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Judge Rules In Favor Of Child Genital Mutilation

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Judge Rules In Favor Of Child Genital Mutilation

Judge Rules In Favor Of Child Genital Mutilation
November 21
19:03 2018

Judge Bernard Friedman has recently rocked the conservative world by showing a massive display of liberalism when he threw out all charges against Dr. Jumana Nagarwala and her cohorts on conspiring to commit, and aiding and abetting the commission of female genital mutilation in violation of 18 U.S.C. §§ 2, 116,and 371. Judge Friedman, who has a history of making decisions that exert the promotion of free will, felt that Congress had no right to determine whether or not the mutilation of Muslim girls was constitutional or not considering this was not a common act within the United States. The far-right begs to differ.

On American soil

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You would think that anything that occurs on American soil, in an American hospital, under the supervision of doctors who practice in America, would be an American issue. Dr. Nagarwala not only practiced female genital mutilation (FGM) on young girls, but she had the support and backing of others who conspired to assist with this act. It is understood that Muslims practice FGM on young girls and babies as a cultural belief to ensure the virginity of young women. However, once this practice takes part on American soil it should be heavily restricted to ensure that other “cultural beliefs” aren’t practiced on children while in the United States.

There are many cultural and religious practices that exist, but when we allow something that involves the mutilation of young girls to receive a pass, we must then prepare ourselves for the contents within the Pandora’s box that we open. This is what many conservatives are screaming about…too bad no one hears them.

Was the decision completely off?

According to the cases’ legal court document, the government contends that FGM is “an illegal form of healthcare,” which led to their argument that since Congress can regulate healthcare, it can regulate FGM. They also pushed the argument that two of the defendants are physicians, the procedure was performed at a medial clinic, and that Dr. Nagarwala used “commercially-sold medical tools and supplies which were federally regulated as a commercial product.” So what went wrong? It appears as if the practice of FGM on American soil would be prohibited for all of the reasons stated. Unfortunately, the judge did not see it that way. In Judge Friedman’s ruling, he stated that the comparison of FGM to healthcare was unsuitable because FGM was actually a form of physical assault, not anything approaching a healthcare service. As it turns out, what failed the case was the government citing this section in its brief that dealth with abortion services and healthcare, generally.

It’s so unfortunate that liberal tendencies and agenda’s get pushed through the system when it fits their motives. Issues can get argued and rules somehow become bent to ensure that new legislation is either pushed, promoted or protected. Yet when there is an issue such as the mutilation of young girls, suddenly each word of a legal brief is dissected, and a ruling is given, even if it can be argued constitutionally. One must question how this ruling will play out if by chance the practice of FGM goes beyond the scope of young Muslim girls. Will the judge see the error in his decisive ways at that point? Maybe.

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Audra L.

Audra L.

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  1. reg
    reg November 24, 22:03

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  2. Sissy
    Sissy November 25, 00:55

    That is vile & disgusting. How could they do that to an innocent child. Sounds like something Hitler would do. Abortion is more humane.

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  3. Barack Myass
    Barack Myass November 25, 19:36

    What is wrong with all these liberal judges in the US? Mutilation of young women allowed in the US? No way!!!

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  4. Lindy
    Lindy November 25, 20:23

    The practice of FGM is so fundamentally wrong. How can you label mutilation as healthcare?
    I’m disgusted by this ruling.

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  5. davidlaing
    davidlaing November 25, 20:26

    FGM is an extreme example of abuse. The child should at least be asked if she approves of the procedure. This and Sharia Law are two examples of why Muslim culture has no place in our American society.

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  6. Doc
    Doc November 25, 20:29

    What the heck is “beyond the scope of young Muslim girls?” supposed to mean? I thought we were talking about what is beyond the scope of the law and what is not, and it’s pretty clear the legislature has already written law and the job of a judge is to enforce it, not to rewrite it or declare it invalid.

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    • fatamagooch
      fatamagooch November 29, 12:33

      Welcome to Sharia Law. They have taken a foothold in Michigan, (i.e. Dearborganistan). The judge has to obey Sharia Law concerning Muslims. (BTW, you DON’T want to move to London. They currently OWN England).

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  7. Kaku
    Kaku November 25, 20:47

    This has nothing to do with Islam .This is some sort of African cultural matter..It is only practiced in less than half a dozen African countries.
    If you look deeply into the Laws of USA and European countries over 80% of laws are compatible with the Shariah law.

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    • Doug C.
      Doug C. December 24, 20:42

      It’s hardly surprising that the left’s immediate response to the airing of any controversy that exposes them is immediate and loud lying.

      Wikipedia confirms that 27 African countries — as opposed to “less than half a dozen” — practice FGM and that the brutal and sadistic procedure is also common in Asia and the Middle East.

      We can see here that it’s also practiced in the U.S. — there’s obviously a thriving practice in southeast Michigan — and common sense and clear observation suggests that same within Islamic communities throughout Europe and perhaps Australia.

      The blood-lusting twoll “fatamagooch,” however, can take solace that FGM is likely not practiced on the polar icecaps.

      The FGM mutilation-practicing mutant, Nagarwala, is from the Islamic Bohra sect, which — surprise, surprise — can be found widespread in India, Pakistan, Yemen and east Africa. with significant populations also in the North America, Europe, Australia and southeast Asia.

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  8. CM Hartman
    CM Hartman November 25, 20:58

    This is the kind of barbarism that comes with Sharia Law! That judge should be removed from the bench. Americans need to wake up.

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  9. Drew
    Drew November 25, 22:11

    I subscribe to ” Dimwit politics ” Newsletter purely because of the sheer common sense approach to all of its article content, that is written in deliberate, pragmatic non-sensationalist style.

    I live in Australia where Female Genital Mutilation is completely banned as it’s overwhelmingly accepted as both physical & sexual abuse of a helpless minor. I can’t quote chapter & verse, but in past decades there have been cases before our Supreme Courts where perpetrators of such vile acts of betrayal against their own children have been held to account.

    After all evidence has been presented to the Court, such perpetrators have been unanimously found guilty & severe jail sentences administered, with the victims subsequently taken into appropriate decent care.

    Quite frankly: Judge Friedman must be ordered by a Higher Authority to actually watch & listen a FGM procedure, as such vile abuse is often done without anesthesia/pain mitigation whatsoever, & his ruling is immediately, bindingly over-ruled. Mr. Bernard Friedman must then be summarily fired from The Court Bench, arraigned on gross abuse charges himself & a ” more moderate/conservative, Serving The People ” Judge swiftly appointed in his place.

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    • paa
      paa November 26, 06:01

      Better yet,let him experience Genital Mutilation so he can speak with some genuine authority.He obviously does not understand the real reason for the practice,nor is it properly explained here.

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  10. Paddy
    Paddy November 25, 22:35

    Do you also want to see male genital mutilation made illegal?

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  11. SLY
    SLY November 25, 23:16

    This is a sick minded judge.
    I think they should take his daughters/ granddaughters and do it to them. Then we will see if its ok.
    Isn’t the laws that congress make above what the judges think?
    Dis bar him!

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  12. Gail
    Gail November 26, 00:30

    This is neither a Democrat or Republican issue, just like it is not to ensure little girls remain virgins till marriage, it is to ensure women never have a pleasurable sexual encounter in their lifetime, and any rep, or dem that agrees with FGM is FOR pain, humiliation, and degradation of female children and adults.

    Reply to this comment
  13. John
    John November 26, 02:34

    I’m not in favor of FGM,but in playing the devil’s advocate they could argue and compare it to Jewish circumcision, he MGC.

    Reply to this comment
    • Doug C.
      Doug C. December 24, 20:46

      I’m not in favor of lobotomy, but in “playing the devil’s advocate,” I would argue John merits one.

      Whoops. Too late.

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  14. Honesty
    Honesty November 26, 03:00

    It’s quite simple…These people believe G-D was WRONG in designing the female body and, since THEY know “better”, they elect to “correct” his “mistake” on children too young to make an informed choice. I wish they would decide to believe that G-D was wrong in designing THEIR a**holes so they would shove their scalpels up their omniscient a**es and we would be shut of them.

    Reply to this comment
  15. Bigrich
    Bigrich November 26, 06:05

    Why is it OK to routinely mutilate boys (circumcision) but not girls?

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  16. Daniel
    Daniel November 26, 12:55

    This judge Friedman, is in direct violation of the Constitution, and the laws governibg medical practice. This procedure is part of sharia law and has no place in the United States. This so called should be stripped of his ability to practice law and sentenced to life in prison.

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  17. E. B H. S
    E. B H. S November 26, 18:27

    I know there are more comments out there on this subject. Just wondered why they weren’t posted.

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  18. max
    max November 26, 19:54

    Come on Congress, write a law so clear that even a Demwit judge can’t get around it. FGM is approved by men, so no woman can ever enjoy sex, thus keeping her in line and at home. Mengela?

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  19. Jack
    Jack November 28, 06:40

    A judge that allows FGM to go forward is NO WAY a liberal. Preventing FGM is a progressive movement. Your labeling is ass backwards. Check out healthytomorrow.com based in Somerville, MA.

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    • Doug C.
      Doug C. December 24, 20:52

      Your definition of “liberal” is ancient.

      Popular useage determines the meaning of words, such as “gay.”

      The opposition to FGM comes from the right, from libertarians and from moderates.

      Whereas the ranks of the left bulge with apologists for the most savage of Islamic practices, including torturing and murder of gays and women who speak out for the concept of women’s rights.

      And of course the left is cheered by every Islamic terrorist attack on the U.S., Israel and other allies.

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  20. Joe
    Joe January 14, 10:19

    “The Commerce Clause does not permit Congress to regulate a crime of this nature,” Friedman wrote

    What the article fails to mention is that the federal law was deemed unconstitutional as governmental over reach. It is up to the states to regulate this crime.

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