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Are Leftists the True Anti-Semites?

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Are Leftists the True Anti-Semites?

Are Leftists the True Anti-Semites?
November 16
18:24 2018

The Women’s March was anti-Semetic. In a great touch of irony – and another example of liberals destroying one another – the organizers of the identity politics charade for more government control have lost out on the esteemed ” Human Rights Award,” given out by the Freidrich Ebert Foundation.

The group had been poised to win the award last evening, but then came the surprise announcement: Rather than winning the award, the foundation publicly rebuked the progressive feminist organization and their leader Linda Sarsour.

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One of the foundation’s umbrella organizations, Critique of Anti-Semitism and Jewish Studies, sent a letter to the foundation categorizing  the Women’s March as anti-Semitic – dripping with anti-Israel rhetoric and the vile anti-Semitic language by Louis Farrakhan.

“We believe that the Women’s March USA does not meet the criteria of this award, as its organizers have repeatedly attracted attention through anti-Semitic statements, the trivialization of anti-Semitism and the exclusion of Zionists and Jews since Women’s March USA establishment in 2017. Women’s March USA does not constitute an inclusive alliance,” read the letter.

The letter continued: “An organization that may support feminism, but discriminates against Jews and Zionists and denies Israel’s right to exist should not be honored by a democratic foundation that advocates diversity and speaks out against discrimination.”

The letter also openly condemned other’s within the leadership of the Woman’s March organization stating: “Sarsour, Carmen Perez (another board member of Women’s March USA), and Tamika D. Mallory (co-chairwoman of Women’s March USA who is to receive the FES Human Rights Award) have attracted attention due to their long-standing support of the notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, who, among other things, called Adolf Hitler a ‘very great man’ while recently comparing Jews to termites.”

Linda Sarsour has a long public history of anti-Semitism, dating back almost a decade. It’s no secret she supports radical extremist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and has also gone on record in support of Sharia Law – which remarkably is opposed to what the Woman’s March actually advocates.

She also openly supports Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, tweeting out in 2012, “When we write the history of Islam in America, the Nation of #Islam is an integral part of that history.”

Farrakhan is the same individual back in 1984 who said, “Hitler was a very great man,” and then in 1985 reminded Jews, “And don’t you forget, when it’s God who puts you in the ovens, its forever!”

It appears the fascists are starting to show their true colors.

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  1. DAV
    DAV November 17, 22:24

    All the DEMONocrats have to do is just ignore any and all accusations and magically, nothing becomes of it.

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  2. imwithstoopid
    imwithstoopid November 17, 22:44

    And they just found this out?

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  3. Doug C.
    Doug C. November 17, 23:01

    Of COURSE radical feminism and other lefttwit movements are anti-Semitic. A simple understanding of leftism explains that fact and clarifies that no other pattern makes sense.

    Just to offer another example or two, Occupy Wall Street attracted representatives of all the larger neo-not-see splinter groups in the country. David Duke was welcomed to OWS with open arms, and he has continued to praise OWS, which allowed him to march in common purpose with Communists and other socialists.

    By the same token, not-sees in West Germany were ostracized after WW II. Not-sees in East Germany just melted en masse into the East German Communist Party and continued their totalitarian behavior, anti-Semitism and all.

    Leftism = statism = collectivism. These terms are equally descriptive of Communists and National Socialists.

    Statists, whatever space they occupy in the leftist snakepit, worship the state — not just as a political movement but as a religious faith.

    That’s wholly typical of so-called liberals, progressives, Fabian socialists, social democrats, National Socialists, Fascists, Marxists, Trotskyites and other variants of leftists.

    They hate liberty and freedom because it interferes with their worship of the state. Therefore they hate the main drivers of liberty, freedom and individualism — Judeo-Christian culture and institutions.

    Which explains their deep sympathy for radical Islam: Even though they seem on the surface to be opposed to Islamist culture, they still bond with Islam because Islam hates Judeo-Christian culture.

    Besides which, most Islam favors political totalitarianism even though socially Islam is hostile to claimed leftist ideals.

    No, leftism isn’t against bigotry in the least. In fact, the left is the natural home of bigotry of all kinds because the left categorizes people as members of groups — racial, religious, age-related, educational, professional, gender, income and on and on.

    Non-leftniks tend to regard people as individuals while leftniks see little more than their identity. So the left is smitten with identity characteristics, which translates into bigotry.

    The left in the U.S. still worships KKKlansters, not-sees (like Farrakhan) and their like.

    I like to say that the only significant differences between der fuhrer and Stalin were their tastes in garb, food, music and moustache styles.

    The biggest take-away here is that leftism is not an ideology as conservatism, libertarianism, Objectivism, anarchism, Jeffersonism, monarchism and other political outlooks are. Leftism is a hard-line, blood-soaked religion.

    When you look at politics through that comprehension, those odd positions of leftniks, by and large, will no longer mystify you.

    Word to the author of the commentary above: The word is spelled “Semitic,” not “Semetic” as spelled in the first sentence of this piece. Look at the second vowel in “Semite” to guide the spelling.

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    • Doug C.
      Doug C. November 17, 23:08


      The chief driver of bigotry in the United States, as elsewhere, has always been the left and its progenitors.

      The Demnocratic Party has always been based on slavery, secession, segregation, racial suppression and socialism, all of which have been used to repress minorities.

      Oops. Almost left out Shrillary, the sixth “S.”

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    • Jersey Prophet
      Jersey Prophet November 18, 13:18

      Well said, Doug! Your post should be required reading for new college student orientation week. Of course, it never will be, as the Left has control of education and a voice of reason is viewed as an agent of heresy by our ‘betters.’

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  4. Der Professor
    Der Professor November 18, 11:43

    Paranoia and politics agree as well as bacon and eggs. Jews are especially suited for serving as objects of paranoid fantasies because of their achievements and visibility. Israel is a convenient fixation, but it’s not really necessary.

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  5. BC
    BC November 18, 14:06

    I think Sarsour is all about Sarsour she is as much an addict of attention as most of the pop stars, rap ‘artists’ and celebrities in general

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  6. TA1
    TA1 February 24, 20:43


    there might be anti-semites among democrats. I really don’t care if all they do is talk.
    But on the extreme right, obviously that is not all they are doing.

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