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The John McCain False Narrative

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The John McCain False Narrative

The John McCain False Narrative
August 28
17:13 2018

The passing of Arizona Senator John McCain has demonstrated the power of false narratives over truth.

While the media obituaries for McCain are effusive, to say the least, the anti-Trump media has used — even abused – the demise of the Arizona senator as a vehicle to continue its unrelenting and obsessive negative spin on the president.

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They accuse Trump of being petty for not heaping sufficient praise on a person who was among the president’s political adversaries within the Republican congressional conference. Trump explained his reserved response by telling staffers that everyone knew that he and McCain were not in a committed bromance. To join in the political canonization would be viewed as hypocritical. But still, there was a tinge of pettiness in the president’s official response – or lack thereof. He could have done better, but Trump is not above pettiness. When a more traditional response was expressed by Trump, the critics predictably declared it to be too little, too late.

In the deluge of accolades being bestowed on McCain, there was an absence of any recognition of McCain’s own reputation for pettiness. Behind the smiling and engaging public persona was a man with a retaliatory ill-temper and … yes … a propensity for pettiness.

When McCain, in his own post-mortem letter, referred to tearing down walls rather than building them, he well understood that it would be widely viewed as a zinger directed at Trump. He shamelessly struck from behind the protective shield of the veil of tears. In addition, his deathbed request that Trump not attend his funeral cannot be described as anything but petty.

With that request, McCain intentionally put Trump, the person and the president, in a no-win position. Were Trump to offer high praise, he would have been criticized as hypocritical – as he correctly suggested. If he backed away – as he did – he would be viewed as petty – which he was. He could have taken a middle ground, but he did not. To some extent, I am sorry to say, Trump was being petty.

That does not absolve the media of justified criticism for their high RPM anti-Trump spins intermixed with their uncompromised praise of McCain. Perhaps the most egregious stab at Trump was the false flag.

The #NeverTrump media and their parroting panelists implied that Trump had short-circuited the flying of the American flag over the White House at half-mast in honor of McCain after only two days. Trump was described as “small,” “petty” and “vindictive.” The story and the impression were sufficiently misleading as to constitute a false report.

It has been the policy since the Eisenhower administration – which was from 1953 to 1961 for those too young to be familiar with President Eisenhower – that when a member of Congress dies, the flag over the White House will be lowered for a period of two days. The reason? Well, given the fact that there are 535 members of Congress and most are over 50 years old, a succession of demises could have the flag in its mourning position for considerable periods of time.

Trump actually issued an order to have the flag remain suspended at midpoint until after McCain’s remains were laid to rest. He also issued orders extending extraordinary privileges to the McCain family – including the use of the military to transport and escort the body.

All this media generated side-show controversy over McCain’s funeral makes a person – okay, me – eager to get back to the Russian collusion disinformation.

About Author

Larry Horist

Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and politics. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, as well as the White House. He has testified as an expert witness before legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress, and lectured at major colleges and universities. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.

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  1. aba
    aba August 29, 16:27

    McCain was a petty little man. I never viewed him as a hero of any kind. As I understand it, his fellow prisoners did not hold him in high regard. I don’t wish death on anyone but am happy that McCain is no longer in the Senate.

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  2. DParkerP
    DParkerP August 29, 16:48

    Trump tried to short-circuit the lowered flag time, but relented to external pressure. And while McCain had his faults, pettiness among them, they are all but invisible when placed beside those of the current occupier of the White House. Having said that, it is also customary to focus on the positive when someone dies … tho it would seem you missed that chapter on social decorum.

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    • JoJo
      JoJo August 31, 16:26

      I am quiet tired of social decorum in this circumstance because McCain asked for it with the letter he left. He never did play fair I n my eyes nor was. he ever held account for any of his actions due to whose son and grandson he was! People just need to stop bad mouthing Trump because it is old and very very tiresome! There is no better on the other side! Only worse but you obvious can’t see the Forrest for the trees!,

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    • Dennis K
      Dennis K September 03, 21:18

      Strange take on Trump’s order to keep the flag lowered past the two days due a congressman. He got a presadent’s funeral, laid in state, free government transport, Etc. (As a former POW he was authorized the missing man flight, however). TDS cloud your judgement much?

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    • Duane
      Duane November 16, 20:16

      Can you even read? White House STAFF followed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) established more than 50 years ago.

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  3. aztejas
    aztejas August 29, 16:52

    Thanks for an honest review of the McCain farewell letter and the President’s response and reactions.

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  4. Marmie
    Marmie August 29, 17:10

    President Trump followed McCann’s wishes. I give him credit for that. McCann was a true democrat. He, as others, were in the Viet Nam war, my husband included and a friend who never returned alive nor dead. We don’t have admirals in our family. That doesn’t make anyone more important than anyone else. So why the hullabaloo-? And his hatred for our President should have been kept to himself. That would show respect and send a lesson in etiquette to all those who need it rather than stir up trouble…as democrats are famous for. Mr. McCann best wishes on your soul’s next journey.

    Reply to this comment
    • lil ed
      lil ed September 02, 11:21

      ” hatred for our president???” because he opposed a few of the president’s policies,actions;tweets.Surely you jest??

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      • Duane
        Duane November 16, 20:22

        “Surely you jest?”

        McCain was petty in the extreme in demanding that the President not attend his funeral. In addition making a not-so-veiled jab at Mr. Trump’s desire to protect Americans like nearly all other nations have protected their citizens (even their subjects) for most of recorded history. McCain didn’t care about the citizens of his own state who suffer from the swarms of illegal aliens coming across Arizona’s southern border.

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  5. RocktheBenz
    RocktheBenz August 29, 18:02

    McCain was actually a traitor and worthless pilot. Too bad he wasn’t killed when he was shot down. I agree with Trump; I prefer those not captured!!

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  6. Conner
    Conner August 29, 18:39

    McCain has always been a self-centered ego-manaic that unless it went his way he vetoed voted against it. He has always been an A******. He believed that he knew better than anyone and his way was always the right way. I don’t believe GOD stepped aside and told McCain to rule the world which is exactly what he believed himself. Don;t understand why praise is showered on a man that saved himself by cooperating with the Vietnamese and then thought he was a hero. God Bless the USA of which McCain never did.

    Reply to this comment
    • Graeme
      Graeme September 19, 08:58

      Well McCain might indeed have been “a self-centered ego-manaic that unless it went his way he vetoed voted against it”. He was, after all, a Republican. But the President does himself no favors by constantly lying. We never before would have condoned such lying. Why do we do it now? I no longer hope my children will someday be president. They can do better !

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  7. Ray
    Ray August 29, 18:46

    To this WWII COMBAT Veteren, Senator MCCain was a true HERO-shot down in Vietnam, imprisioned more than 5 yeara in Honoi Hilton Served his country till his dying day.

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  8. drysdale
    drysdale August 30, 06:50

    Please look at this another way. McCain is a US Vietnam War hero in the eyes of the US Military.Yes, there are many more like him. America loves it,s heroes.As Commander in Chief Trump should have bestowed the highest honor on McCain..it was his duty…but he could not rise above his egoistic self. Unforgivable.

    Reply to this comment
    • Duane
      Duane November 16, 20:35

      McCain and his family were given government transport and other honors that were extraordinary. President Trump respected the expressed, petty desire that he not attend the funeral. He sent his second-in-command; if he had not, he would have been criticized for not sending anyone.

      McCain gratified his petty vindictiveness by putting Mr Trump in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” position. That is pretty hateful.

      Just what should President Trump have done? Given McCain another, undeserved medal posthumously? He already had the medals he supposedly deserved. Gone to the funeral against McCain and the family’s wishes?

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  9. Frost00
    Frost00 August 30, 12:58

    I too c the hypocrisy on both sides yet President Trump has gotten such a raw deal from day one.It’s beyond my comprehension how this country has gotten so far off track with all the BS that is spewed by the Media, internet,Left, Right and the Middle mouth pieces of Societies current propaganda campaigns. SMH 😤

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  10. David
    David September 03, 16:35

    John McCain returned from Vietnam in 1973 to find his beautiful, faithful wife permanently crippled and disfigured from a terrible car accident.
    John’s response? He repeatedly cheated on her, then dumped her for an uber-rich girl 18 years his junior.
    Sorry, but he’s not MY hero.

    Reply to this comment
    • Graeme
      Graeme September 19, 09:00

      Yes, he was a great Republican.

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      • thinkr2
        thinkr2 December 05, 19:29

        You mean RINO? Republican In Name Only.

        That’s more accurate.

        My state is full of them. One of my died-in-the-wool, life-long, committed Democrat neighbors became a registered Republican just only enough to go to the Republican State Convention so he could vote for Orrin Hatch, another RINO.

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  11. MVP
    MVP November 14, 22:24

    McCain was a PoS war-monger who killed many with his legislative actions. And as pointe dout above, ran off from his wife while she was very ill.

    I am sure Satan had his room all ready for him.

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