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Mind games, Propaganda, and Distraction—Say Hello to the New Democracy

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Mind games, Propaganda, and Distraction—Say Hello to the New Democracy

Mind games, Propaganda, and Distraction—Say Hello to the New Democracy
July 26
18:38 2018

It is believed that democracy revolves around the power of the people who elect certain representatives that reflect their own values of what is important, necessary, and imperative to the betterment of their society. This sounds great in theory: to have a governing body of individuals who truly fight for the causes of those who elected them, or rather, trusted them to be their voice. So, when and how did mass manipulation become a major factor in democracy? At what point did one governing body become mere pawns used by the “deep state” and its agenda to control the population by any means necessary? Democrats have often touted themselves as the “tolerant liberals” who fight bigotry, inequality, and hatred…hmmm…interesting, given the fact that the moves made by the far Left are nothing more than proof that there is something brewing, and it isn’t democracy at its finest.

Interesting bed fellows

Church and State

There is no longer a separation of church and state, or any other faction and state for that matter. We were there to witness Obama and his continued connection to religious practices and beliefs that pushed religious agendas. The very first executive order signed right after his 2009 swearing-in was to overturn the Mexico City Policy that denied federal funding of private organizations that perform and promote abortions abroad. He then went on to push gay marriage not long after the Pope showed acceptance of homosexuality by telling a gay man that God made him gay, according to the New York Times. By unifying forces, the government has solidified its power by hitting Americans on a spiritual front.

Media and State

It is virtually impossible to turn on your television or browse social media without seeing a reporter share their views on political issues. The media was created to be the ears and eyes of the viewers; sharing only objective, partial, and transparent information so that the viewers could make their own assessment. This is no longer the case. According to the Pew Research Center, the media has shown over 90% favor of democratic news stories and continues to spin programs and commentary around the support of the democratic agenda. When immigration became a factor for the political Left, the media fell in line and began to push news stories that reflected the emotional attachment that Dems wanted in order to get the American people on board with protecting them. Why was it important for the Democrats to protect illegal immigrants? To continue utilizing their voting power. In the final countdown to the 2016 November elections, Obama encouraged undocumented immigrants to vote illegally in an interview with actress Gina Rodriguez. Afterward, it was discovered that Hillary Clinton had actually counted the votes of undocumented individuals who voted illegally. This was rarely discussed or investigated by the news media.

Celebrities…Hollywood in Washington

The line between Hollywood and democratic politics and agendas are incredibly blurred. We now see celebrities like Robert De Niro freely vocalizing his disdain for Trump at award shows and Beyonce wearing “I’m with her” t-shirts to support Hillary while singing on stage. More often than not you witness performers taking the time to incorporate into their act messages that are meant to sway their viewers down a very dark path of indoctrination and conformity. Songs include messages that are also being pushed by the far Left, television programs include messages that push liberal agendas, and all of this weaves in the right amount of propaganda necessary to blind any viewer into submission. It’s as if they are saying to just watch and listen to us…whatever you do, don’t take your eyes off of us… If you do, you just might begin thinking for yourself.

Be very careful of anything that attempts to use emotion as a means by which to help you understand which road you should take. The idea that the media, entertainment, the church and the government are all in bed together is very disheartening. It isn’t easy to imagine that you have something attempting to sway your vote, your support on issues that don’t advance your needs, and sway your opinion on things that are meant to push an ulterior motive. Additionally, it’s nice to think that we can trust our liberal government officials to truly be liberals who care about the individuals who voted them into office. It would be nice, but what do you do when this isn’t the case? It’s time to open our eyes and really dissect what’s being thrown our way. We owe it to ourselves.

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