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Schumer: “The worst thing I have ever seen in America.”

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Schumer: “The worst thing I have ever seen in America.”

Schumer: “The worst thing I have ever seen in America.”
July 03
15:18 2018

The Democrats are doing their best to make the problem of the separation of children from parents illegally crossing the American border into a major campaign issue. It is a desperation move by a party that lacks winning issues – and they know it. It is not likely to work since the policy has been reversed and families are being united. By November, this will be a back-burner issue – if it has any meaning at all.

For the time being, it is being blown out of proportion. Comparisons to Nazi treatment of Jews and others, and to the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II, is outrageous and shameful. But exaggeration is the only way Democrats believe they can win points. We shall see.

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, of New York, has entered the hyperbolic sweepstakes. He recently referred to the handling of illegal immigrants and their children as “the worst thing I have ever seen in America.”

Oh, really?

Perhaps he is unfamiliar with the history of his own Democratic Party. No matter how you might feel about the situation at the border, I think we can all agree that slavery was far worse. Just ponder the hundreds of thousands of human beings being denied liberty, forced to work long hours, live in miserable conditions – and being beaten or worse. Schumer should be reminded of the thousands of families that were separated in the slave markets and the women raped without legal recourse.

Does Schumer really believe that the temporary separation of the children is worse than the Civil War launched by southern Democrats in the hope of maintaining slavery – and the 400,000 Americans who perished to abolish that evil institution? How many of those children were separated from their fathers permanently?

Is the border problem worse than 100 years of Dixie Democrat segregation and oppression of black American citizens? How many families were separated by improper incarceration, government condoned murders and lynching?

Is it really worse than the aforementioned internment of the Japanese? Those children were forced to live in overcrowded shacks in remote locations without air conditioning. Rather than being caring and nurturing guardians, the government only provided armed guards.

Are the children of illegal immigrant parents in a worse or more dangerous situation than the millions of minority children who are segregated into urban ghettoes by powerful Democrat political machines. In many ways, they suffer the same deprivations as slavery and segregation – deprivation of education, quality housing, jobs and social mobility – freedom. They live in confined neighbors where crime is high, gangs rule, drugs flow in the streets and thousands of innocent people are murdered every year – including a lot of children. Are those young people as safe as the children of the illegal immigrant parents?

No, Senator Schumer. Sadly, there are a LOT of worse things to be seen in American history. You are either woefully ignorant or simply dishonest. Take your pick. There are no other explanations for your statement.

About Author

Larry Horist

Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and politics. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, as well as the White House. He has testified as an expert witness before legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress, and lectured at major colleges and universities. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.

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  1. Bryce
    Bryce July 04, 16:30

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    Prophesy will know all criminal acts and can be stopped before they happen, and resolve all crimes past, the end of all wars, and crimes.

    Did not you read where Jesus’s army will battle the anti-Christ Gov. and those that do not fight, (of the anti Christ Gov.) with Jesus will be punished, or sent to hell. Satan will not give up his world with out a fight.

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    The only way to stop these companies from destroying our world is to boycott their products, when they can not sell their pieces of junk then they will have to give us what we want, free energy, just think what our world would be like this will stop our capitalistic Gov.
    What are you going to do about the oil companies ripping us off and destroying our economy there’s a 200 MPG carburetor sitting in the patient office called the Porge vapor carb. collecting dust, an inventor invented the water to hydrogen car, and would not sell out to the oil company’s, and our Gov. killed him with plutonium poisoning, Volkswagen has a 264 MPG diesel but it’s not coming here why The only way to stop a capitalistic Government like the US of A is to boycott the company’s that is destroying our world, the three company’s that are destroying our world, and peoples living with their greed, are the oil company owned auto company’s, the aluminum can company’s autopsied Alzheimer’s patients and found aluminum nodules on the front lobes of their brain, aluminum poisoning also causes ADD, ADHD and a host of other mental illnesses, also the pills the drug com. are making have a semi gloss coating on them that is aluminum oxide, Mental illnesses, schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, suicides, are caused by Iodine deficiency, this was found out a long time ago, buried and covered up by your FDA, and AMA to kill people, nutrients will be depleted out of your body in 2 to 3 days so you need a little every 2 to 4 days to keep the iodine level up, also bocott the drug company’s, FDA, and doctor’s of the AMA, they found cures for cancer, and all illnesses way back in the 1930’s, and have been murdering people for over 80 years, chemo is no cure for cancer, 98 people out of 100 are killed by chemo radiation, the best cure for cancer is eating your fruits and vegetables, and drink fruit juices, red fruits and veg.
    #1 cause of mental illness is hyperthyroidism, and the cause was found out a long time ago, all your glands need iodine to function , how long has salt been supplemented with iodine? read the side of the salt container ( this salt supplies iodine a very necessary nutrient ) well now you know what iodine deficiency causes .

    Boycott, boycott, boycott,

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    2 Do not buy anything in aluminum cans, cook wear, and aluminum wrap

    3 Tell your quack doctor’s that you want natural herbs or spices to heal you, and that they will not get paid unless they cure you. and do not give to any cancer, and research institution, because they can not come out with any cure, catch 22

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  2. mike
    mike July 04, 16:56

    Same stuff different day Mr Horist. Regardless of how the war started there was going to be a war to protect business interests of Northern industrial capitalist’s. These rich guys in the North, via the Congress, controlled the income tax, trading in all ocean ports. The South in 1860, paid 87% of all income taxes. The original 7 Confederate states had ocean ports with a 0 or lower tariff these ports could draw foreign trade in drive down price of Northern goods destroy their economy…Lincoln, in his March, inaugural address said “there is a proposal working it’s way through Congress, which if passsed will forbid the Government from ever interfering with the institutions of the states including those people held to service holding such a proposal to now become Constitutional law I have no problem with it being made express and irrevocable”. The Corwin Resolution, would have made slavery permanent. It went to the states Md. Ohio, and Ill. passed it. The war broke out and all activity ceased. The North, would have made slavery permanent, the South, didn’t have to fight a war.

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  3. Lis
    Lis July 04, 18:09

    I’m…. I believe Schumer is referring to what he himself has witnessed; not the entire number of events in our American history. I can’t recall the Civil War for the life of me.

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  4. DennisK
    DennisK July 04, 18:29

    I’m afraid Senator Schumer is sadly typical of the Marxist Zionists who perpetuated the Russian Revolution and the horrible mass starvation’s and purges of the Stalinist era. He wears his supposed Jewishness like a shield while doing everything in his power to subvert America and everything she stands for. It’s no surprise his relatives are actors often playing weasel mouthed lawyers with him providing such an appropriate role model.

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  5. Blue Car guy
    Blue Car guy July 04, 20:30

    Between Schumer and Peppermint Patty Murray these 2 have a combined IQ of about 3

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  6. Trad. Rep.
    Trad. Rep. July 05, 00:24

    All I know is Larry talks about the shame of Shermer’s hyperbole, I agree but Trump is the absolute “King” of hyperbole and embellishment. It starts from the top and now for some reason it is acceptable.we are in a sad time. Classless and full of crap and bravado!

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  7. Tg
    Tg July 05, 01:26

    Too bad they don’t care about Americans that work and pay for them to fallow are laws. We have homeless children and adults, a huge drug problem being brought into the country. We don’t teach kids history any more so they are dumbed down. Seems like they want us to be a third world sad country.

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  8. Randy
    Randy July 05, 17:26

    I believe the problem is with trump not schumer

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  9. Sheri
    Sheri July 05, 20:05

    For gods sake you dimwit Democrats. Why don’t you understand this was a law put on the books all the way back to Bush and Obama is the one that inacted it. Obama’ is the one that told them to come to America and we will take care of u all. Trump is not causing the problems. Obama your person is the one.

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