimes to be exposed. That is just not right.

So … what about the latest media hype?

During the campaign, candidate Trump said he had no business deals or interests in Russia. None. According to the federal indictments, the Trump organization was having talks with Russian business associates about a Trump Tower in Russia as late as June – before Trump was even nominated as the Republican standard bearer. Based on the indictments, it appears that Cohen and/or Manafort had testified in support of Trump’s statement.

It is now claimed that those were lies – technical lies, as it were. It all depends on how you want to define “deals” and “interests.” It is absolutely true that Trump had no signed deal for any project in Russia. Was the Organization in some level of discussion about a POSSIBLE deal? Yes. Trump may have been – at the time – interested in dealing, but he did not have a deal or any interest (meaning actually business) in Russia.

Was Trump President at the time? No. Was he even the official candidate at the time? No. Was he expected to become President at that time? Way no. He was a private businessman running for office and pursuing his business at the same time. Is that a crime? No. Hell, it is not even remotely improper. Since there was less than certainty that Trump would even become President, it would have been foolish to not maintain his business activities.

After becoming the Republican nominee, Trump ended even the preliminary discussions – and he did so even in the face of an unlikelihood that his campaign would be successful. Remember how EVERYONE predicted his defeat – no path to the presidency?

So, what we have appears to be – at least at this moment in time – a couple guys who MAY HAVE lied about something that was not a crime. Whoopie-do!

As a footnote, I want to also say that I am sick and tired of all those psycho stories about Trump being “distracted,” “shaken,” “out of control,” “deranged” based on gossip from unnamed sources. This is checkout counter journalism being offered up by those who … yeah … bash checkout counter journalism.

Let me be perfectly clear. No one can predict Trump’s future or the legal problems in which he may find himself when more evidence is exposed, or the Special Counsel offers his report. In the meantime, the media would help itself –its reputation — and better served the public interest by sticking to the facts and NOT assembling a bunch of holes and claiming it is a net.

So, there ‘tis.

About Author

Larry Horist

Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and politics. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, as well as the White House. He has testified as an expert witness before legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress, and lectured at major colleges and universities. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.

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  1. Lcubed
    Lcubed December 02, 02:42

    I like this one, it’s refreshing to read the political truth not hate.

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  2. Timmy
    Timmy December 02, 06:28

    I still cannot understand the Democrat B.S.!! I continually have respond to my Democrat friends to look back at the the coverage of the election, aired on CNN/Wolf Bliters’ comments. He stated (correctly) that just over 6 million Democrats who voted for Obama in the 2012 election, did not come out to even vote. After they concluded the election was over, that fact was never again stated! Although, 2.2 million Republicans [also] did not vote, which was worthy of the mention in the news!! On election night, Wolf & his staff gathered and also discovered that Democrats would have won all the states that were close, at least would have won 80% (+/- 5%) of those states!!! Thus, I BELIEVE THE DEMOCRATS HAVE NO ONE TO BLAME, BUT THEMSELVES!!! And, that the media has the ethical job to continually include this fact, when ever they put forth any other problems of the Democrat and/or Republican party!! this “Fact “ gave Trump the election. If people would own up to this fact and let’s support the PRESIDENT and help, our country with continued support, so that our country is to be treated as we do with trading partners across the world. No more of the practice of “you can continue to import to the US (with either means little to nothing taxes) and will not continue our policy of no taxes!!’”.Additionally, we should make a deal for imported oil. When the price of oil are down to $2.50/gallons or less , our economy does greatc since with lower prices, it saves approximately $10.00 – $25.00 for the hard working people ( this doesn’t of how prices cost decrease because it decreases the cost of your groceries and other “must” haves, financial assistance which is something a President can bank on and increase his base. Because NO ONE WANTS TO PAY THIS!! Yet, a stroke of the pen could change things for the better and when the savings are put forth, there isn’t one person wouldn’t be greatful and vote to keep the same political group in office!! If you believe it is wrong, I would happily like to go 12 rounds with you! timothy.kahn@att.net.

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  3. Chelemark
    Chelemark January 10, 20:23

    Support the president for what??? he isn’t a president, a leader or anything that resembles someone this country should have pride in, and you’re just another dope pitting one party against the other, as there is no wonder there is the splits in this country that there is. What exactly do you do to unify this country Mr. conservative asshole???

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