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Why the Left Should Oppose Illegal Immigration

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Why the Left Should Oppose Illegal Immigration

Why the Left Should Oppose Illegal Immigration
July 18
21:05 2018

Here at DimWit Politics, we like to hear opinions from all sides. In truth, watching MSNBC has a lot more to do with our love for comedy than it does with garnering information. However, sometimes you run into someone who might disagree with you on most issues – but is spot on about others. That is the case for the writer of the following article. Please take the chance to hear how illegal immigration harms ALL Americans.

Imagine walking to the grocery store with your child and having someone call 911 on you because they question your right to be in their neighborhood. Now, imagine having the police called anytime you merely stepped outside of your home, right here in America where you were born and raised. This is what people of color are currently facing on a daily basis from their white neighbors, co-workers, and strangers who suddenly feel they don’t have a right to walk the streets.

Black children can’t sell water, mow lawns, or visit friends at the pool without being harassed and forced to deal with police who are being called regularly for things that don’t involve anything more than being a person of color walking the streets. This is slowly becoming an American norm with new incidents occurring every day.

So, if this is becoming an almost acceptable treatment for people of color within the U.S., then why would people of color fight for the rights of illegal immigrants? Just recently there was a black woman that scaled an American monument in protest of how illegal immigrants are being treated. She did this on the same day that a study came out revealing that 2 out of 5 Black children are currently living in poverty within the United States. I wonder if she’d scale something major like the White House if she knew. Would she even care? If not, why not? Isn’t it interesting that of all the issues that Black people face in America, they would turn their fight to protect those who have nothing to do with them or their plight?

Black politicians are paid sellouts

Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) released a letter condemning U.S. immigration policies and laid out steps that Congress should take to “honor American values and respect the dignity and the worth of each new American.” Isn’t it interesting that both he and most of the members of the Black Congressional Caucus fight so hard to be heard on the issues pertaining to illegal immigrants? People like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were once the puppets used by the active Left to push policies that promoted the ‘tolerant liberal’ values and agenda. Their voices were heard loud and clear anytime there was a major issue that received media attention. They were seen at the head of all public marches and heard bragging about their connection to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Now, you rarely see them because they have been replaced by individuals like John Lewis and Maxine Waters. With people of color facing hell on the streets of America, why are these politicians so silent? With CNN reporting that 2 out of 5 children of color are literally starving in America, and every news broadcast revealing how people of color are being harassed on a daily basis for nothing more than being Black, why are the Black democratic politicians so selective on what they choose to fight for—or rather, who they choose to fight for? Could it be due to the fact that they answer not to the public, but to the agenda of the party that pays them? Maybe.

What’s the setup?

There is a reason for everything, and for everything there is a reason. One can speculate on why there is a sudden burst of interest in the plight of African Americans who are being discriminated against on a daily basis. The interest, however, does not go any further than merely “telling” the population about something that happened. There is never a call for action to ensure that the discriminative actions of others are prevented from ever happening again. There is no one scaling a building to protest the lack of education and resources for Black youth.

Fight or flight?

At what point will people of color realize that they are required to clean their own house prior to running around to clean the houses of others? Take the time to organize, regroup, and make firm decisions on how to ensure the safety of our children and ourselves. This is nothing new and it is not something that can’t be done. It has been proven by other cultures and races that when you come together as a collective whole with a common agenda, you can move mountains. It merely calls for people of color to stand up for their right to receive all of the benefits and perks associated with being an American. Fight to receive these things and THEN fight for the rights of others to receive those benefits, as well. It’s all about priorities, as well as recognizing when you are a part of a failing agenda.



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  1. Tom
    Tom November 26, 00:37

    Politicians rarely “serve” the People who Elect them. They only serve those who they think PAY them instead!

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