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Obama Apologizes For Being a Male

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Obama Apologizes For Being a Male

Obama Apologizes For Being a Male
August 02
15:38 2018

“Men Have Been Getting on My Nerves Lately”- Barack Obama

What’s up with our 44th President? First, he apologizes for being American, then he apologizes for America’s exceptionalism around the world – which definitely calls into question his leadership – and now he apologizes for being a male.

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In all seriousness, why would former President Obama once again engage in identity politics?

The former president told young African leaders in Johannesburg, South Africa to virtually ignore males regardless of their accomplishments and vote for a woman. If Americans followed such thinking, the worst candidate in modern American history – Obama’s own Secretary of State – would have been elected.

The former president lamented that he frequently witnesses men behaving in a “violent” and “bullying” manner.

Adding; “Women in particular, by the way, I want you to get more involved, because men have been getting on my nerves lately. Every day I read the newspaper, and I just think, brothers, what’s wrong with you guys? What’s wrong with us? I mean, we’re violent, we’re bullying. You know, just not handling our business.”

The self-recrimination once again reminds us just how divisive this character was as president, beginning with his April 3rd speech in France: “In America, there’s a failure to appreciate Europe‘s leading role in the world. Instead of celebrating your dynamic union and seeking to partner with you to meet common challenges, there have been times where America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.”

Moreover, who can forget his apology to the Muslim world on January 27th:

“My job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans are not your enemy. We sometimes make mistakes. We have not been perfect.”

However those past apologies pale in comparison to his brazen assertion regarding race relations in America: “It is a plain fact that racial discrimination still exists in both the United States and South Africa,” he told the crowd at Ellis Park Arena. “And it is also a fact that the accumulated disadvantages of years of institutionalized depression have created yawning disparities in income, and in wealth and in education, and in health, in personal safety, in access to credit.”

Obama, however, fails to mention that under his administration the black unemployment rate reached a high of 16.8% in March of 2010 – and hovered around that number through several years.

It was none other than Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters who took Obama to task for failing to “acknowledge the economic disaster in the African American community” while addressing his jobs agenda in the battleground state of Iowa.

By contrast, the Trump Administration has done more within 16-months for the economy than Obama did during an entire two terms in office: having the best job growth among both African Americans and Latinos in recorded employment history. Moreover, with a GDP that may go to an astounding 4% by early next year, America is on an upswing.

Isn’t it nice to have a president who cares more about putting Americans to work than dividing Americans by race and gender?

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  1. Steve
    Steve August 03, 16:34

    That Kenyan TERRORIST is not nor ever will be a man. He is a PUSSY and a huge coward. I’d love to wake up someday soon and read that he has moved back to Kenya to become their king. Actually to read he has left the country for any reason.

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  2. Richard
    Richard August 03, 16:51

    History will judge Hussein to be one of the worst Presidents ever. His wife, Michelle, had bigger balls than him.

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  3. Juniper
    Juniper August 04, 05:23

    He should apologize for breathing.

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  4. Canuck
    Canuck August 04, 13:19

    Didn’t know Obama considered himself to be a man. More like a spoiled little boy that got his butt kissed by the press and the Dumocrats.

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  5. DG
    DG August 11, 03:40

    He was not apologizing for being male. He was calling out the black male community to do something about all of the violence and other issues in their community. You are promoting “fake news” to suit your agenda every bit as much as the right claims MSM is doing.

    Reply to this comment
    • B.Boo
      B.Boo December 09, 06:15

      I would like to just one time hear Obama say, “this is my country & I am so proud to be an American” instead of always apologizing to other countries for our country. All of our other Presidents when they went out of office, left town immediately & you are the only one I have heard continuously blame your predecessor for all the things wrong with your administration. get out of town, get a life, take Michael & settle down in one of those countries you love so much more than America. You can afford it because you came out extremely rich (how did you do that on your Presidential salary? If you had saved every penny of your salary, you wouldn’t have had as much as you came out with. hmmmm

      Reply to this comment
  6. John Geering
    John Geering September 06, 18:40

    Hussein needs to apologize for being President of the USA – perhaps the worst since Washington !

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  7. mvp
    mvp November 14, 22:20

    The biggest difference between democrats and republicans is the spelling. Trump is an inept buffoon who has likely never even read a book in his life, and judging his presidency now is like jumping off the Empire State building, and at the 60th floor saying “So far, so good”.

    But Trump is not the problem; he is the symptom of the problem. If things weren’t so screwed up he’d be un-electable. And getting rid of him will solve nothing.

    The next financial crisis is coming, and it would have come irrespective of who was in the WH.

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  8. Butch
    Butch December 13, 20:28

    Obama created more divide and racism in this country than any perso in my lifetime, I am 68 years old. He was and is an opportunistic jerk. I can not believe the people of this country elected him to one term much less two. There is no doubt he should shut up and enjoy his big retirement courtesy of the United States of America. Not one of the European countries he holds in such high regard. I am not sorry I am a man, never will be.

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  9. Chelemark
    Chelemark January 09, 20:57

    You are a bigger asshole than he could ever be. You are just another pig with less than optimum intelligence and a real lack of common sense.

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