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The Battle For the Border Begins

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The Battle For the Border Begins

The Battle For the Border Begins
November 16
18:41 2018

An ominous warning came by way of the U.S. Border Patrol this week directed at Texas landowners along the U.S.-Mexico border that “armed civilians” might appear on their property to confront the horde of illegal migrants pushing towards the U.S.

The Associated Press reported that armed militias are intending to support the National Guard and Border Patrol to prevent illegal migrants from crossing into the U.S.

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This of course could set up a potentially serious confrontation between “armed civilians” and those tasked with legally securing the border, namely the National Guard and Border Patrol.

The AP is reporting that at least 3-armed militia groups are heading to the U.S.-Mexico border to confront and stop the 4,000 plus migrant caravan, before they attempt to enter the U.S.

One of the groups took to social media posting that it’s “imperative we have boots on the ground.” While another bluntly wrote; “WAR! SECURE THE BORDER NOW!”

Shannon McGauley, president of the Texas Minuteman militia, acknowledged to the AP that his group is already stationed at 3-points of entry along the border, with another 25 to 100 more armed individuals expected to arrive and supplement the force already in-place.

Most Americans are probably unaware that the militia and other volunteer groups have been regularly patrolling the border for decades.

The partnership between civilians and the Border Patrol in controlling the influx of illegal migrants and drug gangs along the border is vital. Once they spot a trespasser, the civilians usually contact the Border Patrol to apprehend them. They cannot interfere with the process, since the Border Patrol is the law enforcement branch of U.S. Customs and Border Protection – part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

With the recent news that America is being invaded by thousands upon thousands of migrants from Honduras, Guatemala, and other Central American countries, the militia is turning militant, which is no doubt an extremely dangerous and volatile situation. 

The President, perhaps realizing the potential confrontation, tweeted out on Tuesday; “Many Gang Members and some very bad people are mixed into the Caravan heading to our Southern Border. Please go back, you will not be admitted into the United States unless you go through the legal process. This is an invasion of our Country and our Military is waiting for you!”

Thus far the President has mobilized over 5,200 regular active troops (with another 1,500 in reserve), in what the Commander of U.S. Northern Command described as an effort to “harden the southern border” by stiffening defenses at and near legal entry points.

Appearing on Fox’s Laura Ingraham show, the President explained how the troop augmentation would work; “When they are captured, we don’t let them out,” We’re not letting them out … We’re not catching, we’re not releasing … We’re not letting them into this country.”

The strategy by the administration is to build “tent cities” near the border to house any asylum-seekers who have joined the caravan.

He added, “We’re going to put tents up all over the place,” We’re not going to build structures and spend … hundreds of millions of dollars. We’re going to have tents, they’re going to be very nice and they’re going to wait and if they don’t get asylum, they get out.”

No doubt the ACLU along with the 9TH Circuit will of course challenge the President’s directive. However, the “wild-card” in this unfolding political chess-game are those “armed civilians” we call the militia – those the founders regarded as our last line of defense. “The Congress shall have Power To …provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions.” Article I, Section 8, Clause 15.

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  1. DAV
    DAV November 18, 21:23

    I was just wondering yesterday, what would Mexico do if these thousands of people marching through their country were AMERICANS instead of that mixture they have now??? I think that Mexico would find a way to put all Americans in jail! MEXICO IS NOT OUR FRIEND! I have heard since 1970 that if an American driving in Mexico has an accident, it’s automatically his fault!

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  2. Jersey Prophet
    Jersey Prophet November 18, 21:45

    I would remind “Admin,” the Nom de Plume of the writer of this article, THIS ISN’T OBAMA’S BORDER PATROL ANYMORE!
    I would further remind him/her the Border Patrol and the militia are ON THE SAME SIDE!
    To read the musings of this author, you’d think that the “war” about to break out will be between the Border Patrol and Americans trying to defend the border politicians have for various reasons been too feckless to defend as US law permits; a Border Patrol between 2009 and 2017 under the thumb of an impostor president who expressly tied their hands, rendering them frustrated in their inability to enforce the law they took an oath to do.
    I posit that the Border Patrol appreciates militias’ assistance, as well as that of the US military and National Guard.
    The Migrants are UNWELCOME here, as they are in Mexico, as anyone who watches the REAL news knows!
    Pueblo sin Fronteras is a globalist front organization trying to destroy the US as a sovereign nation and using these illegals as their weapon of choice. They have met their match in President Trump.

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  3. David
    David November 18, 22:11

    We already have upwards of thirty million deadbeats. They don’t care to assimilate and become legal they don’t have to .It really is time to put a stop to it.This Country can no longer support any more handouts.If the Feds were honest they would let us declare illegal aliens as dependents on our tax forms. Give em live ammo it is an invasion.

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  4. bigdaddy55
    bigdaddy55 November 19, 15:52

    Bless these volunteers……..same folks that went to the Alamo almost 200 years ago. Rome fell to the Visigoths once they could no longer defend their borders.

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