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Americans Paid to Oppose Trump?

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Americans Paid to Oppose Trump?

Americans Paid to Oppose Trump?
October 30
19:45 2018

You’ve heard of trash-talk – provocative insults intended to intimidate the opposition. Most of us expect some good-humored, if impassioned, ribbing over a sports rivalry – but negative commentary has become institutionalized since President Donald J. Trump won the 2016 U.S. election.

We have witnessed the rise of a group of Leftists who dubbed themselves the Resistance. These individuals work relentlessly to undermine the Republican administration by bad-mouthing everything the president says, does, and tweets. I wrote previously about administrative heel-dragging and out-and-out obstruction at high levels of the federal government that was uncovered and reported by Project Veritas.

Because President Trump shares his thoughts candidly via Twitter, his opponents’ trash talk has evolved into trash tweets. Critics who side with Obama and Clinton delight in maligning the current political organization through social media. Their motivation is simple: oust Trump and replace him with a Democrat – one of them.

Two years ago, twin brothers and business partners Ed and Brian Krassenstein appeared online out of nowhere and began systematically countering Trump’s tweets with their own contrary views. Ed bills himself as “an entrepreneur, author, editor and investigative journalist.” Brian promotes himself as “a young entrepreneur, Twitter personality, author, journalist, editor and voice actor” known for “his simple, yet poignant social media posts, which point out everyday injustices, as well as his investigative journalist work.”

Ed and Brian Krassenstein may be young but they have already run afoul of no less an agency than the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). In late 2016, feds raided the Krassensteins’ home in Fort Myers, Florida, claiming the brothers were hosting website-based Ponzi schemes to illegally promote fraudulent online investment scams from MoneyMakerGroup and TalkGold. Both sites have been shuttered.

DHS agents and 25 police cars showed up, as curious neighbors looked on. Jim Messina was working on a house three doors away and revealed what he learned after speaking with investigators:

“They’re here to remove everything from the house, all the computer software and all that stuff. They walked at least 20 to 30 bundles of stuff out of that house and into their cars.”

In August 2017, law enforcement officials seized almost a half million dollars from the twins. Prosecutors claimed the large sum of money was the product of wire fraud. The Krassensteins countered that they were both innocent of any wrong-doing. The U.S. Justice Department declined to press criminal charges.

Now, the known fraudsters are using Twitter to beat the “Impeach Trump” drum and sow the seeds of discontent among liberals. Here is a representative tweet dated May 7, 2017, from Brian:

“The SECOND that Evidence emerges that Trump’s campaign colluded w/ Russia to undermine Clinton, we demand A NEW ELECTION. Not President Pence!!”
Brian isn’t always that articulate. On that last day of 2017, he tweeted “IMPEACH TRUMP 2018!!” eleven times in a neat, double-spaced column, with this call-to-action closer: “Let’s take America Back!!!”

Ed has over 700,000 followers on Twitter with brother Brian trailing behind with “only” 400,000 of his own followers. Combined, the twins reach over a million people. Apparently, crime does pay, not only in greenbacks but in political influence.

Ed attributed the brothers’ online success to dumb luck:

“We never really had a goal, I don’t think, other than just get the word around out there about our opinions and such. We never really expected our Twitter accounts to take off like they did.”

But is that even believable, given what we know about the Krassensteins? Isn’t it much more likely that every move these two make is pre-meditated and well-calculated for maximum payoff with minimum effort?

On September 25, 2018 at 12:22am, a video published by Los Angeles-based political activist Currie Dobson showed Brian admitting to being paid for his anti-Trump rhetoric. The clip was recorded “at what appears to be a house party” and Brian said, laughingly, to “a random individual” something very startling, to say the least:

“Of course there are higher ups that are paying us. They want us to help sow the division and to take over Trump’s Twitter feed. When [Trump] makes a post they want our tweets to be up there. They don’t want other people, like Trump supporters to be seen.”

Later the same day, Brian Krassenstein denied everything, claiming it was all a big joke. Still, hours had passed while the “fake news” circulated online, leading some observers to conclude the video was a media stunt designed to spread misleading information before the midterms.

But is there any real reason to think Brian was just kidding about being a professional insurgent?

Big pay-offs from deep pockets to the entrepreneurial duo for spreading fake anti-Trump news to rabble-rouse the Left would come as no surprise to many people who are sickened by the low levels of decency and fair play coming from radical liberals.

Given their speckled past, it certainly looks like the twin brothers have put the “crass” in Krassenstein.

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  1. Doug C.
    Doug C. November 01, 06:49

    Where’d they get their training? At the Rodham Family Crime Foundation?

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