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What if Kavanaugh did it?

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What if Kavanaugh did it?

What if Kavanaugh did it?
October 01
18:16 2018

I shall now courageously – or is it stupidly? – go where no man, or woman, has gone in terms of the circumstances surrounding the accusations made by Professor Christine Blasey Ford against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. It is an issue that I have actually heard expressed in private conversations. Those proffering the issue all agree that it is not something that could be said in public forums – especially in view of today’s political and cultural climate. It would be akin to sticking up for the witches in Seventeenth-Century Salem, Massachusetts.

It addresses this question. Should Kavanaugh be confirmed even IF the accusations were true?

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The most obvious initial answer that leaps to mind is, of course not. But that knee-jerk answer is not universally held.

The argument goes something like this. First of all, Ford was not raped. That leaves open the question as to whether the advances would have resulted in rape – or was it more of a drunken mashing. That does not diminish the seriousness of the bad behavior or Ford’s fears and anxieties. It is just that we do not know the critically important specifics of the action.

According to the laws at the time, the most serious charge would have been battery, and even that would not likely have led to an arrest and prosecution. The line between the cliché description of “getting fresh” and a serious sexual assault is a grey area – and even more so today. If attempting to cop a feel in a movie house is redefined as Class A sexual assault with no statute of limitation, it boggles the mind to consider just how many young boys could be in prison today.

In the broadest definitions we apply today, I could honestly join the #MeToo movement. I have been groped and slobbered over by drunken women on occasion – more than one. It did seem like boorish behavior triggered by the inhibition-lower effects of alcohol, but I never thought of it as a sexual assault even though they could be defined as such by today’s standards.

There also is the issue of measuring one drunken indiscretion against a lifelong reputation for the highest integrity. If this were a shoplifting charge or even vandalism by a teenager, would we disregard a life of integrity and contribution in considering that person for future positions? Hardly.

What constitutes a serious indiscretion is driven by cultural values that change over time. In my youth, having gotten “fresh” with a young lady would have resulted in nothing more than a possible slap in the face. Evidence of smoking pot, however, would have gotten you kicked out of school, fired from a job and barred from public service. It would end the careers of actors and sports stars. Today, the opposite is true.

Many people have gone on to positive productive lives after youthful mistakes – even more serious than the charges against Kavanaugh. The current Democrat candidate for United States Senate in Texas, Beto O’Rourke, was arrested twice in his youthful days – once for driving under the influence and once for burglary – a forced entry into university property. Should that be a disqualifier? Obviously not.

George W. Bush had a serious drinking problem well into his adult life. While he admitted it led to a lot of bad behaviors, there have never been any specifics or investigations – and he became President of the United States.
I have run into several people who believe that even if true, one bad event should not wipe out lifetime later record of accomplishment.

Of course, there is the issue of lying about it. IF – and that is a big IF – Kavanaugh had been the culprit as Ford described, he brings his reputation into contemporary times by lying about it under oath. Most folks who get past youthful mistakes confess to them – as have O’Rouke and Bush.

There are a lot of people who think Kavanaugh should be confirmed AND who also believe he was the guy as Ford claimed. The passage of time, his age at the time and his adult record of service are, for them, mitigating considerations. Not everyone in the public takes the holier-than-thou sanctimoniousness being witnessed in Washington today.

About Author

Larry Horist

Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and politics. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, as well as the White House. He has testified as an expert witness before legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress, and lectured at major colleges and universities. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.

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  1. Bobbie
    Bobbie October 02, 18:12

    Thank you – this is what I’ve been saying all along – so why do we care what a drunk underage boy did over 30 years ago, unless there is evidence since then that this is indicative of his character, which I am sure it is not or it would have been uncovered by now!

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  2. J W
    J W October 02, 18:38

    Excellent article. This is such bullshit

    He has had such a productive life. I sure am glad I
    Am not running for any office.

    You have Democrats booker who admitted sex assaults, and Blumenthal lied about Vietnam. Feinstein has been married 3 or 4 times.

    The Dems held the letter til 11th hour.

    This whole delay is a total joke.

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  3. Fred
    Fred October 02, 19:01

    Your question causes me to ask a similar one in that it may not PC by today’s standards. Why shouldn’t Doctor Ford be investigated by the FBI? Both appear to be credible witnesses. Yet only Judge Kavanaugh is being investigated. Right?

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    • Pattie54
      Pattie54 October 07, 01:24

      Exactly. Nobody knows which high Democrats could have encouraged her to blow this accusation way out of proportion, if in fact it even happened.

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  4. Red_SC
    Red_SC October 02, 19:20

    Good points and good article.

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  5. EJ
    EJ October 02, 19:40

    We have a pathological liar in the White House. Mr. Kavanaugh also seems to have no problems lying about matters large and small—under oath. Do we really want a liar on the Supreme Court, too?

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  6. Curt
    Curt October 02, 19:42

    I have thought this same thing. I do not believe it disqualified him for the position. I would still approve him. Every situation needs looked at individually .

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  7. Nancy
    Nancy October 02, 20:04

    You are exactly right. Well said!!

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  8. KT
    KT October 02, 20:49

    Well, there a lot of us who believe Judge Kavanaugh should be confirmed and that he is innocent.

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  9. M.A.
    M.A. October 02, 21:33

    Don’t forget, if true, both Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh held Dr. Ford against her will – that would need to be considered as well.

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  10. Nicci
    Nicci October 02, 21:50

    Agree totally

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  11. Pop
    Pop October 02, 22:03

    Senator Durbins is an idiot. I will never vote for him again. He is in politic too long does not know what is right or wrong.

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  12. Red
    Red October 02, 23:25

    So what if he did rape her and other women? Annoplois MD is full of bitches GeoTown Boys raped.
    It’s time to put women back in their place anyway. Put more Catholics on the Supreme Court-
    Stop birth control so there will be more boys to rape.

    Reply to this comment
  13. Trapi1
    Trapi1 October 03, 00:00

    Gives me ne a lot of thought to ponder! Well done and very well written! I find it sad that my ancestors fought from the time of The Revolution to the present to give Snowflakes the RIGHT to speak. BUT, there needs to be a point where the ruining of ones life must be met with punishment besides losing at the polls. It’s abundantly clear that this is simply a ploy because snowflakes don’t like President Trump or anything the Republican Party stands for. Accountability is needed but it won’t happen because The Republicans can’t ‘play ‘the unfair, unChristian games that the left play. I , for one, am ready for a revolution and will stand by President Trump because I will be held accountable by my future grandchildren for the State of our country

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  14. Re
    Re October 03, 00:06

    My question is what was she doing in a bedroom
    at a party to start with?

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    LYLE SHECKLER October 03, 00:07

    Precedent has been set. Clinton set that precedent. Compared with what Clinton did, and got away with, What Judge Kavanaugh was accused of doing is just about nothing. IF he were guilty of all charges,
    the timing is 36 years ago, and per the arguments by Clinton’s side during Clinton’s impeachment “that is his private life.” Judge Kavanaugh performed honorably in all his federal capacities and is certainly qualified to serve on the Supreme Court.

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  16. Jay
    Jay October 03, 01:43

    This is beyond being immoral and would have been unbecoming of a typical college student,talk less of a judge or a justice of the Supreme Court

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  17. Susan
    Susan October 03, 10:26

    We want the justices of the Supreme Court to be men and women of high integrity. If Judge Kavanaugh committed the sexual assault and continually lied about it, he has shown lack of integrity. Sen. Jeff Flake is to be commended for requiring and FBI investigation. Pres. Trump also deserves to be commended for ordering it. It’s the right thing to do.

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  18. Mark
    Mark October 03, 16:20

    Would Ted Kennedy have qualified for SCOTUS, on moral grounds alone?
    How about Bill Clinton, again on moral grounds?
    How about the woman senator screaming at Sen. Flake, “Look at me when I’m talking to you!” Is that the demeanor of a U.S. Senator?
    This process is horses–t!

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  19. marby3
    marby3 October 03, 23:36

    Yes he lied AND there was evidence of his sexual assaults. Big difference and what did impeachment do? Nada simply a check mark next to his name as he continued to run the country.

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  20. Fred
    Fred October 04, 00:02

    eebee, did the “lifetime” appointment is limited to “GOOD BEHAVIOR”, so tell us. did it bother you when Justice Kagan was appointed? It seems to only bother leftists, when Conservatives are appointed. Most of you don’t even know what it is, that Conservatives are trying to conserve…clue: it is not the GOP!

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  21. Marilyn
    Marilyn October 04, 19:25

    Thank you for this very helpful explanation.. I felt the same way but to explain my feelings to others was not coming across like you did. I think both are being badly used and mocking her is terrible. But look at what is happening to senator Kavanaugh. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tells them to keep the nomination. Maybe if we could get the President to be quiet things would go a little better. Thank you.

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