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Most Americans Anticipate a Civil War

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Most Americans Anticipate a Civil War

Most Americans Anticipate a Civil War
July 30
17:08 2018

According to a recent Rasmussen Polling survey, nearly one-third of US voters believe a second Civil War is “likely” to occur during the next five years. More than 10% said it was “very likely.”

Survey results suggest that women, individuals younger than 40, and non-whites are more concerned about large-scale violence than other demographics.

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Democrats are slightly more concerned than Republicans, with 37% worried about a second Civil War compared to Republicans’ 32%. Among non-affiliated voters, 26% said a second war is “likely.”

The American Civil War broke out in 1861 over the issue of slavery. After four years of fighting and up to 750,000 Americans killed, slavery was abolished and the country was reunited.

America in 2018 is similarly divided, only this time over issues such as abortion, gay marriage, gun control, and immigration.

According to the same poll, 13% of Americans have ended friendships over differing political views.

There is also a growing trend to live in cities where a majority of the population has similar views. California, Texas, and South Carolina have all considered secession.

About 55% of respondents believe the country is more divided than it was when President Trump took office.

Nearly 60% of respondents said they worry about violence from people who oppose President Trump, and 53% said they worry about violence from those who dislike the media’s portrayal of President Trump.

“America is heading in the direction of another Harper’s Ferry,” tweeted Congressman Steve King (IA- R), referring to an attempted slave revolt in Virginia led by abolitionist John Brown in 1859. “After that comes Ft. Sumter.”

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich believes a full-blown war is unlikely – but that an attempt to impeach Trump would lead to widespread social unrest.

While the political violence in America today is nothing like it was before the Civil War, we should be careful not to let concerns about violence become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

As history shows us, expecting violence from “the other side” can itself incite violence.

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  1. Robert
    Robert August 09, 17:59

    The Democratic Party should accept their loss in 2016 and support our duly elected president of the opposition party. The American people must stand together. Financially America is in a weak position. We should all work together to change that situation.

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  2. aztejas
    aztejas August 30, 17:00

    I think a new poll should be conducted. We are already in a new Civil war. Currently it is a War of Words, which is where I pray it stays. The left seems to have moved it into a War of Violence through what I assume to be the Soros paid mercenaries lovingly called AntiFa by the left.

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    • Bob Gummz
      Bob Gummz September 01, 23:16

      AntiFa means “Anti-Fascist.” The opposite are Nazis. Choose your sides carefully.

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      • Mrs. Patriot
        Mrs. Patriot September 03, 22:22

        Well, actually, the current iteration of antifa is modeled on nazi germany’s brown shirts, and “antifa” actually means “anti First Amendment.” You choose carefully, after doing a bit more digging into the truth.

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      • enlighten
        enlighten September 18, 13:48

        Mr. Gummz,

        That may be what it means but their behavior proves to be exactly that, Fascist. Just like all the media (social) outlets that make it difficult for any one other than a liberal thinking being to say anything. That is also called Fascism, the Democrat side has cornered the market on that. Also this country became divided in 2004 with the administration that was in office for the 8 years before Trump, it is only now that those of us that are being continuously silenced decided to not be silent any longer.
        And the proof of that is the election of President Trump.
        The antics of the liberals are right out of the Marxist playbook.

        Reply to this comment
      • TAB
        TAB October 03, 12:57

        Only if Antifa is REALLY anti-fascist. They may call them-selves that, but their actions make THEM very much the fascists. Not the ones they are labeling. You can’t escape responsibility for your actions by saying it’s ok because the target of your aggression is evil, bad, racist, etc. This is a fake-ass veil to justify their actions.

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      • olc
        olc October 08, 23:44

        AntiFa, no matter how they derived to name, are simply opposed to anything the=at doesn’t fit their socialist and progressive agenda. If you think Nazis are the opposite of that, either you are naive or one of them here for propaganda.

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  3. David
    David August 30, 17:52

    The article fails to mention that it was Democrats who voted to keep slavery and this was the start of the Civil War. They continued throughout history to vote against all programs that would help Blacks.

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    • Jerry
      Jerry August 30, 19:27

      Baloney. The Democrats you speak of were the south and now are known by the name Republican.

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    • Bob Gummz
      Bob Gummz September 01, 23:14

      But when President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act into law, he foresaw that Southern Democrats would move to the Republican party… which they did because they felt a closer kinship. I lived in the South during that time. Democrats were hated because they were considered n*gg*r lovers.

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  4. Duane
    Duane September 04, 16:19

    Whites, Christians and males deserve civil rights, too.

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