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Is Kavanaugh Accuser Part of a Cynical Political Conspiracy?

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Is Kavanaugh Accuser Part of a Cynical Political Conspiracy?

Is Kavanaugh Accuser Part of a Cynical Political Conspiracy?
September 19
17:32 2018

Ever since Christine Blasey Ford came forward with her accusation of sexual impropriety – which even by her limited description may not meet the standards of criminal assault – we have learned more about motivation and strategy than about the alleged incident. In fact, on the latter point, we have learned nothing new.

According to her description of an event in her life, Judge Brett Kavanaugh attempted to remove her clothing and rape her – maybe even kill her. The operative word is “attempt” and the basic issue is her impression of any such event. How she viewed the situation at the time, or now, is locked in her own mind where no inquiry can evaluate or validate her impression’s accuracy.

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The answers to all the relative questions cannot be definitively answered by testimony or investigation. Did such an incident really happen, or is it invented as a purposeful lie or the product a troubled mind – or of a hyperactive 15-year-old mind? If an event did occur, did it involve Kavanaugh? If Kavanaugh was involved, was the event as now described or more the kind of boorish behavior that is seen in both men and women from time to time? The left, with its hanging judge mentality, does not like to consider those questions.

The event is like a dark hole in space. We cannot see what is there, but we can attempt to establish its existence by the circumstantial activities around it. In the case of Ford, there are two theories that can be given support, but not one that can definitively resolve the questions.

The theory that is being played out by Democrats and the cabal of east coast media outlets is that Ford is telling the truth. After all, she identified a witness – Kavanaugh schoolmate Mark Judge. She confided in a therapist recently and took a polygraph test just weeks ago.

Of course, there are problems with this theoretical construct. The witness named by Ford has provided a lawyer letter saying that he has no recollection of the described event – in the meaning that it did not happen — and that he had never seen Kavanaugh behave in the manner described. Seems more like a witness for the defense.

Relating the story to her therapist came decades after the event. She described the party as being attended by four boys from an elitist high school who witnessed the event – but no names were offered up. Ford later said there was only one witness and the therapist was mistaken. So, now we are asked to rely on therapy notes that Ford, herself, impugned.

With regard to the polygraph test, no court would allow the admission of a self-conducted polygraph test. It is easy to get desired results by the inclusion, exclusion or crafting of questions. Even such a strident partisan and Kavanaugh opponent as Illinois Senator Dick Durbin said on MSNBC that he had no faith in such tests.

We also need to consider Ford’s selective memory. Supporters in the media have declared that memories of traumatic events remain clear in a victim’s mind. That is why Ford can be so precise in describing the details of the alleged attack. Sounds good. But then, how does that theory comport with those times we hear that traumatic events cause amnesia or distortions of reality? And then there is the fact that Ford cannot remember even an approximate date of the event or the location. She has been unable to produce anyone who was at the party she describes except the one witness that will not corroborate her story.

Then there is theory number two – that this entire controversy has been strategically concocted by a coalition of left-wingers to throw a monkey wrench into the proceedings in a desperate hope of delaying and ultimately blocking Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

On the one side, you have a group of congressional Democrats – in both the House and Senate — who are already predisposed to oppose Kavanaugh by all means. On the other side, you have the accuser and her two lawyers – all three activists associated to some degree with the far left #MeTwo and resistance movements. Their aspiration is to block Kavanaugh because they do not like his judicial philosophy.

Flying cover for these ground forces are people like Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal – who can always be counted on to take partisan issues into hyperbolic outer space. He already decided to vote against Kavanaugh even before Trump nominated him. He has already declared Ford’s story to be truthful even before an investigation or hearing to garner whatever facts may be available.

Blumenthal demands that the Kavanaugh nomination be withdrawn because it is an indelible blotch on the judge’s personal record, and his service on the high court would be a permanent stain on the Supreme Court forever. If there was an award for crass political hyperbole, Blumenthal would have a lock on the top prize despite the stiff competition.

Ford’s behavior ahead of her political coming out party – a party she said she never wanted to attend – raises more suspicions. Even as she was supposedly pleading with both Congresswoman Anna Eshoo and Senator Diane Feinstein to allow her to remain anonymous, Ford was hiring activist lawyers, taking polygraph tests, gathering therapist notes, scrubbing her Facebook and setting up an exclusive interview with the Washington Post – not even her local Los Angeles Times.

One of the easiest defense arguments to shoot down is that Ford had no motive to make up the story – or twist an old event to include Kavanagh. Utter nonsense. Her motivation was obvious. It was to stop the Kavanaugh confirmation. That was the sole, only, entire and complete purpose of the letter. It was the reasons she sent it to two avowed opponents of Kavanaugh. It was a strategic act carried out with malice of forethought – and THAT is beyond theory.

While Ford and her Democrat allies attempted to make it appear that events were rolling out organically, they left a significant trail of evidence to suggest otherwise. This has all the earmarks of a cynical last-minute desperation conspiracy to block Kavanaugh and create more disruption for President Trump and Republicans on the eve of the midterm election.

Predicting the future is perilous, but if the hearing takes place – with or without Ford – you can rest assured that it will result in the deafening sounds of a political circus with little to no light shed on the alleged central issue.

What may or may not have happened to Ford 36 years ago is irrelevant to the serious purpose of the confirmation process because there is no evidence … zero … nada … that Kavanaugh was involved. Pushing all the theories aside, we have the claim of a politically biased individual and the abject rejection of the charge by the accused. Even in the fact-challenged court-of-public-opinion, that should be sufficient to set the accusation aside and confirm Kavanaugh based on his impressive known official and personal record – a lifetime record that has been vetted by the FBI and others more than six times.

POSTSCRIPT: In looking at the photo that heads this commentary, it occurred to me that Ford may is mistaken. Maybe she had Beatle Paul McCartney in mind. What ya think?

About Author

Larry Horist

Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and politics. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, as well as the White House. He has testified as an expert witness before legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress, and lectured at major colleges and universities. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.

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  1. Doug
    Doug September 20, 16:20

    Poor Christine Crazee Ford. She just reeks of victimhood. If a character assassin whose story has more holes than a target form at a SEAL team firing range can be a pitiful victim.

    Crazee Ford’s and Kavanaugh’s families traveled in the same social circles, according to her via her “good friends.” That’s why she knows that Kavanaugh knew her, doncha know, even though they shared no classes, extracurriculars or other “togetherness.” Voila — yet another world of prospective witnesses to speak to, who can confirm or dismiss the claim as tripe. If this claim proves to be as mucky as the rest of this exercise in fiction, that in itself could prove Crazee Ford is an uber-liar.

    Why aren’t we hearing from the supposed therapist who chose to get involved in this burlesque show by backing Crazee Ford up? Was she ever truly CF’s therapist at all? Was there truly ANY therapist? We have no documentation of it, just third-hand press reports from habitual fake-news disseminators.

    A true therapist would face sanctions and maybe license suspension or withdrawal for lying about professional activities. Let’s hear from her directly. Let’s see her original transcript of notes from the relevant therapy sessions. If she had staff responsible for recording or transcribing notes or interviews, or if she contracted for that service, let’s hear from that person or persons, because they’re witnesses. There HAVE to be either recordings of sessions or transcripts, but we’re only hearing REPORTS about the notes.

    Lying by the reputed therapist and/or staff at a hearing would be perjury, a serious felony. Wouldn’t that be great to see unfolding?

    Reply to this comment
  2. Doug
    Doug September 20, 16:22

    Rumor has it that Sen. Grassley doesn’t plan to allow Christine Crazee Ford to use a remotely programmed TelePrompTer at a Judiciary Commmittee hearing.

    All things considered, who can blame her for dodging the hearing?

    Reply to this comment
  3. Doug
    Doug September 20, 16:29

    I was so sure that the first woman to accuse Kavanaugh of sexual improprieties would be Lena Dunham that I bet all the cash in my pocket on it.

    Now I have to kiss fiddy cent good-bye.

    Reply to this comment
  4. Jug
    Jug September 20, 17:24

    Damn, I thought it would be Stormy Daniels bitching about a bad night with the judge.

    Reply to this comment
  5. jj
    jj September 20, 17:36

    Excellent article because I believe this is what is happening.

    Reply to this comment
  6. Linda
    Linda September 20, 17:54

    Doug, since Mrs. Ford wants the FBI involved, why can’t the FBI interview this woman, give her a polygraph test, and ask her under oath who paid for her previous polygraph test, under oath what Democrats have been in touch with her in the past few months. Have the FBI have her turn over her cell phone, emails asnd texts for the past 4 months. It would not be a bad idea to have the Senate to turn over to the FBI their phones, texts asnd emails for the past 4 montbys as well. This stinks to high heaven. I am do ashamed of the Democrats. An end must be come Mon. if Mrs. Ford does not testify under oath. We should proceed withe the vote.

    Reply to this comment
  7. janet white-stayler
    janet white-stayler September 20, 19:27

    Why is there not one word anywhere about the accusations of abuse by TWO women with police reports about Keith Ellison who is running for Attorney general? Not one word anywhere. Oh! I forgot. He is a democrat.

    Reply to this comment
  8. janet white-stayler
    janet white-stayler September 20, 19:51

    I wonder why we are not hearing one single word about Keith Ellison’s accusers. Two of them have police reports and he is running for attorney General of a state. Oh! Nevermind. He is a democrat. I forgot.

    Reply to this comment
  9. 4freedom
    4freedom September 20, 20:42

    Ford is a nut job hard leftist code pinko commie beech, and her lawyer has ties to Soros, need to say anymore?

    Reply to this comment
  10. U
    U September 21, 11:11

    Ms. Ford’s “testimony” up to this point, which is just news reports, has more holes in it than swiss cheese. Someone would have to have an IQ of 20 not to notice that this is just a Democratic ploy. That party was not able to delay the hearings by other means and therefore has used a below-the-belt action that hopefully will show them to be unworthy of their positions as lawmakers. We need judges like Kavanaugh to become Supreme Court justices in order to make American life more civil.

    Reply to this comment
  11. thorlo6
    thorlo6 September 21, 12:02

    A supposed event that occured 30+ years ago, is totally irrelevant to his confirmation. What we the people, and US Congress should look at is his actions as a sitting Judge. Nothing else is relevant. So the main question still remains. Is he or isn’t qualified to sit on SCOTUS? According to what I have read and understand from media sources I trust, which is not MSM, his records as a judge say yes he is more than qualified.

    Reply to this comment
  12. DUKE
    DUKE September 21, 15:06

    I don’t believe Ms. Ford’s story from 36 years ago. If an unwanted “someone” tried to hit on her, why was she totally silent for 36 years? In today’s world, money (some form of financial gain) is the big motivation, and I would be surprised if this was an exception. This certainly applies to anything involving congress.

    Reply to this comment
  13. Artillerest
    Artillerest September 23, 00:55

    The biggest question to finestine is why did you sit on the issue if it was so critical to the confirmation
    of the judge?? Simple it was all staged to distract
    the voters in believing that the dems ( the party of
    slavery, and Jim crow) does anything for the people
    of this country that does not benefit them directly.
    Is insane, she could have many times confronted
    The judge about the issue, finestein does not
    Work in the realm of respect for individuals that
    she feels she is below her..

    Reply to this comment

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