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Crisis at the Border as First Wave of Caravan Arrives

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Crisis at the Border as First Wave of Caravan Arrives

Crisis at the Border as First Wave of Caravan Arrives
November 28
20:24 2018

Call it a Caravan, call it a migrant invasion, what cannot be denied is the first wave of the thousands of Central American “asylum seekers” has been arriving at the San Ysidro point of entry between the US and Mexico, bringing with it conflict and controversy. Tensions among those being detained in Tijuana exploded, on Sunday, November 25, as hundreds charged the American border.

U.S. Border Patrol agents in full riot gear, lobbed tear gas at the angry mob of migrants who rushed the well-known border crossing in Tijuana, turning them back. The Mexican government vows to deport the 500 or so immigrants involved in the uprising who are attempting to stay in Tijuana indefinitely. According to the Mexican Interior Ministry, in a statement provided to the press, “Mexico will deport about 500 migrants who on Sunday tried to “violently” and “illegally” cross the U.S. border.” The ministry’s website also said it “will reinforce the border points where people broke into in their attempt to illegally enter the United States.”

According to Reuter’s, Mexican officials are already trying to assist U.S. border officials to restrict the number of migrants who are allowed to apply for asylum each day at the San Ysidro port of entry.

Asylum Seekers or Something Else?

The migrants from Central America, who are arriving in Tijuana by the hundreds as part of a mass exodus, have been trying to enter the US legally and present themselves to US immigration authorities for asylum. Since the beginning of November, nearly 3000 members of the so-called caravan have arrived in Tijuana. But, the U.S. can only process about 90 applications for asylum a day, a rate that is now being slowed even further — rightly or wrongly — by new restrictions issued by the Trump administration.

This leaves frustrated asylum seekers stuck in Tijuana for weeks, often in conditions no better than the squalor they left behind in their native countries. Now, Mexico says it will step up their efforts to deport them from Tijuana, leaving the migrants frustrated, which no doubt, contributed to Sunday’s violence.

There may be many families and children and true asylum seekers among the caravan. Mothers interviewed at the border tell reporters that there is safety in numbers in the caravan. They see the high profile caravans, as a much safer alternative than the drug dealers, human traffickers, and corrupt government officials who often prey on women and families attempting to reach the US.

Still, Mexican journalists embedded in the Caravan, tell a very different story of the kinds of people among them. Posting videos on his Facebook Page, journalist Alex Backman, reveals that he has seen “migrants robbing and stealing in Mexico. They carjack cars containing just one occupant. I have heard accounts of rapes.” He says he has been accosted when attempting to film many of the migrants, and he believes that this is because they have criminal histories and do not want to be identified.

According to Fox News, Vice President Mike Pence says he was told by the Honduran President that the caravan was organized by leftist organizations, political activists within Honduras, and he said it was being funded by outside groups, and even from Venezuela. Pence told Fox News in a recent interview, “So the American people, I think, see through this – they understand this is not a spontaneous caravan of vulnerable people.”

Whatever you believe, it is a big problem, and one that will likely get worse for both the US and Mexico before it gets better. There are more caravans coming from three other countries, such as Brazil, Columbia and Venezuela, and officials in Baja California say currently there could be as many as 9,000 migrants moving through Mexico in caravans.

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  1. cjs
    cjs November 29, 20:23

    Seems obvious that the Mexican Govt. are allowing these people to use Mexico as a pathway, why do they not diss-allow them into Mexico??

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    • Rog
      Rog January 11, 03:45

      Why not dis-allow in Mexico? I’m not sure how porous Mexico’s southern border may be. Possibly a de-facto influx could smother Mexico and it’s possible some immigrants might feel totally comfortable there.

      Reply to this comment
  2. 2004done
    2004done November 30, 10:26

    Is it just me, or does this seem more “anti-Trump” than conservative?

    Reply to this comment
  3. 2004done
    2004done November 30, 10:32

    “There may be many families and children and true asylum seekers among the caravan. Mothers interviewed at the border tell reporters that there is safety in numbers in the caravan.”
    Says to me “it’s Possible, if you don’t look too close” and that old “don’t worry, they can’t arrest ALL of us! Some will get through!”

    Reply to this comment

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