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The Truth Behind #MeToo

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The Truth Behind #MeToo

The Truth Behind #MeToo
August 23
16:28 2018

It all began with a hashtag. Well, not really. The #MeToo movement was only one of the siblings created by the media to enforce or perpetuate a movement. For now, we’ll simply use it as a means by which to display the impact of the media upon society.

There was a moment when the media bombarded society with constant stories pertaining to women who claimed to have been subjugated to sexual advances that were completely unwanted. Women were throwing the hashtag around like money in a strip club, like rice being tossed at a wedding! The #MeToo movement became just that: a movement – something that resonated with women, and in some cases men, throughout the world. It ended careers of men who were guilty of using sex to take advantage of women, and it healed women who sincerely needed to move past the shame and pain that resulted from the act itself.

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The only odd thing was how abruptly it ended in the media. It ended without announcement or warning and faded away as if to say the problem was now resolved. So what was the political agenda here? One might say it depends on the desired outcome. Four women accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct just as the Democrats were pushing for reasons to force his impeachment. Likewise, Al Franken resigned from the Senate after eight women accused him of making unwanted sexual advances, and the list goes on. Without a doubt, sexual predators make their own bed and must sleep in it, but we can’t ignore when trends become the motivating factor for getting society to enforce certain end results…wink, wink.

The new “hashtag” movement

The new trend in the media, that no surprise has a political push, is the latest stream of videos that are flooding the news. Videos of African Americans filming angry white people while being harassed have become the latest trend that is both funny and sad at the same time. The videos range from blacks being kicked out of pools at their own apartments, sleeping in class, enjoying a family picnic, and the list goes on.

They have even assigned names such as “Permit Patti” to whites who have taken it upon themselves to police anyone they suspect of foul play…even if the person is sleeping at the time of their foul play… (eye roll). This seems to have replaced the intrigue and use of the #MeToo slogan and is now creating a new frenzy that puts others on blast for acting a different sort of inappropriate. The political purpose?

Somehow it goes back to Donald Trump and the Left’s desire to show that these videos are the result of HIS doing. Not that the videos represent a historic problem that has continued to fester within the soul of America, oh no… it’s gotta be Trump and Trump alone. Once again, society continues to be manipulated by an agenda pushed by politicians and carried out by the media.

We can dissolve the connection with the media, the politics, and our society the moment we recognize the problem. When we stop and identify the propaganda and then dissect its origin, we will then begin to better understand its purpose for being in the media.

It’s time to recognize when the media is fully vested in a certain trend. The interest of the media, and their connection to the interest of political figures, is not by mistake or chance…believe that. The moment we take away the power of the political figures and the media to influence our decisions or actions is the moment we take back our power, overall. Power to the people…at least it should be.

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  1. tiredofit
    tiredofit August 24, 23:36

    Follow the money..who made how much, and how many MEN chose to just not fight an unprovable accusation because the publicity was too damaging to their personal lives. (pick your battles)

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